I decided to make it happen during this year. For sure.

Why? Because I would never allow anyone else except myself to make a decision about having (or not) a kid. You know how many times I’ve heard about ‘unwanted’ pregnancies? How often you heard any? There you go.

Google it for yourself, to see how often on various social forums ladies ask themselves what is the best way to ‘cheat’ their BF/partners into ‘accidental pregnancies’. Stories about digging used condoms from trash cans in order to retain sperm and place it inside are not that rare. Then you hear tales like ‘It just happened! It must be divine intervention!’ Yeah, sure. If you’re stupid enough to believe that kind of coincidences then.. well it’s your fault and you deserve it. 😉

Condoms? Well apart from their awesome sensation-limiting and rubber-scent characteristics ;P they simply do not work. They break often and are a completely unpredictable method of contraception. Not for me.

Pills for the girl? Sure… but after several years (doesn’t matter if you are with that girl or whether she is simply on the pill for such a long time) they do produce negative impact on health + also start lowering the libido. Who likes cold fish in bed? And of course… what real control of the situation you have then? ‘Oh darling, I forgot to take the pill….’ There. No control at all. Let’s face it. You are at the mercy of your sexual partner. 

Alternatives? There all some.. in the making. I am talking about RISUG and VasalGel. Well, at least it seems so. But don’t you think that every year we hear that ‘male contraceptive solution’ is ‘just around the corner’? Personally, I would not waste best years of my life waiting until this becomes a reality.
You can easily find more information on the internet about this, so I come up only with two links for ya’:

re RISUG and VasalGel

‘Although RISUG research is grandfathered in India because of the multi-decade track record of use in men in clinical trials with no major safety problems, to gain approval outside India for RISUG or any similar contraceptive, researchers would have to duplicate older animal safety studies on a larger scale, with state-of-the-art instruments, for a longer study period, and with extensive record-keeping. Without those animal studies, approval for human studies is unlikely. Though men are eager for this new contraceptive and would like to accelerate the process, studies must start at the beginning.’

‘Want to see Vasalgel make it to market? Since long-term methods aren’t a big money-maker (it’s a lot more profitable to sell pills to men’s partners every month), big pharma isn’t interested– so we’re relying on public support. With over 18,000 men and women waiting to hear about clinical trials, even $5 or $10 each will fund the monkey study (the last study needed before human trials). Stand up and be counted as a supporter! So far over 800 supporters have contributed to the study. Already donated? Here’s how else you can get involved’

Big pharma not interested? Heh.. So it seems we’ll be waiting forever.

I hope I will live long enough when this will be reality to see how it would turn around the whole dynamic between both genders – once women will lose the power to make themselves pregnant ‘accidentally’… I am really curious how this would change their approach.

If it is not up for men to decide about things like abortion and all women can do whatever they want regarding their own bodies – therefore in the same way I would hope they supported that choice regarding all things my body. But my point is that I don’t need their support. I can made this decision myself. 

And you should see how many of them went nuts when I explained my decision, trying to convince me that I will die alone and lonely. 🙂 They know that only power that can bind us to them forever is to get pregnant. By making this choice on my own, I can’t be bothered with their own desires any more.

Of course, there is some risk of post-vasectomy pain syndrome but… I will take the risk. It’s still smaller than leaving decision to have children to somebody else than yourself. Think about it.

If you want kids, then what are you doing here? Get your lady pregnant and merge into being a proper beta male. Personally, I don’t believe anybody can remain alpha with one or two kids on his shoulder (Unless you earn really a lot of money and just can give a fuck about it all).

For those who are scared- don’t worry. It doesn’t change anything. You can still ejaculate. You still produce semen. You don’t feel a ‘lesser man’.. do your research.

Of course- make sure you do it in a adequate place with good reputation. Good luck. 🙂


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