Marriage and kids – a fair(y)tale ?

The sole purpose of a man is to.. build a house, plant a tree and raise a child. That’s how it goes, right? In the previous version of this common saying there was “son” instead of a “child” because all these things pointed out towards strong, dominant alpha-male who achieved something. Of course to continue his line, a son was a correct successor of his opus.

But that, my dear readers, is just a saying. You can put it exactly in the same shelf where you see all romantic comedies describing how average, nice guy gets to the heart of a girl from his dreams, who is 10/10 and willing to love him for being a douche bag. Btw, did you ever wondered that in such comedies every person earns enough money to rent / own a huuuge house, they are never tired and work is something so effortless that it can be even viewed as fun? (In case they mention it after all!) Exactly… that’s because these are just movies. They are not real. America discovered! 😉

Let’s look what exactly this fantastic idea of marriage has to offer. For many of us is still viewed as some kind of a ‘achievement’ or a goal in life. So to say, you just need to struggle to get married and then have kids-that’s the sole purpose of your life, yeah? Well, maybe for women- yes. That is what they are trying to sell us. That being “honored” by making your girl pregnant (of course I assume the cases when there were no “mistake” and the pregnancy was really planned ‘out of love’) is the highest achievement as a man. And then, of course, bringing tons and tons of money without complaints, being a decent father (which is BTW mostly just learning how to be a control freak- to some extent, balancing between being too lousy and too strict), and a decent husband! Of course. You are allowed to play a computer game for 30 minutes after work, but not too long. Your responsibilities are waiting for you! 🙂 Don’t forget – you asked for it. 🙂

In my past I had a pleasure to live twice with a couple who had kids, I knew them through the internet and I was temporarily between jobs so I got a great chance to look closely how their life looked. First time was when the kid was approx. 1,5 year old. Don’t get me wrong, they were and still are very loving and probably the best couple / parents mix I ever experienced in my life- I’d love my parents to be like them. Seriously.

So my point is – if even them are having hard times with being a decent parents, then just think for a moment about every other ‘mediocre’ couple – I don’t even want to start with all the ‘pregnancies by mistake’ where girl decided to go for it to get hold on her boyfriend or to get some benefits for life (!!)  ..this truth saddens me deeply.

This plus realization after swallowing my own Red Pill + more of my own personal experience with women lead me to making a decision to get vasectomy as soon as possible. More on that in future posts. I simply cannot put a risk that somebody (woman or ‘bad luck’) will make such important decision changing everything in my life for me. This is my sole decision. I am aware of every fantastic moment that I will be missing (and also all of the bad moments- because they are also there) unbelievable journey and all that chemical high that is probably being produced by the brain so you can stick to your kids and just keep going even when being totally exhausted, I read a lot about it, been around kids, worked with them, been living with that couple and so on and so on; and my decision is that if I am not perfectly sure that I want to bring new human being to this world in it’s current state – that I can’t give a guarantee to be a perfect father as my own family wasn’t 100% healthy either (how many of us got this thing right, btw?) or that I simpy don’t know any woman who would be capable of showing all traits that I could see as adequate – then I would just not do it.

Remember, that most of the people need to have kids because otherwise their life would not have any meaning.

That’s another thing. Even if I got all of these points checked out, there still remain the most important one – I simply do not want kids. I am not interested in them. I have something else to give back to humanity. Except writing an assholic blog, of course. 😉 I love to travel, I love to meet new people. My lifestyle equals freedom and I simply don’t want to have kids.

I do not owe women anything. Nor do any of you, my fellow brothers.

Do not allow yourself to get sucked into “you are not mature enough yet” speech given by all women who heard that you don’t want kids. They don’t care. They just want to chain you over so you can become their ‘provider’ for life. Why? You ever know any single mothers without husbands or partners? You see what I mean?

They need us more than we need them.

The idea of continuing my own lineage is not important to me. Besides, after all that I’ve seen… nope. I don’t want kids. I don’t want permanent chains over my neck and for sure I would not want to ‘have kids’ just because a woman wants them. And somehow I should ‘prove’ it to her that my love is so big that I will happily do it. I would not. Instead I will have sex with your wife, when you will be earning money for her tampons while she sits on benefits.* That’s how it works. Deal with it.

* – Of course, if she is faithful and happy, and honest -as almost every women are – she would never ever do it, right? 😉

Okay, but I went out of the way a little bit. 😉 So, the first time I was living with that couple was when the kid was 1,5 year old. For the guy it was like torture- he went into a depression that lasted for almost a year. No peace. 1,5 year old does not understand anything, there is any kind of ‘metaphysical’ connection between a father and a kid – it’s just like little monkey that needs to be feed all the time and makes poo also all the time. These were that guy words, not mine.

My advice if you are not sure what having kids means- spend some time with kids of your neighbors or friends, if you have this option. I mean longer than just 3 hours. This might open your eyes and you will opt for a dog instead. Or a turtle. 😉

You must feel that your life purpose is to become the best parent ever. 

If you don’t feel it that way – do not do it because you will be disappointed. And there is no ‘reset’ button. Think about it for yourself, do not allow woman to cloud your judgment. Everything changes after you will put that chain on you. You will probably and hopefully love your own kids of course, but that does not mean you will be happy. Oh, did I mention there is a possibility that your wife will become permanently damaged by the pregnancy? Or that birth marks stay forever? They do. It’s a messy business.

My child is crying because 3   Of course, I thought after few years anything would be different. I stayed with them for the second time when the kid was almost four years old. This time it was better, but of course the guy did not had time for anything. Same drill everyday. If he had any traits of being an alpha male he would lost them anyway. Even James Bond would go crazy. But in the nature of James Bond isn’t having kids- but to conquer. he is the metaphor of a perfect alpha male. He enjoys company of women, but is not bound by them. He leaves changing Pampers to his fellow beta males, while he drinks what’s best in store – and this means fresh pussy juice, my friends. It’s that simple!

Who you want to become? James Bond or James Napkin?

If my colleague had any traits of being an alpha male he would lost them anyway.

In this case he did not had them from the beginning so that’s probably why he happily agreed to everything his wife told him to do. Sad view, really.

His wife knew that she can’t really offer men anything except sex, food and uterus. She smiled when I joked about this paradigm. She knew. Most of them do. Only very young girls still believe in ‘Big Love’, when they age they know how this thing works. And they know that most of males do not know. Or do not want to believe. It’s the beta male pool.

This particular guy did not had the experience of living outside of his home-house so he jumped straight away from living with his mum to being with his wife. He did not learn how to clean, cook and so on. Be independent. He is very submissive. Besides, you know what happens when you’re making your woman your mummy, right? For those who wonder I can leave a hint: nothing good! 😉 What is more funny – he has a high managing position in one of the biggest corporations in the world yet underneath he is a colossal beta male. Ironic, huh? When I had some honest conversation with them, she very well knew what the reality is – that being in LTR with a girl wanting a child means becoming submissive beta male, and acting like her servant. She knew that I would never agreed on such deal. Ever.

What was the way he reacted? How a typical beta male reacts when he feels endangered? He ridicule! He was telling a lot of jokes about me, to make her laugh (thinking that improves his view as a male in her eyes- of course that is not true, she knows very well what a ‘Beta-Jewel’ she catched in a cage). Would it be ironic enough to say that she betrayed him with his friend, who presented far more alpha-behavior than himself? At the end, all of them stayed friends. He said that ‘well it does not matter because if you want to keep it (wife) you already lost it’ besides she could do whatever she wants to. Yeah. Of course. But there is a reason why she would want to sleep with someone else, right? Also it’s really hard to understand if somebody allows to fuck his wife. Because she will stays with him anyway, and continue to cook dinners. Pathetic. And it does not sound like a paradise to me, friends.

Maybe you think being with a wife means happiness? Well no. Most of them become fat after child-birth (not all of them, thankfully! That would be too obvious! 😉 and stay like that. I give my arrogant nod of respect to those who get back in shape as it’s certainly not an easy task. But it can be done, if you can conquer your laziness… something that is expected from every man on a daily basis btw. For you it’s a luxury. Nobody would blame you if you stay fat after childbirth. You’re all little princesses after all, right? We don’t want to ruin your self-esteems. 😉


If you think there exist some kind of a perfect, well behaving, honest girl that would make a perfect wife- a Unicorn- you’re wrong. I caught up this female colleague several times lying to her husband and then asking me to not tell him the truth. Various reasons. Amount of money spent on food, which was too high and she saved it for herself… letting him drive to his job on a bicycle while she kept the car -on a rainy day so she can drive the kid to the kindergarten  – which she never did because she was to lazy to stay in traffic for several minutes (that were her words!!) to flirting with that other male who slept with her. Just sad. And remember, that she is a nice girl, there are much, much worse ladies over there.

So what are you exactly winning by going into marriage with kids? Unless purpose of your life is to raise a kid and become best parent in the world – what you are winning, tell me? Easy sex and it’s availability? Well do I really need to start talking about how many choices you have when you are locked in marriage/kids with your wife and she just uses her pussy to dominate and manipulate you? “Sorry honey, no gina tonight- my headache is so huge” – do you think this is ‘sex available on request’? And also good luck with having gorgeous sex with the same body after 20 years, too! Boredom just ceases to exist when you are married, y’a know! 😉

Cooked dinner? Well if you can’t cook one for yourself you are not a man, and you never put your Big Boy pants on yet. Sorry.

I don’t know what else, hugging? Intimacy? What does that mean, exactly? How much do you need? Again, where are those Big Boy pants?

Well. You see my point. This is turning into a manifesto and I don’t want to brag a lot about it now. My decision has been made long time before. I choose freedom. I choose my own rules.

And I wish you to wake up and make own conclusions for yourself too, dear reader.

For all wives/girlfriends reading this – make sure you will block this address on your boyfriend/husband laptop. He might eventually start to think on it’s own! 😉

The sentence for current world would be – Become a Man and stay a Man! 


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