No turning back, loneliness and umbilical cord.

MGTOW is a one way road. You just can’t go back. It’s like taking LSD for the first time. You’ll never forget. This is clear enough.

But what’s the end game? Where does it lead to? Now, to make this clear. I do not agree with the statement that somehow MGTOW means sexual celibacy. How dumb is that? What’s wrong with sex? Do you not enjoy sex? Do you think you can turn off strongest second drive of life (the prime one being survival instinct?) and just swim against the current rather than with it? Why would you do that?


That just sounds stupid to me. Why I should put some kind of weird wall between me and women, me and sex, me and my needs (as a male I see sex both as a need and as a pleasant activity I love to participate in 😉 ). Why quit from it? Sex is beautiful. Women can be too, just don’t act like you need them. Or that you are their servant. And sex? You will quit it anyway, depending on your health condition – whether it will be when you hit 50s or 60s does not matter, so why speed up the inevitable? To show you are revolting… against what? And who cares?

Again – if someone wants and feels this is his way then sure, for me this whole sexual celibacy thing has completely nothing with being a proper man and is just showing being bound by the problem in the same way as a typical beta male viewing his wife as his highness. You are still bound – just from the other side.

Another sad truth – the more we grew older, the more we grew apart from each other. From our colleagues, friends, even partners. We just care less and less about others and mostly about ourselves. Yet there’s everywhere that silly notion that we should first care about others, and not ourselves. Nobody does that and it doesn’t even works because if you don’t know how to take care of yourself certainly you would not help anybody else either. And I assume both genders know about it but somehow women got it easier (again!) because they can choose from a bigger set of theoretical partners. Another thing is the SMV. And the famous ‘Wall’. If you look at it, time is on our side and the only thing you -as a man- need to concentrate is to how increase your wealth. This way, you will never lose prospects of potential young and fresh sexual partners. Again – who would want to sleep with a 45 year old woman if you can have the 23yo? The ‘experience’ myth is nothing but a myth, you can have 45yo which is cold fish and you can have hot and passionate 23yo girl who knows more than the older gal. Except personal fetishes and fantasies- this is again going with the nature. And you can’t cheat the nature.
Again, I understand that some of men are pissed of by the need of chasing women. Well, as I’ve said they are pissed of because they are doing it wrong. 😉 You can say, why would you need to spend 300 USD,GBP,EUR (or whatever local currency) on dating a girl if for that price you can get a high-profile girlfriend experience with a call-girl? Oh, I see. You want ’emotional connection’. Which is what, exactly? Again – after several visits to the same girl I bet you will have some kind of connection with her. Think about it.

Maybe it’s that kind of longing after your mother- when you get to the bottom of it you get a nice, warm uterus and the safety that comes with it (sic!). You need to cut the umbilical cord with your mother. It is time to let her go. She will always tell you what to do. You just need to stop listening. She will never change. It is not your fault. You do not owe her anything. It was her choice to have you. You paid up your debt when being completely vulnerable and under her jurisdiction for probably at least 20 years. It is still tough especially under current economic situation over the world but do anything you can to move away from your parents. I did it when I was 21yo and it required effort to some degree but again I am not sure how much harder it would be for me to break through from all that social and childhood stigma if the people who implanted all their BS into me were still around. There’s also big chance that your father was caught in the common pregnancy pit in the past or he might be a classic beta male. Up to now you should know that. You need to consider that. The question is – who do you want to become?


I’ve recently stumbled upon a channel of this girl, and well the story she presents is just scary. The girlfriend hired a killer (or that’s what she thought) and wanted to kill her partner and after all came up, he was even considering helping her. To get a lawyer and so on. That’s what happens when you trust women. Check it out.

So again the question is whether MGTOW and Red Pill equals loneliness? For sure there is some degree to it, but again – I don’t think I would be able to forget about it all and just start being a typical beta provider again hoping that this would last. That yet another relationship somehow would be better- especially if I don’t want kids. I have my eyes open for quality women, but you can’t cheat the nature and their nature is just not the thing I am looking for to have my life being fulfilled.

For me the foundation is financial independence (thus not being dependable on living with any other human- woman or man) + good health (thus remaining attractive, fit and in good condition up to late 50-60s at least!) + following my passions (thus having plenty of opportunities to experience even more freedom and meeting new people when necessary).

As I’ve said, I don’t want kids therefore I will never have ‘family’ as such. What I am left with is to have my own way – do what I love to do, that also includes meeting and having sex with woman- on shorter or longer basis but I doubt anything called ‘love’ or ‘falling in love’ can occur in me at this point. Especially when I already know what ‘love’ is and that it is just a temporary chemical bonding based on neuro-chemistry and reactions inside our brains- which can be controlled.

Women never fall in love with men they don’t want to fall in love with on the first place. Walking Home Lonely

Yet, our social media scene is full of stories called ‘love from the first sight’… Coincidence?
Global conspiracy? Maybe we just deep down know it’s all bullshit, but we like to keep telling lies to ourselves, to just stay in that half-dream state in the same way as we are still telling our children that a fucking Santa Claus is real and there are more cartoon-ish characters around Tokio streets than real human celebrities.


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