Couples, love songs & respect.

With a slight delay this time, but new post is here. I’ve been busy recently. 😉

Women clearly and easily distinguish between beta and alpha males. They got some kind of magical inner radar and sense this every time.. naah. It’s terribly obvious. I can sense a beta too. Somehow they treating beta males as an extension of their power. Like they were their mothers, that is because beta males are acting with women just like they would with their mummies.

I recently stumbled upon this video (thanks Reddit!) It’s fascinating! What on the surface looks like lovely happy couples enjoying a fun experiment together apparently something else. If only you watch little closer you can easily see how the power play and relation dynamics look between them. How they are arguing. In a movie that is just several minutes long. And tell me, how many of you – before Red Pill – would think ‘oh that’s so nice, they are arguing just like me and my GF’?

This short example is the best description of why I went MGTOW, and of course- it is almost impossible to describe this to usual beta male or his girlfriend. Albeit she might get the hint but eventually he will feel threatened, or in danger and start ‘defending’ the relationship from such crazy unsupported ideas that are attacking his status quo-that is- switching to his White Knight side.

I spoke with women who are in such relationships. With ‘perfect’ beta male providers. And they do indeed view their husbands like they were raising them after their mothers. They have no respect for them. Maybe only for their money, lol. They were complaining all the time how their husbands are lacking-when they were working for their wives and kids. And we are talking about good women, okay? The ones who at least trying to be good mothers and good wives, whatever that means. I am scared to think how really hateful and non-loyal towards their unsuspecting husbands must more ‘less genuine women’ be. But, that is the outcome – when there is no respect in relation and only ‘love’. Which, as it turns out, is a empty word. For women. Who could believe that?

I’d like to use a quote from ‘Rational Male’ by Rolo Tomassi here:

“The real test for a man is how he lives with himself, alone. Precious few men ever truly allow themselves to be alone and learn real independence and self-reliance. The vast majority of guys (see Betas), particularly in western culture, tend to transition from mother to wife with little or no intermission between. For the most part they subscribe to the feminine imperative, becoming serial monogamists going from LTR to LTR until they ‘settle’ without ever having learned and matured into how to interact as an adult.”

Why there is so much love songs everywhere? Movies about love? Romantic comedies?


Maybe otherwise we would need to realise that we are just using each other? That women just want to reproduce and they don’t care (about anything except themselves) – and we don’t care either! So they must stick with Blue Pill males?
When I was younger I thought that there is no sense to be with someone for whom you are not ‘the whole world’ (I still think like that, in a way). Then I realised that this is not how women perceive men and love. Men are true romantics as Rolo Tomassi stated.

Women are with us because that suits them. They don’t go into a relationship with men with a mindset ‘what I can bring in, how I can enrich his life?’ (That is what men do! Until we realise the bluff and stop!) They go in thinking ‘what I can GET OUT of this for ME?’

Women need men. They need weak men to dominate so they will provide for them and their kids (yes, they will ‘love’ them back for this which means basically nothing 😀 ), and they need dominant alphas to have sex with who they can respect. Which one you want to be?

They don’t love us for who we are. When woman is in love she really feels that, the chemical high and all, but when it wears off- then she starts to try and change the man.

You can say, well maybe at least these beta males in LTR in their life-long provider roles are happy because this is a very stable and calm system? Wrong. Well, maybe if someone enjoys being regularly humiliated through various ways by his dominating wives / LTR partners- then sure. Women take us for granted, gentlemen. It is worth mentioning that weak men want to hold onto it but marriage does not exclude anybody from sexual market. Besides, in most cases after several years you get sex once per month. Or less. It is truly a drying lake for a man. It might be a nice lake for a boy, though. Think about it.

Also, too much stagnation causes inability to adapt! The relationships I examined in my life were always some twisted form of mutual addiction showing signs opposite to independence. Co-dependence in worst form, because usually it was the male who was devastated when his women ‘fell out of love’. Not the female.

And, my dear readers, do not forget that to be male is to challenge, grow, embrace change!

Strive to demand more from yourself than anyone else you know!

Women may love the Beta, but they only respect the Alpha.

Someone said “you can either understand women or you can love them. Once you understand them, you can no longer love them”. Probably it is true. Or rather: you simply stop believing in love.

As a drug- it works. But we all know what happens when you ‘fall in love’ and allow these chemicals to take decisions instead of you. Two years later you are with a pregnant girl, in a different city and ruined career. No more freedom. No more nothing. Just a golden chain around your neck – if you are ‘lucky’. Because it does not have to be made from gold. 😉

That is why I don’t want kids, too. And I will go for vasectomy because VasaGel will hit the market maybe in 4-5 years. If only. I can’t take the risks. Done correctly, parenting means the story of your children and your wife overtakes the story of you. And some folk like being the star of their own movie.


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