I was once in a place where there were sculptures describing human journey, from being born until death.
Through life. One of them presented a male, which was cut in half by a sword (by himself – in an act of despair). This sculpture describes a split in a modern, approximately 30 year old male who need to make an important choice about his own life. And he often can’t decide. One way is the way of freedom, being alone and going into unknown. Becoming a Man.
Second way is to become a father, get married and start a family- a common, known path. With common problems and happy moments. This is the choice every male need to take. Sometimes, they can’t and somebody else does it for them (for example, a partner from short or long term relationship ‘accidentally’ getting pregnant -which is like to say somebody ‘accidentally’ robbed a bank 😉crossroad

The first way is the way of MGTOW. My way. Why? Because I value freedom.

It is often a lonely way, yes. But if you are afraid of being only with yourself it means you still need to grow a pair.

What freedom means for me? You know that feeling when you were a kid, and there were vacations ahead, let’s say, from your primary school? Just starting? That feeling of endless possibilities, before we entered world of lies, drama, being mean to each other, relationship problems etc… when we were full of hope, faith and love? That feeling of immense freedom when there is a warm, summer day and you feel a gentle breeze on your face? When you are going to meet with your friends, somewhere out in the nature? The feeling just before that?

That’s an old and often forgotten feeling of freedom, can’t be mistaken by anything else as it’s almost euphoric – and every time I take a backpack and go travelling I got this feeling back! It’s gorgeous! Like being a kid again discovering new things. Being brave and hungry of adventure. This is my current best drug now.
(plus sex of course 😉 )

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