Dating scene, chasing sex and romance.

“Women’s strength is in their perceived weakness. Men’s weakness is in their perceived strength.”

Recently I was considering how the whole dating scene is working.

The subject is deep as a rabbit hole. Or other holes that you might think of.

First of all the very serious mistake most men do nowadays is to date girls that don’t find them attractive. Society tells us that (romantic comedies, poems, books etc.) you should chase the girl that doesn’t seem to be interested in you in order to raise her interest level. Well that simply does not work. Stop doing that and wasting your time.

Women are like cats- when you chase a cat, it will run away from you.

That is the first paradigm. Second one is that men tend to date women solely to get into their panties. Just to get laid. To have sex. That also does not work. Because women can feel when men aren’t interested in who they are and just want to get laid. Stop doing that. It is a bad practice.

As for me, if I want to have sex- I choose between girls that I am really interested in. So that becomes something more as just chasing someone to have intimate relation with. I mean I am really interested in who they are, what is their story and so on. I am interested in the person as a whole. That makes the whole romance easy-going, natural and working out good. I am not wasting my time to date women who aren’t interested in me either and when sexual attraction isn’t mutual. Dating is a numbers game. Most of girls you will meet would not be attracted to you sexually. Deal with it and move on.

Still, if you’re only after sex and not the emotional content then stop and think about it.

You need to pay every time- when you calculate things it turns up that you need to pay 200/300 EUR/USD/GBP (average) anyway in order to get to the sexual part. It is just the difference whether it will be 2-3 dates (even when you pay for your own drinks and she pays for her) + the time and effort needed to make it work – or whether you call a higher quality call-girl and pay up-front. After all, ’emotional content’ will be there if you hook up with the same call-girl several times anyway. 😉

That is what most of men nowadays are frustrated about. They think they need to date and spend money and time just to get to girl panties. That’s the main problem– they aren’t interested in her as a person, just want to get to the sex part. Well if you just want sex then realize you need to pay anyway.

Why frustrate yourself and waste your time on a normal casual girl – go for high quality call girl. You need to pay for it anyway.

If you want a normal romance, then find a girl who also find you attractive – it makes the whole thing more easy and both of you will get something out of it. A nice experience that you can remember when you will be old.

All problems arrive because men do not understand women. They want them to be logical, when they simply can’t. Women are emotional creatures. Men operate under logic and reasoning. You need to understand this principle in order to be succesfull with them. It’s as simple as that.

1. You will never succeed with women if all you want from them is just sex. They might be unreasonable, but they are not stupid.
2. If you are only after sex– it’s better to get it up-front as a service, rather than date and chase girls with whom you are obsessed with because it would not work out (or it would require immense amount of work, which does not make it any more plausible solution long-term)
3. If you are truly interested in particular girl and she reciprocates your interest- it makes the whole thing easy.

Additional points:

1. You need to learn how to be a confident, masculine alpha-guy who knows how to deal with girls. If you will be beta-male you will never make any girl wanting to hook up with you (exception: she will be weird/toxic/dominant type of a girl)

2. Becoming alpha- that comes with time and practice- the more you try, the better you are at it. As with every other skill. Still it is not for everyone. Some men just can’t get it right. They are too weak, and too feminine. That is again not your problem- you need to think about yourself.

3. The most important part. Stop being addicted to having sex. Because then women will use it against you. Sex can be and is being used as a weapon by women. But only with men who don’t know how that weapon works. Sexual relationship is only the natural outcome of the whole romance/dating process when you are truly interested in other person and know how to handle things. Then it happens naturally and effortlessly because both of you want to know each other better. It is not the main point of the whole relation/romance.


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