Why pornography makes you a weak Beta male?

There are several reasons.

If you are further interested in this topic and want to check up the details I recommend looking through Google ‘You brain on porn’ – they pretty much covered it all and I don’t want to repeat myself here.

Adult Content Warning Graphic

Just a few things to consider for you-

Constant, repeated orgasms with artificial stimuli are acting like a drug on your brain. This reverse feedback mechanism is exactly the same as with every other addiction – with a slight difference – here, drug is for free, available all the time and your brain can swim on the ‘dopamine rush’ forever! Without even reaching orgasm – it’s called ‘edging’. That is because you allow yourself to get to a point of almost reaching orgasm -and then backing off. Then repeating the whole thing to the same point. Over and over. Why that hurts? Well, ask your dopamine receptors first. Do some basic neurochemistry research.Then realise that this is NOT how real sex / real people have sex.

If you get used to this kind of stimuli, with time you will get a traditional addiction symptoms – brain fog, depleted energy, less motivation. You might develop erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation when being with a real partner because you will train your brain over all this time of constant use to all these eye-candies that something else than a real woman excites it sexually.

When it comes to ‘real’ action then *boing* game over. This might or might not happen of course, the question is do you want to play take the risk and gamble on your own health? Check statistics as they are pretty scary. I pity nowadays teenagers. They don’t even realise how much they are harming themselves. Besides, why would you need porn addiction in your real life? Sounds like you might have some problems with reaching out to real people? Don’t tell me about ‘quick release’ lol it’s not about that. It’s about being addicted. Want to check? Give it a 3 month free. Observe your mind. If you can go three months without any worrying thoughts then probably you don’t have any problems with it. Of course those who have issues with internet porn would not be able to finish the famous ’90 days’ challenge without relapsing. Sometimes you might not even be aware of your problem…


Second thing is that when you are constantly addicted to masturbation (lol it’s funny when you think about it) then well.. you’re not acting like a confident, alpha male don’t you think? Alpha goes and gets real girls. Not some pixels on screen.

That’s why most people who were heavily addicted after defeating their habit suddenly realise that ‘women check them out more- it must be magic powers of no-fapping!’. Well my opinion on this: it’s not that any kind of ‘magic’ happens, so they start to be more attractive to girls. But they are just more confident to look around and notice girls checking them out anyway! Before they felt shame, lack of strength (you should conserve your energy for real sex, not just deplete it several times per day, dozen of times per week!) and were vulnerable thus they were not able to look around nor look any girl into the eye for longer than 0,2 seconds. Typical beta male behaviour. Remember that alpha males don’t break eye contact – beta males do.

Now they can regain their inner strength and slowly rebuild what they lost. And then they realise ‘wow there are real girls out there!’ It is just a battle of poor ego versus grand proper correct ego.

Poor ego is lazy. And weak. And demotivating. It wants to survive. And the only way it can survive is to hold you back. Hold you back from an adventurous life. A life you care about. All it wants is you to live a life in mediocrity. Forever.

Online pornography

As for me personally I completely stopped watching porn several years ago when I started to rebuild my life (and thus myself). I don’t need to watch it, I don’t want to watch it for one simple reason- I prefer the real thing and no HD1040p TV screen will ever replace the taste of real fresh pussy. And you don’t get real girls by pressing button on your keyboard.

Period. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why pornography makes you a weak Beta male?

  1. Porn has fucked with my ability to maintain an erection in the past. I’ve been having alot of sex recently, so it hasn’t been as much of a temptation as usual, but even now, I sometimes still want to jerk off to some porn.

    It really does mess with you.


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