So this is where it starts…

Howdy everyone! Datson here. Datson Horrenbrand.

I am literally pissed off, as surprisingly most of my fellow men around me who doesn’t seem to understand what I am trying to tell them. No point in talking about it with women, either. 😉 So that’s why I rationalized myself into starting yet another ‘Red Pill’ blog. It does not have a shape that’s ready in my mind- it certainly would not be about basics. For basics you can visit any proper one where everything has been already said (The Rational Male or Heartiste will be a good start- but there are dozens of them out there, you just need to look)

It will be personal, but it might turn into something bigger and more helpful for others- time will tell.

Yes, the truth hurts. Like knowing there is no ‘God almighty’ as they tried to convince us. But it’s also a slightly different realisation. Like knowing we are all alone and even love does not exist, as it seems.

Having kids? It doesn’t make any sense. Just like it was some kind of a paradise yet it’s a daily marathon. Without finish or a prize at the end.

I’d say only very rich men who can allow themselves whatever they want OR the submissive males for which sex or freedom got no meaning on the first place as they just went straight into Oneitis-Marriage just as they left living with their mummies and daddies + maybe a very small percentage of men for whom kids are the meaning of existence/life (?!) but I’d very much like to meet them and talk with so I can see who they really are and what they agendas really are (of course I don’t count control freaks because it’s not about domination over kids) …let’s don’t fool ourselves, please. No man dreams about wiping his son/daugther’s ass after they do their job in the loo.
More to come.

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