Do women think that they are better than men?

Have you ever realized that it’s not allowed to say that we are better than women? This seem to be obvious. But did you ever thought whether women think they are better than men? The only thing you need to do to realize the reality is to listen to their conversations, especially when they are convinced that nobody listens to them. If you ever wondered if women are amused by men hitting on them in bar or pubs, check this one out: they usually call the men trying to flirt with them “their tails” and that they usually can’t get rid of them. That of course points towards those men not knowing what to do (just like manginas and betas rushing to the help of the females to “save the damsel in distress”) but it doesn’t change that very fact. Women have no clue how to treat men, too. But in both scenarios it is men who suffer. A female can say “all Germans have bad sense of humor” and it will slip through the net, but if a male says that he will be held accountable and responsible for his own words. Think about it.

By society and law, women are treated like small kids with adult allowances. But we are creating half of that society. So why we do allow it? Well, we don’t. The elites and powers that be decides for us. Decades in advcance.

Again, a typical Purple Pill man will tell you that it’s only single cases. That it only leads to hate and resentment towards women. And that it won’t make us happier. Well, I choose harsh truth instead of sweet lies. But it’s up to you. Besides, it’s not just single cases. It’s a fucking majority.

Women behave in a very competitive way. For example, there are two new teams in our office. Both teams consist of 5-6 girls and one guy in each of them. Girls from one team started to say the name of the male in their team often, talking with him a lot and laughing loudly – making sure that the other team of girls saw how much fun they are having with their male. Guess what? The second team of girls started to acting just like that.

How often girls talk about “what a handsome guy they saw today” in front of other males who just keeping silent. When last time did you saw two or three men in company of one woman bragging about some other sexy girl that they saw? I have never heard anything like this.

Do you think they fucking care about you or your morals? They know that when they will have sex with you often they will fall in love and want to be in a relationship, that’s their biology and they are well aware of this. Only the most stupid ones do not. But others do. That’s why they don’t meet often with the same “fuck buddies”. They just circulate them. And probably tell every each one of them that “he is the best” and “he is the only one”. Men are so dumb these days. So weak.

She doesn’t care whether you live healthy or not. Years before, this was my yet another false hope. That when I stop partying and drinking myself to death, a good mannered woman will appreciate my efforts of living clean. Of having a nice diet and exercising, being fit. It would separate me from all those less mature men, right? Wrong! She doesn’t give a fuck and probably goes to bed with yet another drunken idiot, just because she doesn’t care. If she wants a dick, she gets it. From anywhere she wants. She has no morals, man! At least she doesn’t perceive them in the same sense as we do… she can steal sperm from somebody else then date a beta-pussy and claim that this is his child! She wants to preserve herself, clone herself and have a child. That’s her biology, her programming. It’s not her fault. She’s just playing everything as nature has intended. That is woman’s sole purpose: secure best genetic material and use her body to mix it with her eggs and reproduce it. That’s about fucking it.

Stop glorifying women and stop making everything around being social with females. They often don’t deserve out company but – sadly – in 90% of the cases, getting entertainment from us for free. Well, we are their “tails” after all, aren’t we? Pathetic.

Purple Pill Bullshit

I’m back, and I am well. I am just finding myself on my new place, so that makes me very busy as usual. Not a lot of new content as life sometimes suck you in.

I’ve once slept with a call-girl. She was very inexperienced. You could tell from the first seconds. She was young and nice. It was a nice meeting. I always wonder why such a girl does it. Maybe because she can? You know, you can earn 5000 EUR per week, meeting several clients per day for 30 mins. I need to work my ass off for much longer to get that amount of money. She will wash herself and that’s it, just like hooking up with several businessmen using the “normal” way. And 5k in your pocket. But she was naive, she used the same phone number for her private life so I could check out her profile picture on whats-app and see her with her brother, in a very natural setting. How stupid you can be to use your normal phone number when you’re making a week off to work as an escort? Seriously… I wonder if her brother knows about her little sis hidden hobby. I don’t think so.

Women are whores. Period.

Women, eh.

Don’t hate them. They are merely doing what the nature programmed them to do – to find a suitable provider and build a nest. Of course they wont stick around if youre unsuccessful nature is cruel indeed.

We are just a bunch of intelligent monkeys trying to pretend we arent.

You know whats even more absurd? Men spend all their lives building that false facade, that “show”, that fucking nest so that they can attract females. Then they come and take away everything and suck the male dry – literally. It’s so not worth it. But I guess anyone who’s afraid of loneliness, deserves it. We don’t have any other choice, really.

The whole socializing stuff, sharing everything on your fucking social media playing for the females so they can be engaged on your FB profile, commenting and giving out likes so you get a bit of social validation which then raises your fucking social status… it’s pathethic. We all cry out for privacy but we give out everything about our lives on a silver platter. That information is not even encoded properly! It’s just pure madness. The moment I went to I realized one thing: a very small number of people share their own lives there in the same way as on Facebook. Nobody shares pictures of their day, or what they had for the fucking dinner. Nobody cares that much about likes or other shit like that. Because it doesn’t matter! is about something else. And then it makes me wonder: why would anyone even wanted to share pictures about the fact they went to a cinema, like who cares? To get that short dopamine burst of social validation after receiving a few likes? It’s pure madness. Now suddenly everyone is am extrovert narcissist. It’s crazy.

Of course, social validation coming from women is volatile as fuck… it can be lost in seconds if you wont play the music females want to hear. It disgusts me. And say just this and you will be called misogynist or a women hater instantly. By whom? By fucking beta males, manginas and other pussies like that. People are so weak. So stupid.

Purple Pill bullshit

And what those Purple Pill life coaches have to say? “Well oh man I know that sometimes women just go crazy, but you know what I do I just go talk with my male friends and we gather and share that yeah they are all crazy but what we can do” is that it? Is that fucking it? That supposed to be a solution? No, I refuse to get married and get some privileged girl pregnant so that she can reap all of the benefits.

“Girl! Sit down!”

“Without vanity, without coquetry, without curiosity, in a word, without the fall, woman would not be woman. Much of her grace is in her frailty” – Victor Hugo

Men need to be men, women need to be women.

Who would trust men…? Now, let’s assume two or three men are sitting in the office and say to each other something like this: “dude, did you saw that new blondie that just started working on the second floor?” “yeah, she’s so hot…”. Can you imagine reactions of other women around them? Females are going mad when you are complementing other women – that are not themselves. They are very competitive yet often very insecure. And no, I have never been around any situation like that. Men do talk but only when they know that they can trust someone. And often in a very enclosed secure conditions. At work, every other male can back stab you. This is just the reality of it. It makes us all behave like robots. Men are even afraid to talk about women if there’s a female around them! But in opposition to this women talk about other men in presence of men, constantly without the slightest worry! “Oh that new guy who started working next floor is sooo haaawt!” “I would go with him for a drink anytime” …and they are all giggling. Try talk about women like that… good luck. Everyone is scared because they want to gain their approval at the same time.

Another example: One girl is completely misbehaving in our office. She is constantly badmouthing others, especially when they are not around. She isn’t joking. She is really being mean. And that’s seriously not cool. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed so nobody gives a fuck. Managers are mostly women. They don’t want or don’t know how to handle things like that. Or maybe middle management told them to shove this under the carpet. Yeah I know, bad management. If you allow BS like that on the lowest level it tends to spread out across the whole company, fast.

I remember once I was working with my headphones on my head but they were turned off. She started making fun out of me and then encouraging other girls around to laugh with her. Immediately, I told her to “Cut it off”. It worked. For a while. She is a tough cookie case. She has problems that were created long time before she started this work, and they won’t be fixed in there. By anyone. But that doesn’t mean any man could allow to be treated not in the way he wants to be treated, right? I stood up and told her: “What’s wrong with you? Stop talking about me in front of everyone else like I’m not here. It doesn’t make me feel nice. You have really bad manners, you know? Nobody told you how to behave around the people you are working with? It’s not my problem that you’re bored with this job. If you need to keep talking bullshit about other people, maybe it’s time to find a new one?”. That one shut her down. For good. Everyone around heard that and she immediately put her head down.

See, girls will do things like that. They do it for several reasons. They want to test you whether you’re really that masculine energy you’re showing out that you are. They are bored. They want to be entertained and crave attention. Some of them are just twisted fruit-loops, though. You can use the stuff I wrote. You can also say something like “You’re being silly and you create unnecessary drama. If you keep doing this your’e going to ruin our relationship. Don’t talk to me this way, talk to me like an adult. We need to have mature adult communication here instead of this shit like five year olds”. This should work, too. Or something similar. Just make sure that you will say this in a calm and polite manner, but remain confident. It is her who is misbehaving there. Treat her like you would treat your smaller sister. If this won’t work, you can escalate to your manager or go to HR. Usually it is not necessary. And if they or someone else won’t like you for it, then who cares? Especially observe the reactions of beta-pussies around. It’s almost comedic. “What? He said to her something like that?! What an asshole!” Obviously, in the small print deep down they all would love to have that sort of healthy boundaries to stand up for themselves in a way that brings results. It’s your life and your rules.

Wet & Dry

Girls like that love to be put in their place. It sounds weird and off but sometimes they do it just to be shouted at. They operate out of operational system based on emotions not logic, like us. Maybe her father was ignoring her when she was a child and she was doing just this (misbehaving) to get his loving attention? And then, she mistaken misbehavior with receiving attention? Who knows. I don’t care. My life is a drama-free zone.

I don’t have time for such bullshit. But one thing for sure: your inner masculine energy must be at a healthy level for you to be able to manage behavior like this. If you’r energy is like a dry lake, she will sense that and test you even stronger.

Also, they might remove their attention from you if they are in solid pack just to prove how wrong you are and how you don’t have anything to say. This is just another test, stand your ground. She will get uncomfortable next time you will be around her, and then she will know your true power. And power brings respect. And respect makes women wet. When they get wet, we fuck them. That’s how simple it is. A woman who is not respecting you- dries out. She literally does dry out. 😉 It’s the same as men being unable to have an erection due to their partner no longer tingling their masculine core.

And no, I don’t recommend giving your precious time to the crazy, misbehaving ones. She has to earn your time and approval first. And for God’s sake stop being a pleaser. There are so many men-pussies around everywhere nowadays. They are even worst than stupid girls like the one I described.

Have some respect. If you don’t have self respect, build it. How? Well, as I’ve said countless times already – inner energy doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t come to everyone. It comes only to those who are persistent and dedicated enough to live healthy, clean their diets, exercise, have passions and live a life that’s bringing some good results. It doesn’t need to be eye-catching or striking. Good things often go unnoticed. But it will have a high-impact on you and those around you.

This is the true way of a free male. One who is grounded, on purpose and free. And that’s me.

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The Male Spiritual Journey

I would love to have a yet another cool laid-back romance with a little bit of travelling nice sex and a good laughs. Just like in the recent past. But there are almost no healthy women out there. Every time I need to dig through a pile of shit. The pool is so small and most of them are already taken. Where is the fun when spending your precious time with old crazy girls or young chicks who either are offended by the sight of a naked cock, have some toxic issues or common outbursts of anger for no reason/being too spoiled as a little princesses?

A most attractive young girl was being interviewed by St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.
“While you were on earth,” he asked, “did you indulge in promiscuity, smoking, dancing or any other form of wickedness?” “Never, never!” protested the girl. “Well, then why have you not reported sooner?” asked St. Peter. “You have been dead for years!”

How an undeveloped man who is afraid of women can develop them and be viewed as attractive? He can’t. And he is not. He can only be viewed as being substandard semi-attractive, as a provider. A beta. A bunny. Even the top “leading betas” are still viewed as pussies. They are problematic sometimes and will often shout loudly and protest when you will present some more masculine traits onto them. They are shocked that you can say something that opposes senseless praise of women.

If you put her on  a pedestal she has no option than look at you from above.
If she sees that you crumble under her physicality and unable to stand your ground just because she doesn’t wear a bra today and her tender perky breasts jump around every time she walks by, she knows that she can easily control you.

If you have options other than her she knows that she needs to bring something onto the table to keep you. If you have options it proves that you have a high self esteem, sense of self-worth and enough experience as a man to not allow yourself to be pushed back and forth by a woman. That makes her feel safe & attracted to you at the same time. Women love competition. Or maybe, they love winning and being on the top even more. If you are giving yourself as a free prize to her, there’s no competition and – just like a cat who always gets what he wants – she goes away, bored.

There are only two types of males. Bunnies and men. Bunnies are afraid of women. Females can easily sense that. Men are not. Men are able to go their own way nonetheless about what bunnies and women do or say about or to them.

So stand your ground, go your own way and be proud of who you are.!

This will be short: screw Facebook and their inhumane corporate censorship policy!

From now on, Red Male Hummingbird is also available on platform.

You can find me up here

I encourage everyone to say “bye, bye!” to this FB nonsense and join the rest of the free minds!

Don’t Be an Embarrassment to Masculinity

Our current world

“In a society in which nearly everybody is dominated by somebody else’s mind or by a disembodied mind, it becomes increasingly difficult to learn the truth about the activities of governments and corporations, about the quality or value of products, or about the health of one’s own place and economy. In such a society, also, our private economies will depend less upon the private ownership of real, usable property, and more upon property that is institutional and abstract, beyond individual control, such as money, insurance policies, certificates of deposit, stocks, etc. And as our private economies become more abstract, the mutual, free helps and pleasures of family and community life will be supplanted by a kind of displaced citizenship and by commerce with impersonal and self-interested suppliers… The great enemy of freedom is the alignment of political power with wealth. This alignment destroys the commonwealth – that is, the natural wealth of localities and the local economies of household, neighborhood, and community – and so destroys democracy, of which the commonwealth is the foundation and practical means.” –
Wendell Berry

Don’t Be an Embarrassment to Masculinity

“To have sex you have to exchange. You are affected by someone else and someone else is affected by you. It amazes me how much we run from this. We try and control sex and dominate and so on, but at its core we are meant to be influenced by one another. Feel someone else and let them feel you.

First you need to realize Monogamy, Polyamory, being a ‘Player’ are all man-made concepts. Your body, your emotions and your sex drive doesn’t care about any of those. It is going to feel what it is going to feel. If you have disciplined yourself in these concepts and you have no experience behind them you’re going to find yourself quickly abandoning them to the overwhelming feeling of love, sex and desire. There is nothing weak about this.

If you make a mistake and fall in love too fast, make too many commitments or get someone pregnant and you’re not ready for it, it is ok to back out of everything. As much as your closest friends may judge you, family members turn their backs and the person you loved now hates and vilifies you, it is not an excuse to do something you’re not ready to do.”Steve Mayeda

Listen to hear, not to respond.

What sex means to you? Do you do it because you want to dominate over women? Do you want it because you strive for intimate connection on a deeper level? Do you just want to get rid of your semen? Maybe it’s a mixture of every reason that I have mentioned? As one old sage once said, you should always surround yourself with women younger than yourself as the older ones will take away your vital energy and the young ones will replenish it. 

Steve Mayeda

During my long lasting hobby of checking out various coaches and lifestyle trainers I’ve already wrote about Corey Wayne. Corey was directing himself towards a bit of  a healthy Red Pill and at the same time being aware of the whole MGTOW movement, but never really indulging in it and being accused of never proving to be with any girl (personally why he should share his private life with strangers?). Plenty of people find out that his methods are simply accurate and I respect his work towards celebrating healthy masculinity.

..then there’s this guy – Steve Mayeda. He’s openly admitting being in a long term relationship with two kids and an admirably cute wife. Of course, he posts pictures of his own family openly on varous social media and there are people hating him for this. You see the pattern? Once you’re more or less successful, the haters always come and try to put you down.

I must admit it, I really do like his balanced and mature content. Just as Corey Wayne admitted that he had a fucked up childhood with schizophrenic mother and some alcohol involved, so do Steve openly says that he had a drug addiction problem in the past and that he had done plenty of cheating in his older relationships. I’ve listened to a good bit of his podcasts and he raises a lot of good points. Of course, half of the MGTOWalready maturedcommunity of kids will shut down his message because he dears to say that he doesn’t fancy MGTOW. How dare he can have his own opinion! But this only proves the things he is saying about. I recommend you watch this video where he is talking about important topics – rape, consent, being sexual and also MGTOW and The Red Pill for a bit. It might open your eyes that there is more than one side to the same topic we talk about. Masculinity is complex. You might not agree with everything but if you consciously choose to limit yourself to just one worldview, you’re hurting yourself. 


There’s of course a small hook: his The Sexual Life package comes with a price: 2000 USD dollars. You can as well join his Men’s Development Group on Facebook which is free and consist mostly of a group of men coming from mixed backgrounds. Personally, I haven’t found there anything extremely useful. This is often the cause in a very moderated and somewhat censored groups. Why I use the word censored? Well, I should say moderated but is there a difference? 😉 If you’re a hard radical MGTOW you won’t have your voice heard over there. Same probably goes with The Red Pill. And I get it, it’s his own project so he sets up the rules.  But apart from that, his YouTube content is free. If I was to choose from RSD Tyler , Corey Wayne and Mayeda’s content at this moment I would probably went with Mayeda. However, there’s a nice twist to this story and you will find out about it after reading the whole article.

But back to the topic, being a man doesn’t mean we should limit ourselves to just one idea. This is why I’m slowly migrating away from pure MGTOW content here. During the last 2,5 years I’ve touched on PUAs, The Red Pill and MGTOW topics massively and frequently. Now, we will be moving straight into more clear masculinity topics. I believe that the best thing is to mix and match everything to suits your own personal needs. In life, there are no definite sets of data that mark your journey as ever finished. Believing that would lead to stagnation and that’s not what we want. At least not what I want.

I recently received an email from one of my readers who share my current view on the whole manosphere scene, so to say. MGTOW community has quickly become very closed and hermetic which is self-limiting in itself. Instead of development it causes stagnation. I believe that a true man would never limit himself because then what’s the difference from being a fanatic? Or a feminist? There is none. Sex and desire is a beautiful thing, women should not be hated. I believe that we can produce great things but only together, when our gender differences are being celebrated instead of forcefully put together under the “gender equality” bullshit. We are not equal, but we aren’t better or worse. We are just different.

Of course I will probably face a heavy backlash from the MGTOW community because I am saying this. They say they don’t hate women but they are lying. They do. And most of the people saying they are identifying themselves as MGTOWs are just inexperienced kids who never been in a serious relationship or “get laid” enough. They hide behind the MGTOW tag because they were hurt and they carry on their own trauma (maybe they had a shitty parents, or a toxic relationship with their own mother?) That’s a very bad approach. Any radical approach is usually very bad. It won’t lead them to happiness. Of course, there are exceptions but I am talking about the main current. I’m in my middle 30s. I don’t want to castrate myself and forcefully shut down my libido. Why would I? Sex is great. If you look at sex only from the side of women using you, you won’t ever be at peace with yourself. If you were hurt during bad relationship, or sex or whatever – you won’t cure and heal this trauma by shutting yourself out from sex, relationships with other people/women. It simply won’t work. It will just isolate you more. And no, this doesn’t mean I am recommending going into long term relationships with women – I don’t. I wonder how many of you already went into meltdown. See, how crazy and close-minded you are about this? Wake the fuck up. Right now! You are planning to be a monk until you’re 70 and your dick stops working? Really? Good luck. 

If I can get good sex and enjoy the company of women, all of the tension disappears and I simply enjoy myself being a man. Being not an alpha man, not a radical MGTOW, not a master Red Piller, not some sort of another weird label that only limits my expression but being a man. 

As for me, MGTOW was an important step during  my personal journey of discovering who I am myself and who I want to become. It was a step and not a final nail to my coffin. See the difference here? What I discovered was a man who don’t want to hate women, enjoy spending time with them, love having sex with them and a good laugh. I enjoy being at peace with myself and other human beings and I say no to hate and negativity towards the other gender. That doesn’t mean I will tolerate any breach of my own personal boundaries. ejaculating 3 times per day to internet porn with females in itBut how any modern male can have strong personal boundaries and talking about being a strong man yet at the same time is beyond me. So many of them need to just grow up and mature. Again – any radical approach is usually very bad. It might not feel like that at first, but then it will hit you. It will hit you when you will be lonely, surrounded by toxic emotions and feeling lost. We need more than just internet pseudo-friends who will support our twisted view on the world. And yes, there are more to being a male than just one way of living. Take this report of Mayeda’s receiving a birth of his own son. No, I don’t want kids. I don’t want a wife. But I still can appreciate his story and be open to the great beauty and mystery of life.

As Mayeda says:

“The social movements that are coming from damage, that are coming from people’s pain… the men’s movement, the women’s movement. You guys are the same fucking thing! You just coming from different angles but both of you depended on detachment and controlled definition of the others to empower yourselves. Traumatic bonding. It could be men coming together to talk shit about women or women coming together to talk shit about men. Or it can be people dysfunctionally coming together through sex.

Can’t really add anything to it. It sums it all up, perfectly. If your goal was to cure & heal yourself MGTOW will probably become just one step in a long journey. If your goal was to isolate yourself and spread hate, you are probably going to stay inside those already very isolated circles.

So far so good, right? Almost too good to be true. I was so close to admitting and going with the conclusion that Mayeda is the real deal here… however, however! Read this up gentlemen! I joined his free FB group under one of my alter egos so that I cannot be recognized as “this dude Datson Horrenbrand with unpopular opinions!” and made a random comment under some of other user’s post. He added a link depicting a typical men shaming story. I won’t go into the details, but a dude posted a hyperlink to an article fear mongering about the topic similar to the rape culture man-spreading (and all that craziness) asking what the members thought about it. Looked like a normal question. I replied that it looked to me like a typical click-bait article that only puts men in the bad light and certainly does not do anything good for the women either. Few hour later my post was deleted. No explanation, no nothing. If this is how his project works, I am out of it. I admire Mayeda’s message and in many parts I agree with it  however, I will never agree to censorship like this on any sort of social media. This is exactly what killed forum. If I am not allowed to voice my thoughts, what’s the whole point of the “development”? It becomes an isolated group just like MGTOWs or TRP or PUAs are. Okay, maybe they don’t want to stir unnecessary discussions. Maybe they only want “already matured” individuals that are okay with any sort of content. Bear in mind that after reading this group plenty of men felt to me like typical manginas/blue-pillers and no, I won’t drop these labels Mayeda… they are real and useful. And my comment wasn’t radical. I wasn’t bragging about MGTOW or anything. Or hating women in it.

After a short research I’ve found out that the guy posting that link was added by another dude, who was added to the group by Steve Mayeda himself. That another dude is an admin there. So the whole puzzle is solved for me. Another FB admin on a power trip unfairly covering ass of his colleague.

It looks like a little circle of mutual admiration. And don’t forget, if you still need some development as a man and you think that other men can teach you something, you are also willing to pay 2k USD to join Mayeda’s inner circle on The Sexual Life platform/community. As of now, Corey Wayne has also a nice and sensible stuff that has much more views and is not asking for such a huge amount of money for his paid content/coaching. Remember that always when you will feel “not complete” there will be people trying to sell you stuff. Mayeda often brags how he slept with hundreds of women. I doubt it. Why create such unrealistic stories? It just sounds not true. And it’s stupid because he is trying to sell much more worthy content.

Aha! One more thing – final nail to his coffin. One other person posted a picture telling a story about someone who was divorce-raped. “Wanted to get some opinions on this. I couldn’t imagine what I would do in this situation, but from the looks of what’s written here and based on current political climate, it doesn’t look like there’s much a man can do once it’s in motion. One has to get as skilled in early detection and disassociation of such people, it seems…” he wrote under the pic. Mayeda quickly responded So if you’re passionate about an issue like this 1) Help that person 2) Work on changing the laws or the court systems 3) Don’t think complaining or gossiping is changing anything”. He also explained why he believes this is the right way. I won’t cite the whole answer but just a short point from me: I don’t think this is complaining or gossiping. This is spreading the truth about what some women can do to you. Just my five cents on this.

From what he wrote it looks like Mayeda’s was divorce-raped himself. He replied how he “sucked it up”, paid 50k in legal fees, went to jail, have not been able to see his kids for 5 years… pretty tough shit. He said that “one should learn how to differentiate crazy people from non-crazy people, don’t think everybody is crazy, don’t make it a cause, accept full responsibility – for instance at all points in my life something bad happened, it was usually because I put myself in the situation, don’t blame people, KNOW THAT LIFE WILL FUCK YOU…When you GET FUCKED move on; So I know a lot of happy people who are successful with money and business and they have all been screwed and write it off and move on…then make money and life happen.  Then I know people who get screwed and complain about it and they are never successful in anyway. ”  

And I agree with that! But at least in my opinion he should know better that not every man is aware about divorce-rape and not talking about such sad news causes men even more harm than pretending nothing bad is happening. 

At this point I’ve left Mayeda’s free group being disappointed from the double standards that are present there – I remember when he stated in one of his videos how he doesn’t agree with the typical description how men should be “alpha” and so on, yet a friend of a friend (the one I replied to with the post that was deleted later) posted about a well-known article about descriptions of various types of men- from Beta, to Alpha. Guess what? It wasn’t deleted. So yeah, mixed conclusions. Double standards and censorship connected with favoring your own circle of people? Fuck that shit. What’s the difference between this and RSD Tyler who is also asking for huge amount of money to sell you false hopes. I don’t see any. Sad, because Mayeda’s content has already earned a place in my heart. And by the way, I am always a bit skeptical about a dude who is married with kids talking about “hundreds and hundreds of sexual lays, hook-ups, orgies and what-not”… I don’t know… maybe he’s right, maybe not. But for sure he didn’t had hundreds of them. That number is just not rational. So why lie? Does lie sell? Maybe it does.

Well, we are all humans and it seems to me that I no longer want to join any of the other men’s circles. I haven’t found any that I could identify with in 100%. You might already sense what this means. Instead, as yet another side project (separate from RedMaleHummingbird), I am slowly creating my own.

Facebook and the Social Media stigma

We. Are. Fucked.

As this is a website with rather unconventional uneasy and politically incorrect controversial topics, I cannot sign it up with my own name. In out modern “free censored speech” world, we aren’t allowed to fully express our thoughts. Well, we might do it but then we will be punished by the mindless society and law enforcement mafia. If I was to publish all this under my real name I would probably be hated by 99% of my dear work colleagues and disciplinary sacked from my job immediately. We have a free speech as long as we are talking what the majority wants to hear.

In our modern world saying that you’re not accepting homosexuals adopting kids means you’re homophobic. By telling that you don’t want a different culture spreading out in your own country, you’re being called a racist. Being a nationalist means being a fascist. These are well-known and deeply implanted words in our social consciousness that will be directed against you. Nobody wants to be called a racist, right? In the meantime young girls and boys are encouraged to question their own gender when they are still small kids. It’s a mad world and we should oppose this political correctness craze before it’s too late.

Orwell was right. The oppression is not happening in the somewhat distant future. It’s right here, in front of us.  Thinking about it makes me feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Almost a billion of people on our planet uses Facebook. We only use a handful of websites, in fact probably most of them are owned by huge corporate moguls: Facebook, Google, YouTube plus some of your favorite news services.

Currently, I am not allowed to make any significant changes on my FB page for RedMaleHummingbird. I would need to provide IDs and business documentation and that obviously cannot be done. This means that my FB page can be shut down almost anytime. If that ever happens, I will be still posting over Reddit and other sources. I welcome you to suggest me any good alternatives to Facebook.

I wonder when people will wake up?

I also know the answer: they won’t. If there ever was a wake up call, it was called Snowden. And Assange. And Manning. And we didn’t do shit. We are a race of sheep. We are already being controlled censored and tamed down.

And social media was probably the worst thing for both genders. Facebook apart from being an useful tool for communicating doesn’t change that much. Instead of meeting in real life people waste their time by clicking virtual buttons on their friends profiles arousing themselves by stalking on lives of people they barely know. In addition, those people produce a fake version of their own lives that create their “Facebook story”. Many of them really believe that their virtual personas make who they really are! I’ve heard we are afraid to indulge in Virtual Reality systems because they will disconnect us from the real world. Hello?! We are already living in a fucking virtual reality!

Why Facebook isn’t fun? Have a look:


I don’t even need to mention about being blocked, reported and overeager admins willing to cut you out for nothing. And there’s nothing you can do with it. As long as you won’t experience any problems yourself (or problems won’t find you, lol!) everything seems to be fine. But when you will, there’s nothing you can do about it. And nobody will be able to help you. It’s like a circle of sheep. Wolves are regularly killing the sheep from the borders of the circle, but the other sheep still being deep inside of it don’t care about it. After a while, there’s no sheep left in the circle. This is what ignorance does to us. Besides, do you really care about what movies your work colleague likes or where he has been two days ago?

And obviously the way FB excites our inner “I want to be famous and liked!” demon is incredible. Women went absolutely mad with such an easy possibility of receiving more attention and competing with other females at the same time. Our social media only made us less social, and more fake. Personally, I hate it. And are there any alternatives? So far I’ve only heard about the platform which is not ruled by corporations and already gaining some publicity by being a good alternative to YouTube.