Logic and feelings, kids and LTRs

It’s all about their feelings ..and of course I mean women. We as men always need to take that into consideration. It does not matter how we feel most of the time. It’s about how she is feeling at any present moment. This perception of course makes us put in a double bind – because we can’t control her feelings. Someone might say that well yes, but we can influence her feelings, make her happy or unhappy – create bad or good emotional environment be a good or bad partner etc. After all, who does want to be an asshole, right? Still, what does that makes us? A puppet? A everlasting delivery-man that brings only happiness and good feelings? If she is feeling down – we ought to raise her mood. If she feels good- we shouldn’t share our worries. Men can’t have bad days. Maybe one in a month? Try this and see how quickly you’ll be put down by her. And what about them? Well they even have special days every month (it’s more like a week!) when they are socially expected to feel bad, angry, anxious and more irrational than usual. That is of course because of their menstrual cycles. It is socially acceptable. Because it’s all part of being a woman, isn’t it? As for men… we rather not share our feelings, not show our weaknesses, and never lower our shields. We are then being blamed of being cold and distant (yet, amazingly attractive to them at the same time!) but when we show a bit of our normal human non-alpha side in a no time they lose desire for our companionship. Isn’t that unfair? Isn’t that cruel? Yes and yes. But that’s all part of being a man. It is a very lonely journey indeed. But I personally prefer to be lonely and free rather than stuck in a castle made of gold (at best).

Women will often date the most alpha male in the group, if he is interested and willing to get caught in a relationship after several months she will try to change him into more submissive dormant beta-slave. If he allows this and move to being beta again – she’ll drop him and look for another man who is more alpha than her actual partner. She can even start another LTR with the other man and after year or two meet the first one which she dumped for being too weak – and notice that he has changed. She’ll see that he again is the alpha type while – no surprise there! – her current partner has been feminized again. Rational logic would suggest different actions but of course this is not how women act. She might even start to chase her old partner.. for the very same reason she did on the first place. And guess what? The very moment he will lower his shield- she’ll begin to lose her interest again. Yeah, there’s no logic in there. But women aren’t logical beasts, their actions are based upon their feelings and emotions. And they are changing from moment to moment. Seriously, being a female must be not only flowers and glory but also immense pain. And knowing that I must admit – I am very happy that I am a man.

quote-Leonard-Nimoy-logic-is-the-beginning-of-wisdom-not-27263Currently I think it is not possible to remain alpha all the time when being in LTR and living with a female partner. It is simply too much work whether it should be fun. Relationships should be fun, yeah? There might be some exceptions like being with a person who is significantly less intelligent (or significantly younger 😉 when the Game is pretty easy to hold. But again – if you are older experienced and matured in terms of what you learned in life before you would not want to be serious with that kind of a partner. Being in a LTR and living together does not make any sense to me (only exception is when of course you want kids, but then IMO you stop being alpha by definition and become a father. And if you’re a good guy you must become beta-provider husband. I saw too many examples of this rule in action to not believe in it). If you’re rich or working abroad then of course you might remain more or less alpha, by not being present during the sad daily routine but then you aren’t there and you aren’t having a normal LTR, are you? And if you’re there – she’ll try to work on you like a pot made of clay. Just like she is working on her kid. Yeah, it might be your kid by your perception. But that will be verified very harshly once you get to the divorce stage. And you’ll get there if you won’t be up to her standards. Then you’ll see whose kid it is mostly. That’s how our current society and court system works.

To remain in your alpha frame rather easily you simply can’t live with a girl. Also, it does not make any sense to be in a exclusive LTR with just one girl. Why? There’s no special one. There are many out there. Play with them as much as you can for your own pleasure of doing so. Once you grew old (50-60?) then you might think about settling with the most valuable. And if not – no tragedy at all. Be healthy, take care of yourself and you’ll be happy enough on your own. Trust me on that one.


4 thoughts on “Logic and feelings, kids and LTRs

  1. I think we really need to stop talking and thinking in this trendy,”alpha” bullshit. One can remain a leader of his family at all times and allow himself to be emasculated. The problem truly is our response to the emotions of women. The problem is that us men are socially engineered to be more emotional if one is not careful. He goes from “alpha to father” what do you think an alpha is but a simple form of fatherhood. Hell, giving guidance to your wife, girlfriend, children, friends, equates to leadership=alpha=father etc. That’s why I loathe the term. If an alpha (his best) always remains his best even in his weakness (stoicism) he still remains in his position. Modern society has taught males to tell women, everything, to have women take care of them, that women are smarter, honesty is the best policy with virtues of sacrifice. Hell, even churches, yet the bible teaches no such things and the women are supposed to have a different belief system than the secular women.

    The problem also lies that most males and females are simply awakening to the fact of our egotistical, sinful nature. Secular women most will forever remain feminist and seek to rule “betas” and tame the alpha. If they cannot with the “alpha” they either submit or leave calling him (controlling, demanding, abrasive, dominating) only to go back to a beta and have him exalt her enough for her to return to the alphas or assholes. And her cycle until she finally settles goes on and on. A secular woman has no firm foundation so she is like a tossing wind going to and fro. Most secular males are either emasculated(betas, overtly nice guys), jerks, assholes(holding on to unhealthy hypermasculinity) and then the real alphas( good masculine men, stoical, assertive) Christianity once produced these latter men. Now they are becoming harder to find since the blur and smoke is near complete. It will soon be everybody for themselves and everybody their own church or journey.

    A mans job is not to understand a woman’s constant emotional change esp a secular woman, who uses drugs and alcohol on top of that. Going from one depression to another. Then some beta retard marries a secular confused woman posing as an benevelont strong career woman only to be fucked over. This is all very simple, well we say fuck religion, fuck morals and values etc etc. How the fuck else are you going to keep a woman down if she has no fucking boundary line of where she can stretch her fucking legs? And if all she listens to is music that promotes, her independence, her lovers, her confusion, that she listens to prob at least 3 hours or more which equates to brainwashing, can you possibly sit her ass down? It is near impossible to the point that even in th scriptures, king solomon states a good woman who can find? See MGTOW is providing a place for inbreds to wallow in their shit and now recognize that women aint shit even though both of us havent been shit for a long time because we belong to a secular world that doesnt want us to be shit so they can keep running this shit(government). We might say yeah but it happens in religion too!!! Yeah but the chances are less and it is still the fucking responsibility, yes of the man to screen the living shit out of his women, before he either fucks them, dates them or marries them. And for fucks sake let us stop being bitches thinking we need someone to give us their fucking shoulder to cry on or soothe our backs with lavender oils. You are a fucking man leave that shit for the females.

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  2. Bear in mind that we can turn this around and say – the problem of women is their response to our emotions. Why should we care? Is it our job? Personally I am using ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta’ frames not because they are trendy but because they work.

    I acknowledge comparing alpha to fatherhood but remember that alpha contains huge sexual attraction. You don’t think like that about your father, right. You can of course practice that and try to ‘guide’ your woman like she was a little girl but that’s not partnership then. Also, they are masters at deception and know how to ride this wave of being ‘little girl, little lost’ – because they practised this in front of their fathers. Overall, it all makes long term relationship effort of little to no worth.

    Of course you mentioned cultural and societal influcences and I agree with most of that, but nobody forces women to them. Or that they need to listen it. They have brains, they can decide to do something more productive.


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