Do Not Save Her!

Don’t Try to Save Her

Hello folks.

Only a short piece for this week update as I’m really busy with everything here.


Do not try to save her from herself.
Do not save her from her responsibilities.

Do not save her from consequences of ignoring her responsibilities.

I can’t underline this enough. Women need to stop being treated like a sacred cows. Today after work I went to the underground garage for my bike. There was a girl somewhere in her 30s, trying to un-lock her own bicycle from the bike stand. There was like 30 bikes parked there. Every stand can have two of them locked from each side. It often gets packed in full and it can be tricky to remove your bike, I admit. She removed the lock, but somehow pushed the bike on the other side, which slowly but surely started to fall down on the side.

It took a good 2-3 seconds before it went down with a huge “smash!” landing on its drop-bars. I felt that she was waiting for me to take action and save her. She could easily move her ass and save that bike from falling. I was kneeing just next to it as I was unlocking my own bike which was approx. 50cm to the right side. I did nothing. 

She was like “Oh…” but without much guilt in her voice. I bet she was more surprised that a male didn’t saved her from the consequences of her wrong-doing. This is what males are for after all, right? Look around. They built all these tall office buildings just so that women could remain comfortable in them. Sigh.


I said “Well it can be tough to remove them sometimes…”. 

She just replied that “Well at least it’s not raining today!” trying to spin a joke out of it (didn’t worked out) and rode away.
You might ask what about basic kindness and whether I would help if it was a man’s bike? Probably I would. But a man would not be so carelessly removing his own bike to smash the other one, I can guarantee you that.

I am kind, but not towards the gender that’s not being kind to me. At least, not mindlessly and on autopilot like most males are. Sometimes I let things slide, so that a girl can feel how carefree she is and that others can see it. Not everyone will cover up after your ass, honey!

We want to be kind! Being kind is okay. We want to be okay.

We don’t want to be assholes. There’s already too much evil on this planet.


But, women do not leave us other choice. They’ve asked for it. 

Do not discuss your lifestyle choices with Blue Pill fathers. It’s pointless.

This sound obvious.

There is one guy in my new job who was training me for the first two weeks. He is in his middle 30s and a very nice & reasonable guy. Definitely not a pushover when it comes to males. But when it comes to women… he just lacks the knowledge. He doesn’t know how to behave when they are “playing” with him – even when it’s a bit similar to how they “play” with me, he just doesn’t want to “hurt” them. Or offend them. He plays it very safe. Always trying to put the steam off from every dodgy situation. They are women, right? One should not offend them or be too harsh.

He is leaving next week. He’s coming back to his country where his wife and a small kid awaits. He is planning to build a house for them. A typical scenario. We were talking for a while during today’s morning- about everything. Of course, I told him that I don’t feel any connection to my own country anymore and after over 10 years of living in other countries it would be weird if I still was. Naturally, he was visiting his home often. He got reasons for it.

There is this weird way of Blue Pill men who got caught up in the pregnancy trap to always try and shovel their lifestyle onto yourself. To them, it feels like wisdom. He is a really nice guy and I like him, but of course I have to stop the conversation mid-air and quickly change the topic to avoid any confrontation. Because these people just can’t fucking get it. They can’t fucking get that the fact I don’t want kids doesn’t mean I haven’t matured yet, or that I “haven’t meet the right person yet” or whatever. That it’s my fucking choice to live my own life the way I want and not how society expects.

He told me that: “Well Datson, you could go back and buy a house over there…”

Me: “Yeah, but I don’t feel connection to the country where I was born anymore”

Him: “Yeah, but what about kids?”

Me: “I don’t want to have kids” (and there goes the fucking classic sentence)

Him: “I was the same, but you know, sometimes you can’t foreseen everything”

Me: “Especially with the quality of women out there…”

Him: “You didn’t meet the right one yet…” (oh pleeeease!)

Me: “Still, most of them can’t live up to good standards.”

Him: “There are a lot of them that can, there are exceptions” (I am sure his wife is of course one of such perfect snowflakes – and don’t you worry, below you will find out why she isn’t😉 )

Me: “But exceptions do not create the rule”

Him: “You don’t want kids, but you will…” (I love hearing this, since I was 20yo people were telling me the same stuff and they still do…I should bet serious money on that “prediction”)

Me: “Maybe in my next life… in this I am too busy doing other things”

Him: “I believe that living for yourself is empty” (WTF dude?! Also, after a brief pause he added:) “But it’s just my opinion”

Me: “Well.. Gee…I don’t know…. Some people need to have kids because otherwise their life would not have any sense. I am not one of those people.”

Him: “But being alone is not good… you’re just lonely” (typical Blue Pill mentality – being alone = suffering and/or nothing interesting to do with his life)

Me: “It really depends…”

Him: “And you can’t plan these things…”

Me: “That’s why I care about contraception…”

Him: “I was paying attention to that, too…” (Aha! Here we are! This means either the typical “condom fail” or she was on pills, but in a magical way they somehow stopped working – of course, we don’t know the truth. We can only speculate on the facts we already have. But isn’t it like that every time you hear about someone becoming a father? Isn’t it always by some weird strange coincidence that the girl gets pregnant? Isn’t it so? How many times you hear “yeah we both planned it” and you feel this is the true story? It’s almost never a decision made by both partners. Why? I don’t know. Maybe the group of men who really want to have kids is pretty small. That’s why women are tricking us into pregnancy. They know that we would probably never be “ready”. And of course they don’t want to be in a relationship with us just for the sake of it. They go into it in order to create a family, to breed. How the hell he took care of the contraception but she still got pregnant? If I was still in my Blue Pill years, I’d be like “yeah dude, accidents happen”. No, they don’t. They are being made. Period. )

Me: “Oh, I see”

Him: “You still need to mature in order to get to the point that you should take care of someone else in life except yourself.”


Then I just changed topics as I felt there was no point in going there anyway. Well, I am sorry but do I need to mature before I decide that I need kids in my life? Is the decision to have kids equaling maturity? Of course not. Was he mature enough so that he decided to have kids? No, his girl got pregnant in not really clear circumstances and probably just caught him in a pregnancy trap. So, he wasn’t mature but since he was faced with this problem he took the challenge and became a father. Most men would do this, even if they don’t love the woman or don’t believe she should have kids at all. Then, everyone suffers. But it’s for the kids! Haha.. what a joke.  Then, the kids suffer even more because their parents don’t fucking love each other and aren’t made for each other, too. Is this a solution to the lack of love on our planet? Definitely not. So, he matured through the point of no return – when she forced him to become a father. Cool. Good for him because it seems that he didn’t had any idea for his own life anyway. This way somebody else decided for him. He can relax now. He knows what he needs to do. It’s easy for him now. Is he a mature person by the fact that he was put into this golden jail by his wife? Maybe he mistakes being a complacent slave with being mature. Because for me, part of being mature means being knowledgeable enough in order to avoid traps like this.

No, I don’t want kids not because I am not mature. But because I just don’t fucking want them. You can call me and my life “empty” if you want. You already proved how mature you were: by allowing a woman to caught you into unwanted pregnancy. You speak about the purpose of life, but it takes you 10 minutes of conversation with a random dude like me to mention on a side-note that “oh well, this pregnancy wasn’t really planned, ya know…”.  

Why people just can’t get the simple fact that whether you want to have kids or not is just like choosing your own lifestyle, your own life? It’s not a magic pill to happiness or maturity. These fathers are saying things like that because – well – they don’t have anything else to say. They don’t have any other option now. They can’t do anything. And they know they are stuck. So, let’s at least brag bullshit about maturity.

And I really like this guy. I feel so sorry for him. But, maybe he’s at least partially happy. He would be really unhappy alone… E. Villar said that some men are longing after being enslaved.

Oh well. I don’t need to explain this to you, guys. You already know it. 

Have a great week! 


Datson out.

PS. Would you want to have kids with someone who lies to you in order to get pregnant? I would not.


How to be a Genuine Fake


How to be a Genuine Fake

Situation in my job is changing and turning almost constantly now. I’ve thought it’s all set up, but it isn’t. I’m sitting 3 or 4 desk rows away from people from my own department due to lack of space. This means I cannot talk with them freely. I need either to use internal communication systems like chat, or just walk several meters and speak to them. This is troublesome. As you guys know, there are majority of girls over there and only 2 guys. Every time I am there, I am not being rude. I say hello and all. But I don’t get into conversations with girls I don’t have any business to do with – and currently I have none – as my trainer is a male. I’ve thought that one girl who called me a “youngster” (read below). She didn’t used this only once, and it wasn’t  a joke. It was a tag, a degrading generalization. Just like I’d call her an “oldie”. Just that I don’t do things like that in order to feel better about myself.

Excerpt from “Women are mad! Women are evil!”

Good example of mocking was done on me – when I was presented to the team, the most aggressive cunt (I’m sorry, a woman- a divine being, haha! Oh, but after a 35 years of compliments and pampering, everyone would become a spoiled cunt!) asked me whether I brought them a flowers and chocolates. After the expected answer, another one joined and told out loud that “well, I am no longer the youngest then! He is!” (like it was an invitation to the whole set of insults) and the other one said “oh, he’s just a kid!” and few other insults. Now, I am not a kid. I’m in my middle 30s. We are not in a kindergarten or a jail. We are talking about behavior of a grown up women in a very respected company.

…So I thought that this girl got everything figured out and it’s all cool. And with her it seems it is, more or less.

But the other one – who said “I am no longer the youngest” is not giving up. On one occasion she came to my desk and said something related to work adding that “youngster” tag to the front of her sentence. This was like 2 or 3 weeks ago. I remember that I’ve looked back at her and said “how did you called me?” with a genuine disbelief. She responded in a little frightened way “oh, that’s because you’re the youngest” trying to put it into a poor joke. I replied “Ok, Ok grandma!” – trying to counter her reply as I couldn’t find any better answer in that moment.

I’ve thought that was it and I was avoiding looking at her during meetings- not in a fearful way, but rather to show her that she won’t get my attention by showing disrespect.

You need to gain respect with me. Nothing begins with a “100%” mark. During one more meeting, she showed signs of better behavior- she said “Oh, and even Datson is here. It’s good to see you!” (but as I think of it now, who knows what that bitch really meant)- I replied “well I am still not sure if it’s good to see you!” which was cocky, playful and honest. I don’t trust her and won’t be hiding that either. 

Today we’ve went to another meeting. I was sitting next to both of them. At one point (they probably made that up together) one of them said (when I was looking away because the PowerPoint presentation screen was on the other side of the room) “well you see youngster, you need to try better to get a prize!” (the meeting was about monthly best performers). I’ve looked back at them and just smiled (of course in a “not very impressed” way) then just looked back. The other one (who said “oh, he’s just a kid!”) said “you know, you’re ignoring us too much!”.

Later on, when I was leaving the building, I saw the stubborn one (the one calling me a youngster) in the canteen and I felt that she saw me too, but she ignored me purposefully. What a serious bitch.

First of all: I am not there to be your fucking personal entertainer. You don’t know me, you know shit about what I’ve been through in my life and I don’t owe you anything. You’re so fucking full of yourself that you think that my whole behavior is shaped just so that you can feel in any given way. Like, if I was a talker – you would think that I want to impress you. If I was a pleaser, you would think that I am a typical “Mr Nice Guy” that just has it all wrong about women! If I was ignoring you, you would think that I’m trying to play the “Mr Mysterious” card.

But if I was ignoring you too much (according to your standards, of course! After all, it’s all about you, isn’t it?) it would made you feel uneasy. And you would promptly decide that you don’t like this game, and you would start ignoring me too.

This has happened before in my life with women and the pattern is always the same. First, they think you’re just like everyone else. Then they notice that you aren’t, so they’re extra curious. When you’re still ignoring them – they just ignore you and erase you from their heads. Because you’re no use for them. That’s how genuine you are, dear women.

You are all fake. Just like your fucking make up. And it’s not that I am rude to them. I just don’t have anything to discuss with them. I don’t come and tell jokes. Or talk about bullshit stuff like others do. Besides, I am sitting fucking several desks away. And not only that. You greeted me like a little cunts. And keep insulting me with these bullying “youngster” tags. And you expect me to entertain you in return? Or talk with you? Show some respect, cunts!

The stubborn one has a husband and no kids. She’s past the wall. She’s ugly. She probably has the biggest experience in training her husband so that’s why she’s still pushing. But I won’t be explaining her. Or rationalizing her toxic behavior. If it happens once, it’s an accident. If it happens twice, it often creates a pattern.

If she will do it one more time, I will tell her in a very direct way what I think of that. Won’t work, I will go to the team leader- which is a woman, but it shouldn’t matter. (I only wonder what will happen if the TL won’t do anything… and even going to them feels like being Mr. “you can’t handle women” Failure haha – but let’s not go too much into the future for now)

I don’t give a fuck how they call me when I am not around – but I have a name and they must use it when they are talking to me. We are not friends or “buddies” so that they could call me like that in front of others. If I would allow them to do it, they will continue and I’m done. So, the only option is to stand back and fight for my own reputation. And it’s not about the word itself – it’s not that they are calling me a “dick” or something like that. But it’s about the whole meaning of this.

This is how women are. This is how “nice” they behave in our workplaces. Of course, they are much, much worse in private relationships. They destroy: financially, mentally and emotionally other people – other men. They should never ever, ever be allowed to posses state power stronger than men. In this one regard, I believe that Islam got it right. They need to be put into submission and learn to shut their mouths up. When they have them open, they don’t spread the right words.


Young Chick Wants Me

Young chick wants me

Things in my new job already settled a bit. Everything is great, people are amazing and I am very happy about it. There’s one 26yo girl who is really attracted to me. She is a very good looking HB8. She has a boyfriend. At least that’s what I can tell from looking at her personal profiles from over the web. As someone who knows something about women I know that this unfortunately means nothing. She might be bored by him. Or not being in love and just looking for a replacement. This also tells me that dating her would mean she’ll be in a very rough emotional state – and I don’t really want to mess around with some jealous ex either.

Also, she might be attracted to me just because she sense my confidence and the fact that I am not chasing after her (or trying to impress her just like every other male in the office). Either way, my mind starts to play tricks on me. She is gorgeous – she comes from the far east, from one of the hot countries. She looks healthy, knows her value and is young which is an additional boost to me. All these 35+ year olds that are curious about me at work have nothing to offer when compared to the freshness, youthfulness and spontaneity of this girl. And the way she smells… oh my god… Long live the youth!

If I only had all this knowledge I posses now when I was 23… life is not fair.


When I think “okay, what can happen if I go after her…” then immediately I think how much money I will need, how much time and effort I need to put into all this – and how little of that money and time I will have left afterwards. And what I will get back? Sex, companionship and a bit of new experiences. Well, it feels like I am getting old because if I was 20 I would rush into this without thinking. On the other side, is there anything else in life (except experiences) worth pursuing? Isn’t the unpredictability of the whole situation what makes it exciting? I certainly don’t want to spend the best years in my life being alone all the time. I want to have good memories instead of just regrets that I did not tried something when it was in front of me.

It’s literally not possible to be active in any relationship and also live your own life as normal. I would need to put off my personal plans for the next half of the year  – and they are important plans to me (like moving out to my own place in the middle of 2017). If I won’t be too involved, then of course she’s going to get hurt or/and my reputation will be damaged (“you nasty bastard, you just used her!”).

It’s always men’s fault. When a woman does bad things, then it is  “don’t worry dude, NAWALT!”. And of course, I won’t do it – we are working together. I don’t find this idea very pleasant. But from the other side, she’s exactly the type of a girl that I wanted. Yeah, I still have my “dream girl list of qualities”. Haha, silly me. Also, I am single for a long time already. But yeah, I don’t care. Don’t worry guys. I just think it out loud. Every woman is the same. AWALT. It’s not worth it and certainly not with someone from work.

It is so funny how my male mind tries to create that fantasy dreamy story – how “we” could be really happy as a pair and how many great things we could achieve or experience together. Isn’t it how our brain behaves exactly every time when we are starting to be attracted to someone new? We create all these imaginary things in our head and then we project them onto that person. But the reality is always different, always less great. Not because of our dreams, but because women don’t dream in the same way. They want us, yes – but only as a tool, as something they need in order to achieve something. While men dream about companionship… a real relationship and a true union of the body, mind and soul. In the past I tend to call me and any-given-girlfriend “us“. But there were no “us“. It was only me and her. Relationship doesn’t exist. It’s in our heads. We are rationalizing everything.

Another paradox is the fact that if you think you can be with a younger girl, then be honest with yourself- if you’re (just like me) in middle 30s and you’re barely able to handle tantrums (and all that crazy behavior) of say, 35 year old chick, then how the hell you are going to suffer through everything that sits in the head of a 26 year old? That’s another cruel trick of our nature – girl so young will have completely different world view and ways of spending her free time. She’s probably still drinking her ass out every weekend, partying like crazy – just like I did when I was 26. Fuck, youth passes so quickly… and I am not even old yet! But already too old for that! So, hypothetically if I won’t be playing her fatherly figure, what role I can play? She can introduce me to her friends and I’d be that “old one”. So I’d say, better for her to stay with her two years younger (he’s 24) boyfriend.

We’ve had a serious conversation

In the meantime, I look back at the so-called relationship of the insecure guy/Mr Needy and Kristi. I was talking with her two days ago and I’ve asked her how it was going. She said (we didn’t spoke for a week or two) that it’s “allright now, they had a really serious conversation and so far it’s fine”. I’ve said to her “Oh, great! You guys just started dating and already have some “serious conversations, how nice” – she replied “Yeah, I know…” with a typical long stare.

Now, think about it. This is how relationships are usually going. Arguments, stupid drama, “serious conversations” leading nowhere and giving a false sense of security.

Of course, the more insecure both people are, the bigger the drama.😉

Perfect Guy

So, when I was in my pre Red Pill/MGTOW stage I believed that I was special. 
I felt that every woman would want me and I literally didn’t had much competition. I was the perfect guy in the sea of assholes. I was fascinated by women (and dedicated to them). I was defending their views and was always kind. After all, being kind means you’re a good person, right? Well, it does… but it doesn’t make you more attractive in their eyes. In my Blue Pill days I was convinced that every woman would want to be with me and that I could be with every one of them. It was just a matter of time – so that I could work on them for “long enough”.
I believed that I knew the key to their hearts. I was so full of myself.  In fact, I didn’t realized that I wasn’t the one controlling the situation. They were. They knew who I was back then. They knew that I was a pleaser and how to use that knowledge against me. They knew I could be their personal servant and that I could not help myself but just “fall in love” with them (and want to be in a long term relationships). They can easily sense that. It doesn’t make them wet (only at the start, but it’s always like that with a new lover) but it is useful for them instead.
But what really makes them excited is someone who isn’t a pleaser, who isn’t too kind, and who don’t give much shit about what they do or think. Someone who can stand up for himself. Someone who has a vision of who he wants to be, has a plan for his life (or at least the next 5 years😉 ) and who don’t care what others are saying.
This is who I am now. 
The biggest paradox of this situation is of course the fact that women are much more interested in me by now, but I am not moved by this even by an inch.

Gossipers (Panta Rhei)


All of them gossip. The level of it just makes me wonder. How a man can remain a mystery to a woman, if he tells her about everything there is to know about himself?

Most information about other men women get from… other women. And other men, too.

Because somehow other men often tell women a lot more about everything. They tell them not only about casual gossip but also things that they spare from their male friends – for example about that video with the cute cat they saw last night. Maybe they believe women have deeper and more complex emotional system and they will understand them better than men? This is not only not true, but it’s actually quite the opposite.

Women have less complex understanding of emotions and they don’t have capabilities to feel them on the same level as men. All what we do is just lying to ourselves. We are projecting our own desires, fantasies (to be understood) and dreams onto them. Of course, this is the part from where our biggest disappointments come back to chase us later on. It’s like expecting an ant to learn how to fly a commercial airliner – and then getting a depression out of the realization that there’s no ant on this planet that could do it. So, men tend to tell women not only about casual gossip, funny cat videos (that they are too shy too show their other male friends) but also about what they are really thinking about other people. Both men and women. Things like:

“Jack, he is very intelligent but he is not wise! He has some charisma, but he’s an asshole! Better be careful with him!”

“Ashley, she’s nice but I think she slept with James when his GF was on a work trip.”

And so on. It’s truly unfortunate but it seems that men do not understand that every information they give freely to a woman is going to circulate. Even if they will swear on the grave of their own mother that they won’t tell anybody! This is how honest women are. This means nothing. When you catch her when she is lying you cannot do much, either. Especially if you’re in a marriage or a relationship where you two live together. It’s a nightmare.


Parting ways, that’s how it’s called in business.

If you are not married or not living together then you can of course end it up or limit your time with such dishonest person. And hopefully you’d have the guts and self-respect to do it, because so many men are agreeing to live a life that feels like reaching only half of their true potential. Or less than that. And it’s so sad to see this all around me sometimes. Remember, that when someone doesn’t respect you or your values, does give you a hard time or does not keep up his/her word – that person should be missing your presence and time from his/her life. This is the only way they can learn. Of course, people who lie rarely change. They have that operating system called “Lie 2000” installed, and booting it up won’t help. They should erase the fucking HDD! Haha. Won’t happen, either. So the best thing you can do is to limit the damage they can do to yourself and go your own way.

Coming back to the main topic – men are telling women their secrets or what they really think about others probably just to gain some sort of leverage in their eyes. They think that women will believe their version of the story or think how wise they are (in figuring out all these things about other people). Women know that what you are sharing are just your personal opinions, nothing more. They know that no opinion is objective enough to be ultimately valid – they are master gossipers themselves, remember? So instead of praising your intelligence, they are just building your psychological portrait, with a nice list of your weak points so that they can use it against you during your next irrational quarrel with them – again, this is in their nature, it’s not a conspiracy.😉

Also, what I have noticed is that they become increasingly anxious when they encounter a male who does not act like a typical personal entertainer they are so used to these days.

It’s like the fact that they cannot really break my armor makes them uneasy. And of course a bit curious – from the other point of view. They will try to “train” you, to push you. To “teach” you how you should behave around them and how to treat them. That’s the only thing they are good at, regrettably.

So, in order to limit any personal or professional damage that can come from gossiping women (or men) just limit the information that you’re spreading out to anybody to something you’re absolutely okay with being forwarded to other people – even to those you don’t even know. I don’t gossip and I don’t give anybody good reasons to gossip, either. They will talk anyway, but at least I know it’s all created by their own imagination as they don’t know me at all. Remember that all they want to do is take away your energy. They feed on our vital sources in a very similar way to the other females from the animal kingdom. And one thing is certain: we’ve been promised a far better life when we were young.

Unfortunately, in order to remain sane and strong on this planet we are required to live very cautious and lonely lives, sometimes. Thankfully inside of my heart I am never alone. I am with me, myself and I. And that’s all what I really need. There never wasn’t anyone else, really. This makes me very calm.

World goes by. Panta Rhei. 

See you next week.

Heat of the Winter (A.K.A. The Fillers)


Women don’t understand love

I sometimes feel like I am just running in circles. Every topic comes to a very similar conclusion.

They don’t understand even just the very concept of it. Maybe in some twisted and unreal way – they do. But I am sure they view our view of love just like that- as something unreal and sick. How good is their life! Men are serving them! They become pregnant, got kids, raise them and just enjoy everything that the society offers them. And their self-esteem problems? Oh, because Jody has fuller breasts! Oh, my nose is too big. Oh, this and that. Horrible! Just horrible hahaha!

I remember one girl… I was sleeping with her, approx. 3 years ago. A short romance. Just not a summer one😉 it happened between November and January. It was rough because she was young… (haha oh my God, Datson! Pun intended!) But also because she wasn’t very experienced. Both in the concepts of love, ars amandi and relationships. She had a tough childhood. Fair enough. So did I. Yet, this could never be my personal alibi as the society expects everything from you when you are a man. You need to be tough, okay? It doesn’t matter whether your mother had schizophrenia, or your brother was an alcoholic. Or that if your father committed suicide.


If you’re a female, you’re a privileged little bitch. Spoiled beyond belief and without any need for taking responsibility for your actions. You had a bad day? Oh well, just lie down and relax. Take it easy, baby. You had a bad childhood? Of fuck, are you crazy? You won’t be taking any responsibility for your own life, right? C’mon! That would be stupid! Just blame everything on that and never ever develop yourself. Or try to understand what and why everything happened so that you can heal your emotional wounds to be able to become a proper responsible intelligent grown up. Or someone being able to be with others. No way.

Haha, I apologize for this very long intro. I always dive into metaphysical lectures when talking about other people. Maybe it’s the fact that I studied psychology. Maybe it’s my own pretty fucked up past. Or maybe those 4 years I’ve spent on Zen Buddhism. Or everything at once. It does not matter.

We fucked for a little bit, spend some time together and had some fun – and you see, even that she was just a “casual romance” and nobody serious in my life – she’ll always be in my heart. I will be reminding myself of her on my death bed. Just like every other one. Somehow, I can say that I loved every women I slept with. Okay, not every one of them. I need to exclude the biggest sluts. Sorry, girls.😉 They were usually the best in sex, though. Not a surprise there.

But yeah. I was wishing her all the best and all. She got a new “serious” boyfriend. So shortly after that, she stopped talking with me. I am still not sure whether that was because she started this new relationship or because I told her she lacks some serious skills with oral.😉

Every woman in my life usually has a specific song – connected with her in my memory. It happens spontaneously. My brain is weird. See, I am a fucking romantic. Again, no surprise there – men are the real romantics, as Rolo Tomassi says.

She has the “Time In A Bottle – Jim Croce” (widely known from “Days of Future Past” but it’s a very old song, and a very beautiful one!) probably because we both knew how little time we have.

So anyways, one year later I noticed she deleted me from FB. One year later I was sending links about my new project to everyone that I knew, so she was included in that cross-spam action. Turned out she’s pregnant and they are already living together. She mentioned that her boyfriend’s uncle is building a house for them, and then they will need to move in (oh la-la! Serious case! No excuses now, Mr Boyfriend!)

heat-Val Kilmer

After a short conversation, she deleted my another FB account from her friends list (the business one). Okay, bitch. I realized – once fucking more time – that I was just a filler in her life. Like in a sandwich. A fucking sandwich! Hahaha! In that brief moment between one long term boyfriend and the other (for her I was a typical “badboy” that was sleeping with her shortly after she broke up with her previous partner; she was with him for 6 years) I’ve brought her sex, fun, few cool dates, she visited new unknown places and had good fun. And a good bit of emotional support. Of course, if not for my stable “no, I don’t want to be in a relationship” she would probably get pregnant with me. But, after a while she had no problems in deleting me from her life and probably memories. If only her current husband would knew what she did with me. And what she brought in for me? Apart from her pussy and some memories -not that much. But in life, memories are the thing that really matters. If I was going to choose between staying at home and doing nothing I’d still choose her. Of course, I could as well go and jump with a parachute. That would be a good memory to remember, too.


That’s my main point. She wasn’t a typical slut. She was a normal “girl next door”. They all are like that. That’s their nature. They cannot love. We are just the filler. In theory and practice. We even fill in their vaginas, haha! Literally, that’s our purpose. And apart from that of course – everything else.

Our capacity to love, our very willingness to love – whether it is directed towards a woman, a dog or anything else – is what makes us weak. But it also makes us strong and powerful. This is the polarity no woman would ever be able to fully apprehend. 



And another one – Moby – God Moving Over the Face of the Waters – yes, that is the one from one of the best movies ever made – Heat, with Al Pacino and Robert de Niro. Oh my god, what a beautiful movie it is. Action, criminal, drama. Friendship. Honor. And love. True love. They portrayed it so good. So good, that it doesn’t exist in a real world. Only the mind of a man could create something so deep and profound. That specific vision moves me deeply every time I watch it.  They don’t do movies like that now. Some songs don’t fit even a single woman from my life, though. They are far too beautiful for that. 


(Sanskrit: कर्म; IPA: [ˈkərmə] ( listen); Pali: kamma) means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). In practice it means “you doing”. It’s like cause and effect. If you planted a good seed in the past, it will grow into a good tree with sweet fruits. If your seeds are rotten, you won’t reap good results. Ever.

Odds turned. Coins were tossed again. This time, mine is on the top.

During the breaks, everyone in the canteen usually eats with someone else. I’ve found another guy that I spend most of my time with- he has a good, positive energy.

The Negative Guy sits and eats alone.

It seems his energy is repulsing to others. You can read people well. You don’t need special (mutant😉 ) powers, just look at their faces. Dominant emotions tend to leave a significant mark. Fear, anger, hate. It all can be seen clearly and without obstructions. When you are good and honest, no evil will be able to touch you. I don’t know why this universe works this way. I don’t know if there’s more Zen Buddhism or Quantum Physics in it. I cannot even explain these things in a rational way to somebody who don’t know them. All that I know is that it works. But it will sound like a pseudo-science to anyone who never felt it, practiced and understood it. And that’s okay.

So, I don’t know how to advice anyone on this. The more clear and less obstructed your view is the more (and more easily) you can see, sense and percept. For me, this also came with various good things that I was adding to my life, step by step. Yoga, healthy food. Physical activity. And also with subtracting bad stuff from it – smoking, alcohol, caffeine. Abstaining from recreational drugs. Not putting bad stuff inside my head. Stop overthinking things, energy never lies. Your heart never lie. We often only don’t know how to listen and spot the signals.



And now let’s get back to our more casual topics.😉 I was thinking how every woman is a master manipulator. Some of them are better at this than others, but almost every one of them is very good at it. And that’s scary. They had to practice it somewhere. For a long time. Their friends, brothers, fathers. Yes. Unfortunately, yes.

But in order for the manipulation to manifest there must be one who can be manipulated. If you won’t allow that, then they will brag, complain, shout, insult (which will be even further manipulation tactic in itself). If you’ll pass that, some of them will walk away- the most bad ones who are only using men won’t stand anyone who is stronger. But others will be wet inside.

That’s the main point. They really want to be put into submission. There’s just not enough strong men out there right now. This makes us without much competition.😉 Sad that this doesn’t solve our problems- as “the moment I’ve regained my sight, I didn’t want to look anymore”. It’s just too much work. It’s not worth it. Life is too stressful and short to dedicate it to taming of your private female (which won’t be yours anyway, ever). Better get a dog and experience true friendship, loyalty and love. Free of charge! Stop expecting anything from women and especially the things that they aren’t even able to comprehend or understand. Love included. Sorry guys, but that’s the dire truth. We all know it. We just deliberately choose to lie to ourselves.

They are spoiled. How to repair them?

And is it even possible? If they aren’t able to fix themselves? But they don’t see themselves as “broken”.

We talk about women because it’s our fucking second gender. Our civilization still depends on procreation. We cannot just forget about them. Few interesting comments from the reader Moi from my older article Weak and Alone:

Moi says:
I liked the “pretending pretending pretending” comment. Unfortunately because of things like FaceSpace, MyBook, and Selfies (the picture kind), people seem to believe that the fantasy they show to the world, is really how things should be. The unrealistic expectations of how exciting things should be all the time, is a significant part of why relationships don’t seem to last anymore. That and not being willing to accept other people’s feelings/issues, and labeling them as “drama”, while expecting everyone to put up with all of our issues, makes it harder for relationship to last. If the most important person in your life is always yourself, no one else will ever really be important to you.

D. Horrenbrand says:
Notice that it also takes away the mystery from the dating scene – inexperienced male adds his dating prospect to FB and suddently she knows everything about him- his friends, interests, likes. There’s nothing left for her to discover and she leaves (or already knows how to get huge leverage over him). This is also why I stopped using FB and updating the wall. It doesn’t serve any purpose. I pity teenagers in our current world – they cannot escape from this social-media curse in a way than older men still can.

Also women see “fake” lives on walls of others. Because they often lie on their own walls – they cannot distinguish whether others are lying, too. They want to be continuously entertained. Of course expecting this is already something unrealistic. But they are too spoiled to notice their own lack of grounding.

This is frightening. And here is why I hate FB. But still, I need to use it. We are trapped and there’s no way out.


PS. Some of you heard that Amber Heard   looks interested in Elon Musk. He might be a fabulous entrepreneur but a complete noob when it comes to women! Typical Blue Pilled man who might be a demanding dominating boss but the moment a woman comes around – he turns himself into a butler. Now, of course she knows what she is doing. She is a clever bitch. She knows that Elon is a way more powerful man than Johny Depp. Elon Musk will protect her not only from Johny Depp, but also from courts/judges and any loss of reputation. That bitch is a top one. I feel sorry both for Elon and Johny. If she’ll be sucking Elon’s dick, it’s going to happen let’s say once or twice per week, for a period of several minutes. Being in a relationship with her would a 24h/day, 7 days per week thing. The math is simple. Few minutes of self-humiliation for unlimited power and access to resources. And by the way, every woman does that. They suck our dicks for a short time and receive everything in return. Some of them don’t even do that because their men are so stupid that they are okay with it. Whichever god or force of the universe is out there – hello – please save us. ;) Women are stupid but the tragic lack of understanding being shown by some men beats even that.