I must admit this is probably arrogant and ‘assholic’ rant, but I don’t care that much either. 😉

We’ve been lied to. If our fathers told us how the “love between a man and a woman” really looks, we might get better chances early on. For some reason most of our fathers have not told us some harsh facts about relationships. Maybe it was different back then? Probably it was. Gender roles were clearly specified.

And now? From one side- females scream about how men need to “open to their feminine side” but from the other- they want “men to be men”. And when you look around you can clearly see what happened. Men are wearing clothes similar to girls, they are oversensitive, they are weak. Afraid of their own manhood. Lost in their own sexuality. While women go freely through their peak SMV, men are lost… often suffering another ‘big soul-mate love ending with a betrayal’ after another.

But.. there’s a catch. If you did not allow yourself to be chained up in kids or marriage as early as before your 30s.. then there is a chance… then you starting to see beyond the game. It’s a Red Pill my friends, realization which changes everything. Women are not our friends and they don’t care about us. They care only and solely about themselves (and their children). They are using men and our love to get what they want. Not because they care about us.

Woman will not make you happy. 

Now, the truth is that the female sexuality is the one that is ravaging free without any worries- girls can sleep with whoever they want, they can ‘fall out’ of love in an amazingly quick way and they are the ones loving opportunistically while men love only romantically. How many love letters you heard about some GF wrote to her BF? It’s men who invent all sort of ‘romantic’ things. If they are with a girl solely for opportunistic (material, economic, sexual) reasons- they do not “love her” and loving a woman means losing all boundaries, logical thinking (“head”) and often even friends. That’s how men love. The problem is that most of them still don’t realize that this is not a way how women loves us back!

Girls spin many plates, date often several guys at once and for them it is natural- if a guy is doing it, then surely he is a douche-bag, right? Girls want men to respect them and “provide” but when they are with guys deceptionlike that, they tend to get bored and start to hate being with a submissive partner. Then they fall out of love and go to bed with more alpha-dominant males. Please can you tell me, how many of them first told you that they no longer love you, then ended the relationship and (in case of living together) find a new place and move out in peace before finding someone else interested in them? Good luck with statistics! They always tend to jump from one flower to the other. I would not go into a rant how many of them is full of emotional problems, personality issues like Borderline Personality Disorder or else.. and we are being told that they should lead the society? Where, exactly?

“Men are capable of unconditional love, for both their woman and their children. Women are only capable of loving their children unconditionally. They are only loyal to their man as far as it benefits them and their children.”  (citation req.)

Yet, women tend to not understand that a male cannot be a beta-provider and a alpha-dominant at the same time. Even if, what is the point? What they can offer me, so I will play one game at work, then when I am coming home I need to play another one? Because they are so illogical? So, the only solution for them is to get both of them, sometimes at once (for the poor luck of beta-male, who often don’t understand what’s happening to him).

Life is too short to waste any amount of time on wondering what other people think about you. In the first place, if they had better things going on in their lives, they wouldn’t have the time to sit around and talk about you. What’s important to me is not others’ opinions of me, but what’s important to me is my opinion of myself.
― C. JoyBell C.

They teach us that you should glorify women, that they represent what’s ‘best’ in the human race – like they were real ethos  of hope, truth, love, honesty and morally better than us. This is a lie. They know that their main purpose (for most of them) is to reproduce… to reproduce themselves- so they need to catch a male, who can be ruled into having kids and marriage (also called ‘gold-chain-over-your-neck’) … yet, they secretly adore the ones who sees through the whole deception, and they have sex with them.

Yes, I believe in male superiority. I never doubted it. Actually, I know that we are superior. Look around. How many famous artists can you list- painters, musicians (and I don’t mean plastic female pop-stars that aren’t creating anything except copying what they managers tell them to), scientists, film directors, engineers.. and so on.

Of course, they have their own roles. Like keeping up with home, family, providing nourishment and preparing food. Of course. We both need each other, but do not be deceived about the roles. And be mindful when some female will suddenly inform you that ‘somehow, pills didn’t worked out and I’m pregnant’.

Women can give me sex, food, intimacy and uterus. I can get sex. I can get my own food. Intimacy is overrated and never leads to anywhere, the soul-mate bond is often a myth. I don’t want to have kids. This is my own choice, to which I am entitled to – as a free man, and as a free human being yet when I openly tell my story I am hearing things like “oh you have not grown mature enough yet” – guess from which gender they are coming? (I can add that often their miserable husbands are adding “ehh I should think about it before”). Maybe I grow out too much and over-matured, thus seeing the whole thing as it is – a fake picture. Men don’t need kids. Unless you really want to have them for some reason- then do it. But don’t do it ‘because you love your girl’. That’s just stupid.

Women need kids, so their life can have a meaning for them. 

Some people need kids, because without them their life would not have a meaning. 

They are afraid of people like me and yet- they secretly sleep with us knowing that we are too smart to get chained over… at the same time they discussing such disgusting cases of men with their beta-husbands who nod accordingly not even knowing what this is all about…

Remember that women needs men more than we need them. 

PS. Now, for all the fem readers just before you call me a ‘sad angry example of a poor frustrated male’ or else, not that I care 😉 I had four long term relationships in my life, where I gave everything that I had, two of them were ‘love/soul-mates of my life’ yet it always ended in the same fashion. I needed to stop believing in love all together, because believing in it made me suffer more than actually not believing.

This is solely due to actions of women. 

I never wanted to go through this path, but that’s my only choice to remain sane.

Funny, huh? And what you can say? Nothing. Maybe the famous sentence that goes like ‘Oh, poor guy, he has been hurt maybe.. sometimes that happens…but NAWALT’ haha.. Don’t worry, I am fine. I know you don’t care. And me neither. Not anymore.




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