Loyal women?

Hello my friends, last week was very busy and I am very happy that MGTOW community grows.

In every country, every kind of medium (FB, YouTube, Twitter, WordPress and so on..). We already got our ‘celebrities’, and so called ‘essential lecturers’. That’s good. I feel this movement or rather philosophy of life has a big potential and truly it’s exactly what humanity needs in the brink of 2015… and forward. Earth is overpopulated and we don’t need another 10 billion women wanting to have their ‘human right’ fulfilled, that is – getting pregnant. But I wanted to talk about loyalty this time.

I’ve read one comment over social media last night: “Loyalty is dead, hoes ain’t loyal, play the field, don’t get married to these thots.”


Put ‘loyalty’ into Google. See what comes up. It made me laugh really hard. There comes a man. Some tattoos with that word.  Some funny graphics. There comes a fucking dog. War veterans. Loyal customers. But no fucking women. Not even a sign. No coincidence in that. 🙂 Women are not loyal. Everybody knows that.

I’d say there is still a decent amount of loyalty between men. It is bigger if they are aware of the red pill, of course. But only to an extent as jealously is as human-ish as loyalty. We are humans and we have our limits. So to say I would probably want to fuck your gf if she was hot and you would probably want to do the same with mine, but we would not because of.. loyalty. Simple as that. So, why it does not work with women?

In the meantime a short digression – I can only have big compassion for other males who still believe that being a nice beta-provider is a heaven on earth. How, I ask every one of you how on earth! this might be possible! How oneself, after being with several women -presumably in a few relationships- having a brain capable of logic cannot put all of the puzzles together and come up with the revelation that there is no eternal love between men and woman and that they can’t love us the way we want them to do it! (therefore it’s useless for us – not for them, because it’s us who were constantly changing for women). Why an average adult male can’t grasp this truth or deny it – I have no idea to explain but it must be pure madness. 😉

Or… I don’t know what.

Of course women are not loyal. Why they should be? What purpose it would serve them?

They aren’t loyal – that’s their nature. They can’t be loyal because that would mean sabotaging themselves. Every bee hive has queens which produce eggs, workers, which are all non-reproducing females and drones, males whose main duty is to find and mate with a queen. Of course most of the species from animal kingdom have system that is similar to ours (some of the female species eat out the male after mating- like mantis- but let’s leave this out for now. 😉

Why any girl would want to be ‘loyal’ and close herself to any other prospect of getting to know some other better male? Besides, with so many males constantly buzzing around her- it is probably impossible. Let’s turn this around- how would you act if there were 30 girls hitting on you every single day? Well, you’d probably fucked the best of them, keep the numbers of others who you’d might find interesting later on and ignore the rest.. but use their help with any kind of stuff you’d needed like renting a pen condom (just an example) when you need one. That’s just how we trained women and ourselves nowadays. They are princesses and we’re their servants. And we ought to be happy. Because vagina means heaven, right?

But watch out! Watch out, because for most of men it mostly means hell. Hahaha.

Every girl is loyal just to the point when a current male fails in any of the billion ways he can fail – or when a better one comes around. Of course, even to keep the current girl engaged in relationship with yourself- you need to run even faster to remain in the same place. It’s like a hamster running in that spinning wheel! The only exception is when she already has kids with you. Then she probably would not make a risk fucking the whole thing over and remaining alone with a kid if something goes wrong. Of course, she will still be fucking other guys from time to time. Then you might be safe. As safe as you were when sucking on your mama’s nipples but for fuck sake you’re no longer a toddler and that’s not how it supposed to be. Men are explorers, fighters, creators. We should not hide behind so-called safe-haven of family life. Which is what, exactly? Some girl telling you what to do after you come home from work? Putting up trains with your 3yo kid who don’t understand what is going on, mostly? Well again, some of men stay with their small toys for the whole life.


Okay, let’s get back a bit. As I’ve mentioned earlier- to keep the current girl engaged in relationship with yourself- you need to run even faster to remain in the same place. Then you don’t even need to fail. She will just fall in love with the other one. It ‘just happens‘! We all know that one, right? 🙂 It is their nature, and it is cruel. And I would not be treating anyone gently with some out of the blue handicap just because society tells me so.

If women would not do anything to undermine their own goals and desires then why the hell you as a male would then sabotage yourself and wish to be with one girl to make her life easier? Instead of many? Every one of them has a pussy, right? Some better, some worse but there’s no ‘best’ one, ok? Every one of them gets boring after a while. Especially if you play just with that one all the time. How exactly having a GF makes something easier? Does she makes you sandwich to work? Seriously.. it’s not about that. Sex? As I’ve said, after several months of constant fucking the same gal it always dries up in some way. Maybe then it’s about hugging somebody when going to sleep, like when you were a kid and sleep with your mum? I don’t know! I don’t find any reasons to be/live with a girl any more. They don’t offer me anything valuable! And they know that! Ask them! Only when you are a complete moron who can’t take care of himself, wash his clothes, cook his dinners etc. then maybe marriage with that kind of woman makes sense, but otherwise?

Wake the fuck up people. We need more strong men. Let the females carry the kids of weaker ones. Let them be the providers. Who were too silly, too naive or too dumb and allowed themselves to get caught up. I am here to breed and have fun. And after my time is out, I am gone and I don’t give a damn!

Of course, to balance this a little bit out (as I don’t hate women, apparently haha – I love them. They can make me feel really good and there’s no doubt in that. Nor shame.) when you do know how to treat women then they true nature comes useful. You just want to fuck, know how to treat them, know how to have fun and be playful – and they also know that you know. They know they can’t get their way with you, so they flock in, have fun, hook up and sooner or later- or sometimes even during- they go away! Because the moment you will try to limit them, to stop them, to put them into ‘be my GF, I love you!’ thing then they start to win, they know you are losing your balance and again turning into a beta male provider.

You can be a submissive dude, provider. Maybe for a life. And get her pregnant, then be her second child (just this one brings money! A-ha!). Maybe even get to train your patience and ‘zen’ approach 😉 when she betrays you with your more alpha old known friend? Who knows.

You can also be alpha. MGTOW. Who knows what he wants, who enjoys women – but is not being bound by them. Or their power. Then you will have all the sex you want, without forcing it. All the women you want, without pursuing (they will flock back to you, not the other way around!) and all the power you want. Because the biggest gain you can ever get is the knowledge how to control yourself. That’s real power. Then – when it radiates from within, you can spread it all around you -effortlessly. Thanks for reading and speak with you next time.


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