Access Denied

Just lie down…

Women don’t need to do much in bed. They need to just stand, bend over or lie down and moan occasionally. They know moaning makes us horny. They can use it so easily to pretend they are enjoying it, just like faking an orgasm. Who is going to tell she’s really into it or just being a good actress? Because what really matters is that you are into her and you just want to fuck her, right? She doesn’t need to do much. Maybe some occasional sucking of our dicks (and most of them aren’t even good at that!) and some movements when being on top of us. Casual sex doesn’t look like in a high quality porn movies! It’s just our porn fantasy to expect stuff like that.

It all reminds me of a situation at my workplace several weeks ago. Everyone received a message from the management team stating that female toilets are in a messy state – again! Of course they called every female using the loos on our floor to take adequate action. This is how clean & divine our ladies are! And we are talking about major tech company, not some dodgy low-profile garbage workplace. People should behave, right? Wrong. This is just how women are. They are messy – both physically and mentally.

Access Denied

Access to the pussy, of course. To their pussy. Men are dancing around women like male birds trying to amaze the female birdie and secure access to the breeding period (and create offspring).

Women give us access to sex on their conditions. Whether she is your wife, your girlfriend or a whore – does not matter. It’s either her condition and approval, or it is rape. We don’t have any choice when we play this game. And just wonder what you can do if you’re married and not playing the game as she wants it? She can constantly refuse you sex and your self-esteem crumbles down. You can go to a hooker or masturbate but both options feel like you’re loosing. Because you fucking are loosing, and you were a looser from the start to believe your marriage can ever become something else than playing a game called “you are my husband and you serve me and my kids”.

So, lesson number one is: don’t marry. Being lonely when single is just half as bad as being lonely when having a wife. And kids. Because then you know you made a mistake that cannot be reversed. We – as humans – are always lonely. But you just took the easy exit, like a coward. You were afraid to be alone and to face your own fears. So now you will suffer them with a double strength. Don’t marry. Women decide when, how and with whom they will have sex and you have nothing to say about it. Nothing.

Basically we lose the fight before it even starts.

Women aren’t stupid. They won’t give you their asses just because you’re hot. That’s bullshit. Maybe when they’re 20yo, they can be more “easy” due to their lack of experience and “settling down” still being far away, but the older they get the harder it is to come up with the “let’s be fuck buddies” thing. Every girl – ugly or pretty – has the same female nature that any given male needs to consider. Also, every woman goes mad.

And a really handsome & rich man won’t be dating ugly girls, of course. So in theory you can think that an ugly girl would do anything to be with someone rich & handsome, but in practice this set up rarely happens. If it even happens at all.

In reality, girl who is 3 or 4 on a HB scale usually dates a man that’s equal or one point above herself, so a 5 or 6. And so a girl who is 7 or 8 will date also an 8, or higher than that. But a woman that’s 3 or 4 won’t be dating a male who is 7 or 8. That’s just not happening under normal conditions. I mean, why it should be? If you have a choice between a nice looking bike and a bad looking bike you’d always take the former.

Unless you’re afraid that your nice looking bike might get stolen, so you just borrow it from time to time to enjoy the ride and own the bad looking bike instead.😉

But every bike needs to be lubricated, their tires are getting punctures, you need to put money in it and of course- sometimes even the old bad looking bikes are getting stolen, too. But at least it is pure fun to ride a bike, which I cannot say about our other gender.

Now, so that we know what women are and we know what to expect from them we are finally able to be free and do something productive with our own lives. Some people want to be slaves and they are happy when someone tells them what to do- usually a wife. They don’t need to figure out what to do with their lives. We are different. We are MGTOWs. We don’t need to waste precious time on endless pointless search for our “second half” and ruin our life with marriage and kids. We are free. 



Give Them Nothing!*


Recently I’ve had a dream about my mother and grandmother. They were both asking me “Why I am still single?! I am without a relationship for so long already!”. I started to argue with them, finally ending the conversation with shouting “well I guess it’s better to be happy single than to be in a miserable marriage for 20+ years, isn’t it?”. Myself & My Subconscious were really proud of this answer.😉

Subconscious has a real influence on our lives. Freud and Jung could have a good discussion about it.

Smell of Fish

That’s how we can recognize women. Don’t forget that the objects of your daily desire stink and perspire. They fart and all. Their vaginas are basically holes filled with bacteria, lubricated by the same system that creates saliva in their mouths.

They of course enjoy sex, but they stop being attached to you the moment you stop fucking them or they have an orgasm. Unlike us. They fake orgasms often, because it makes men more submissive. We are so stupid.

They manipulate us all the time. It doesn’t matter if she’s your friend or an old lover. She will lie to you just as easy as if you were in love with her. She will lie about everything as she has no morals and she knows you will not check if she’s telling the truth with her previous boyfriend because it is you who is fucking her now and he is a loser. Her pussy is the prize. Isn’t that how we tend to think? She is just an egoistic selfish cunt. Arguments? She will use manipulation tactics and conversation tricks to change topics, put you off track, cover her trails and at the end evoke an emotional response from you. At the very end of the discussion, you won’t be able to tell whether she really did anything wrong to you. That’s female manipulation at its finest.

You think you’re such a strong man, so that she could not resist you? So that you’re leading her? She is following you? No, sir. She is doing whatever she likes, whenever she likes. She makes you THINK you are leading her. She isn’t a dog. She will follow your lead only because it suits her at any given moment. If she comes up to a conclusion that she doesn’t want to do something or that she is bored with you as being her pet/leader, she will simply stop. Or say something like “leave me alone”. And you won’t be able to do anything with it. You aren’t her boss. Or her dad. She wasn’t listening to either of them, anyway. You aren’t her ruler.

Even in Islam, women are misbehaving and using the same tricks and cheats. This is their core essence as female nature equals manipulation. That’s why they cannot love us, as they can only love conditionally. And of course, true love is only when it is unconditional. For them it doesn’t exist. They cannot understand or grasp this concept either.

So, the bottom line is this: you can have sex with them or not, that’s not the most important thing in the world. Just make sure they won’t catch you in a marriage or the pregnancy trap. Or any given set-up including living with a woman in one flat.

The more healthy your own life is, the higher your inner energy can grow and you’d be less influenced by attacks coming from anyone. Including female manipulation. It requires dedication, devotion and perseverance. Typical male traits. Once you will see them for who they really are, you will just laugh. At one point from their own lack of true wisdom and misery – and also at our own tragic loneliness, as males.

* This is of course not doable in our current society. Anyone who thinks that he could “avoid any interaction with women all together” is either delusional or still living with his parents (or any sort of non-adult life) so I should rather say – give them as little, as possible.

Alcohol Vs Psychedelics

I am very busy this week, so I’d thought that I pass on writing just for this time. Besides, how long one can talk about women? I’m tired of that endless topic. Women, women, women. Pussy, girls, vagina. Females. Yuck! Let’s talk about something else.

Recently I realized that our whole planet is Alive. Gaia. Just like in the “Avatar” movie.

This is the knowledge of old ancient civilizations that they want to hide from us. The powers that be. So, they keep us in the matrix, pretty much in the same way as in that famous movie. We are being feed that we need to chase simplest pleasures based on our instinct- sex, entertainment, shitty-food. And of course- chase money in a vicious circle, like rats. Modern slaves in their corporate outfits. So happy, because they’ve got another raise. 

Somehow, the global consciousness slowly merges into everyone and pieces as Matrix and Avatar are being made.

Okay. I tend to go into philosophy waaay too much. Let’s get back to something expected from this website a bit more, shall we?

Why so many fathers drink so much alcohol?

I’d go further and say – why so many parents who have kids overindulge themselves in alcohol? Less time to do something more productive? Raising kids is too exhausting? Or maybe this numbing drug is the only thing that’s left for them?

Only when one completely sobers up not only physically – but especially mentally – he can realize the true role that alcohol plays up in our society.

Remove alcohol and you’ll instantly lose the majority of people attending all sorts of social events. Suddenly, your big group of so-called “friends” will be limited to zero. Most of them don’t go there to meet with you. You are just an additional perk to their drinking, which of course gets them high. Now, there’s nothing bad about getting high. Almost everyone loves it. But when it tends to repeat every week and we end up with situations like half-drunk fathers reading night stories to their daughters it’s really, really sad.

The funniest thing with legal drugs (and any sort of drugs, really) is that they numb your perception. Or change it in some (not really natural) way. Back in the times I couldn’t go through my day without 3-4 cups of coffee just to wake me up and carry me on through the day. Now (I don’t drink coffee or any sort of caffeinated drinks for several years) people who still “need” that look like zombies to me. They are addicted for sure. It might be not very harmful, but again – one can see the full effect of any given substance only if it was removed from their diet for a really long time (I’d say 6 months is a good time-frame to fully notice this).

If drugs were the answer to anything, monks at Zen monasteries would use them constantly. They don’t. They are sober as hell and their perception is sharp as a sword.

Drugs like psychedelics (LSD, shrooms) can show few things to those who can listen, and help to open up your mind. When you’re a teen. Then you should stop using them and maybe come back when you have matured both physically and mentally, have a stable income and all that. And re-visit old forgotten worlds in your own head. Otherwise, you might get yourself into trouble.

Some things feel too good to be implemented into regular, daily life. Ecstasy feels great but it’s not a substitute to intimacy. Or solving problems only under influence of the drug. Again, under right circumstances it could be beautiful. *wink wink*😉

Cocaine, amphetamines. These are the worst kind. Not counting heroin, that’s obvious. They feel very good for a while, and then they take away twice as much from you and your life.

Drugs, especially psychedelics, have the biggest potential to help our society. But remember that they are like a strong medicine- you take it and it works, but you’re not supposed to overdo it. Anything habitual becomes necessary attachment for our minds. At the end of the day, you need to get your ass up and go to work. Sad truth.

Of course, our society loves the so-called dark triad- caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. They work well all mixed together. They provide a very flat, simple high and devastate your health. And they are extremely addicting, of course. That’s the point. They are killing you very, very slowly in a semi-pleasant way. And everyone around does it, so it doesn’t feel that bad! Did alcohol helped anybody with anything? Or the “great social events” are just people getting drunk and talking bullshit?

Two years after I stopped using them all together, I realized how much I’ve changed. I could sense people well. Far better than before (and before I believed I was already good with that). I could read their emotions – everything was visible on their faces and in their eyes. And I wasn’t afraid to look. But- they were often afraid and full of fear. Bad people used they own fear against them. That’s how it works. It’s very simple.

Bear in mind that it’s not like I’ve gained some sort of superpowers but rather that I sobered up enough on every level so that I could use my mind and body to the highest capacity.

When your body isn’t numbed and perception blurred by the use of these legal poisons you can truly realize your place in life.

I also realized that most people are so numbed that they don’t know anything about themselves, how their bodies work. They don’t feel their bodies. They cannot understand their own emotions, often running away from them (hence going into addictions of various sorts). How they can sense other people if they don’t even know themselves? Or they are constantly running away from facing their own selves?

They don’t know how to spot bad people around them. Or they lack the strength to stand up and have self-respect. You remember Mr Negative Guy? Currently, I stopped spending any time with him. Few people still stick with him as they “can listen to him lying, knowing he is a bastard but they don’t pay much attention to it”. Well, think about it.

If you are spending time with somebody who lies to you compulsively – that’s disrespectful. And what he has to think about them? “They must be stupid or completely without any sense of self-worth. I can tell them anything and they still agree with me! Fools!”.

Others being in that passive-acceptance mode gives him more power and he needs people exactly like that to suck energy from them.

If you are near somebody who has extremely negative energy, you are there- present. It’s not really possible to shield yourself from that person. Besides, what would be the point? And what would be the point to know somebody is like this and still go on breaks with him just because you don’t know how to say no?

And I can go on and on about all this, the utter chaotic state in which our society works now. It barely works. With our knowledge we are still in caves, thinking we evolved beyond everything that we know. That’s not true. We are still like small kids, being very proud. I can only hope that this planet won’t decide to get rid of us. Because as for now, we deserve it.


A Useful Tool + A word on Artificial Wombs

A word on Artificial Wombs

A womb is a womb. It’s not a wombat, though. A really cute fellow.


The bottom line is that we need them. A child born from artificial womb probably would not be 100% human. He or she will be something more close to a cyborg, but that’s not a good comparison because it doesn’t fit the description. I think there is no word invented for that special type of humans, yet. The idea is very good and convenient. But it doesn’t mention our current biggest problem with it. That is: humans need human touch.

That’s my point. We can invent the best artificial womb possible, but it won’t be even close on probably what’s most important thing during the traditional pregnancy- that metaphysical bound between mother and her child- exchange of warmth, emotions, feelings. Exchange of love. Even if it’s nowhere close to the love we were taught about as kids. How you are going to replace all those experiences by cold and artificial system of life support? Because maintaining adequate temperature, humidity and overall the whole environment doesn’t equal everything when it comes to human development. With this, we are crossing very thin line and we still don’t have basic understanding about life, consciousness and the whole process. From one point, a bad mother/toxic parents can influence bad memories being impregnated in the kid from a very early point in life. But a complete removal of the stimulus- good or bad – won’t do any good to us either.

Women are simple

They are like kids. They like to be entertained. But with one big difference- kids know that they are kids and there are adults around to put them in their place in case they misbehave. Women don’t know this. They lack this major understanding. They are kids, in adults bodies. And by some weird twist of fate they were given a big advantage over men- their vaginas.

We made them like this. It’s just similar to what Roosh said- women will do only as much as men will allow them. If everyone stopped sleeping with fat girls, in three months we would have a significant decline in female obesity worldwide. I don’t agree with him on everything, but he was certainly through a lot of shamming and has at least some experience on women.

Here’s the Q&A from I’ve got this opinion of him (it’s not the exact citation, but it doesn’t matter) if you want to check it out. It’s worth it.

I believe he is right. Females are trying to control you – every time you are with them, in this way or another. That’s their main purpose. You ought to be their entertainer, servant and some sort of a useful tool. So, it all comes down to the right question and the correct answer to it. You either live for women, or for yourself.


Thank You!


Red Male Hummingbird by Datson Horrenbrand on Facebook reached over 150 likes. I never use any sort of advertisement. It is all viva voce. I know that the topics which are being covered here aren’t very popular or “easy”. I realize how often men need to cover one’s tracks in our current feminized society. We aren’t even allowed to speak our own truth because both women and their loyal male servants are always ready to shut us down. That’s why the applause is not for me, but for those who were not afraid to give a “like” for the content on this website through their FB pages, who often aren’t anonymous. To all of you, from my own heart – thank you.

R.M.H. also break another record recently – we’ve hit magical 100k page visits. 103,345 to be exact. That’s a huge amount of people. It’s a fucking army. Keep it going. Knowledge is our only power.

Again, thank you. You are the best and it wouldn’t be possible without all your support.

Baby’s Got a Temper!

Baby’s got a temper!

Life is so ironic sometimes. I’d say karma! Hahaha. I’ve just wrote about how saving women leads only to more problems. It turned out that the girl, that is into me won’t be a nice catch (for me) anymore. She is young, yes. And pretty. But that’s about it.

We talked a bit 1:1. Her friend was off today, so she was eating lunch alone. She must be tired of all the Blue Pillers trying to impress her, because her initial reaction wasn’t too great. But then she tried to correct herself and was more involved in the conversation than she should. It took her maybe one minute to say “I have asthma”. I don’t even know why she said it. It came out of nowhere, haha. Yet, you can see her smoking cigarettes during parties and all. FB is really a stalkers dream.😉 I don’t even mention FBI/CIA/NSA and the rest of them.😉

Okay, she is young. I was smoking too, I was naive. I don’t blame her. She might be trying to prove herself and the rest of the world that she is healthy. But still… I wonder…

Why a girl that likes you says something like that during first solo conversation with you? Does that raise your attraction level in her or not? And if she knows anything about attraction levels or just thinks that people will want to be with her no matter what? Is she that spoiled? She might be.

But the fact that she mentioned this illness at the very beginning… I think it is either very important to her and it creates a lot of who she is (“I’m sick, don’t you understand!! It’s serious!”) or she tells about it to get special treatment (“I’m sick, I need special care! I need more love! Daddy?!“). Of course, the most healthy option would be that she tells this so that everybody knows about it from the very beginning so that nobody is surprised later on. Or maybe she wants to show up as being a strong girl.  Somehow I don’t believe in that last option. What do you guys think about it?

There is also one possibility, albeit very minor. I told my team leader about a specific health issue that I have. I had to do it for obvious reasons. When I was visiting her FB profile, I spotted pictures from a recent party. She went there with other girls from work including the Young Girl. I am speculating here, but if my TL did not kept the confidentiality regarding my issue (which is possible- she is a woman after all and all women gossip as hell!) and told the young chick about it, she might think that it’s okay to tell me that rather intimate thing because somehow “it makes us similar” (albeit my health issue has nothing to do with asthma etc.). You see, it’s too much thinking and it’s probably not true. Also it just struck me- having asthma is a debilitating illness at times . And it is quite intimate thing for sure. Why would anyone brag about it so freely if not for gaining some sort of pity/compassion? Just like some people wear their struggles in life like a giant stone on their back.

For what I think… well, I am not convinced. I think she said that like a manifesto. “This part of my life was/is fucked.” Old Chinese proverb tells that “Body becomes ill at the very end”. Before that, there’s an ill soul, bad emotions, no love. Fear, hate, anger. Sadness and disappointment. She was born in the far east. Her mother, however, is from Europe. And she lives here with her. Her father made 4 kids and went back to his country. (Woo-hoo mister! Applause!) She came back here because “there’s no freedom there“. She visits her father once or twice per year.

This means lack of a strong father figure through her life. This means being raised by her mother only, and growing up with her sisters. Very feminine company… this bothers me. She seems to be very sensitive regarding her physicality. I just sense that. This means her sexual side would be exactly the same – like an amoeba. Or an cold fish. But more like an selfish amoeba who can’t really care that much about participating in making love. Girls like that use men as a glorified masturbation object. They don’t make love with you, they don’t fuck you. They masturbate themselves through your body. Eeek! So she might be not flexible, not really passionate, close minded, traditionalist kind of a girl… being afraid of her own sexuality, being afraid of letting go and being with a man. What you see is what you get. If someone is shy and insecure you don’t fall in love with her potential. You don’t try to change her. Or believe she could change under your magical influence. She’ll be cold and unavailable in bed. And that’s an end game for me.

She will have temper and plenty of unpredictable, unstable emotions. I slept with girls like that. I know the symptoms.

Also, she told me that she has fever and she’s sick – flu wise. I’ve heard that she was sneezing for a long time, like 3 weeks. I asked if that was the cause of it. She said “yeah”. So I asked again “So you’re feeling ill for the past 3 weeks and you did nothing?” … “No, I did not”. Well, what does it tell about her self esteem and taking care of herself?

Maybe I am exaggerating a bit here. But again, I saw too many red flags like that to just ignore them when they appear in front of me. From the other side, nobody’s perfect. Maybe my list of ideal qualities is just not realistic? Honestly, I don’t believe it. If I will be mixing my own energy with a female, I want a healthy one. Both mentally and physically. If there’s no female like that on this world, I will die alone. Period*.

*Of course, I will die alone anyway. But it sounds more dramatic.😉

Also, there’s that awkward realization for me (I think I’ve mentioned about it before). When I was young, I’ve had no experience. Now I’m a bit older, and I don’t have much common with younger girls. I can’t and don’t want to party my ass every weekend and drink myself to death anymore. I don’t have will and strength to try and impress them. This makes experiencing something like a romance with a young chick even more tough.

Yet, I still believe that when you meet the right person it can just flow, effortlessly. Even if only for a while. But not with her. How the fuck a man can be playful and make you laugh if under one minute you tell him “I have asthma”? Seriously… Tomorrow I will spin a joke about her asthma then.😉

The other thing: she said she forgot pin to her card. I’ve replied “Maybe you also have Alzheimer?” – not the best joke, but if a girl likes you she’ll laugh from your bad/corny jokes, too. She replied “Maybe” with a neutral tone. There were 2-3 moments of a good connection though. The case is not lost. She likes me, that’s a fact. The main problem is that I already have a feel of who she is. And this makes me even less interested than before. I have never ever in my life made a mistake by seeing a red flag that later on turned to be a false flag alarm. What you see is what you get, gentlemen. The amount of healthy or quasi-healthy girls out there is extremely low. And I just feel like I’m disrespecting myself when flirting with a girl who is clearly below my standards. I can’t fucking help it. That’s how I feel. That’s also why I don’t believe in that PUA bullshit. Because no man with a good self esteem and healthy self respect would spend months of his life chasing some stupid bar skanks who feel inferior to him. You either have no self-respect or you’re faking the whole thing in order to get money from subscribers.

During the conversation I was having this very well known feeling that she’s not an equal to me, but rather that she needs to be saved and I know how to do it… You guys know what I mean… You just know how to improve her life like she was some mindless drone and not being able to do it herself. Probably she isn’t. And it’s not my fucking problem. I am looking for a developed, normal healthy partner. If only for a short term. And I know these feelings very well. I’m not falling for it like a typical Blue Pilled man. It tells me that she’s either undeveloped or toxic in some way. Privileged princess. Besides, what she could offer me except from her overrated (and probably poor in bed) pussy?

Oh well. I wasn’t planning anything anyway. Not now and not like that. Not with another girl with daddy issues. It was just a consideration if she turned out to be worth of my time. She is not. I have more important plans to do for the next several months. So, farewell Ms Young Chick. It has ended before it even started.


PS. Oh don’t give me that modern stuff. Let’s bring a true classic:

Do Not Save Her!

Don’t Try to Save Her

Hello folks.

Only a short piece for this week update as I’m really busy with everything here.


Do not try to save her from herself.
Do not save her from her responsibilities.

Do not save her from consequences of ignoring her responsibilities.

I can’t underline this enough. Women need to stop being treated like a sacred cows. Today after work I went to the underground garage for my bike. There was a girl somewhere in her 30s, trying to un-lock her own bicycle from the bike stand. There was like 30 bikes parked there. Every stand can have two of them locked from each side. It often gets packed in full and it can be tricky to remove your bike, I admit. She removed the lock, but somehow pushed the bike on the other side, which slowly but surely started to fall down on the side.

It took a good 2-3 seconds before it went down with a huge “smash!” landing on its drop-bars. I felt that she was waiting for me to take action and save her. She could easily move her ass and save that bike from falling. I was kneeing just next to it as I was unlocking my own bike which was approx. 50cm to the right side. I did nothing. 

She was like “Oh…” but without much guilt in her voice. I bet she was more surprised that a male didn’t saved her from the consequences of her wrong-doing. This is what males are for after all, right? Look around. They built all these tall office buildings just so that women could remain comfortable in them. Sigh.


I said “Well it can be tough to remove them sometimes…”. 

She just replied that “Well at least it’s not raining today!” trying to spin a joke out of it (didn’t worked out) and rode away.
You might ask what about basic kindness and whether I would help if it was a man’s bike? Probably I would. But a man would not be so carelessly removing his own bike to smash the other one, I can guarantee you that.

I am kind, but not towards the gender that’s not being kind to me. At least, not mindlessly and on autopilot like most males are. Sometimes I let things slide, so that a girl can feel how carefree she is and that others can see it. Not everyone will cover up after your ass, honey!

We want to be kind! Being kind is okay. We want to be okay.

We don’t want to be assholes. There’s already too much evil on this planet.


But, women do not leave us other choice. They’ve asked for it.