Hello fellow MGTOWers. Today I wanted to share some interesting resources, that might be really useful for all of you.

First is the must-have book written by Esther Vilar (yes, a woman)


It is short and eye-opening. Sometimes really few females move forward and speak the truth (Feminism LOL anyone?) It is funny when you realise that they are the strong gender, not us. And we – albeit stronger physically – are like gentle giants with small brains – vulnerable and susceptible to emotional manipulation. Women probably are not able to feel higher feelings the same way as men do. Their development starts sooner than ours, but stops at some point in their lives and rarely goes forward. That is why you don’t have deep intellectual conversations with women outside of their specialisation zone. If there is any at all. A woman changes herself like chameleon mostly when she is changing her partners – she isn’t developing any valid character skills by herself. She is acting reactively, not pro-actively when it comes to herself – but the opposite happens to be true when it comes to her relation with men. Good example is that she will always have ready male-orbiter to exchange for her current partner and when the previous Number One founds out he is always like ‘I did not saw that coming’. Curious point. If you check it out, you will also love ‘Polygamous Sex‘ book by the same author.


Another book that I recommend is ‘Anatomy of female power: A masculinist dissection of matriarchy’ by Chinweizu. This one was even banned once in the United States. Another must have.


Spring is coming, so make sure your knowledge regarding MGTOW, The Red Pill and all related to it is up to date and you are ready to avoid any possible problems connected with buzzing hormones. 😉


To end today on a more light-hearted note below I post few videos which were (I assume!) produced to be funny and warm-hearted, to show how cute being in a modern relationship is. Watch them closely. You’ll laugh but not because it’s such a nice and cool way of being in a relationship that has been portrayed- but how men are dominated by women. How weak they are. How they changed from being men to being their puppies.




If that is who you want to become, stop reading. Go and chase some unicorns. 😉

In the meantime, till the next time!





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