Love? + Kids (Again!)

What a wonderful spring we have here. I hope it’s also pleasant in the place you’re at now.

This week I want to elaborate on two completely different topics. First one is love.

But what exactly is love? Is it just chemical attraction? From a scientific point of view, that’s all it is. Yet, the whole society is full of stories about falling in love, finding some sort of mystical ‘soul-mate companion’, love-songs, romantic comedies, books about finding Mr & Ms Right and so on and so forth… Why? Is it just because human race loves to deceive itself? We like to bath ourselves in a pleasant sea of ignorance and enjoy the sweet bliss of lies we tell each other every day. We know that we are doing that and yet – nobody is changing anything. What a funny world, indeed.

Of course, fifty years ago courtship was probably far more ‘interesting’ from the conservatism point of view. There was no internet or smart-phones. So people courted each other by writing love letters. But apart from the slower speed, the rest was the same, as the human nature did not changed a bit from a very, very long time. Back then, between one letter from the lover and the next- everyone just got on with their lives. It’s hard to say how hard was to ‘get laid’ – for both genders inclusive – but I am sure the oldest activity on this planet found it ways exactly as it does now.

Love as something ‘outside’, something ‘mystical’ does not exist. That is probably the saddest truth in the world. Relationships – as recent video from Diana Davison/Feminism LOL states being in relationships means nothing and it does not make any sense at all. It always leads to limiting freedom and after love high fades away- it quickly becomes toxic. And it always does! Yet, sometimes we all want to feel that free drug and just be over the rainbow- for me, the older I get the harder is for me to allow myself to feel it. Because I must allow someone into my heart in order to fully reciprocate it. And sometimes (most of the times, really) it makes no sense to turn your life upside down if you know how it works. And if you are MGTOW/TRP it might be even harder because we all tend to see through female deception right now. And if you’re not prepared to drop everything and ‘fall in love like crazy‘ then… it’s not ‘real love‘, right? (the ‘love high‘ would not be so high for it to be worth jumping in -to say it in proper scientific way 😉

So, if you want to have a few nice adventures with a girl- go on, sail through. Just know when to say goodbye. And make sure you say it first. Life can be cruel and it often is. Don’t be fooled- human women are probably the most cruel animals on this planet. 😉 Take that into consideration. And have fun.


I wondered if women who don’t want children are somehow mental? (Apart from the fact that all of them are, to some extent 😉 (Or to use different world – unhealthy) Why? Well, if you’re a healthy, traditionally raised girl from a good family (non-abusive, good values etc.) then it’s rather natural that you want to find a carrier for your parasitic needs, whoops I meant husband that you will love so dearly that you decide to connect half of your genes and create a brand new human being to preserve the greatness. That’s what I believed long time ago. 🙂 How blind I was too not see that women aren’t capable of loving men the way we love them. This unfairness is a tragic one. Because both sides (when knowing the truth) aren’t able to get what they always wanted.

Woman cannot go her way with the man who realised the truth- that brings her a decent amount of frustration. Male is also not happy that his views about love were shattered.

It’s a very curious thing. Men who don’t want children usually decide it so because they have more important plans for their lives. They got passions, or something that drives them forward. And they know that a wife and a kid means stop to all of it. Women have sex with such guys, but got kids with different ones. It’s a crazy, crazy world.

So, if a woman does not want kids – what that might mean? Does she is the ‘party girl’ who currently is at her 33 birthday and still do not want to quit taking LSD and ecstasy every now and then? Is she afraid of the responsibility? Did she had abusive mother or father, no good lessons learned and no proper raising? Does she has self-esteem issues on a level that would made her a horrible mother (and she knows that?). Or is she that lazy to do even that, because marriage and kids happen to require some effort from her? Maybe she is so career focused that she just ‘forgot’? But again – how come? Natural instincts are strongest when it comes to babies.

To level it up- I admit that I’ve meet really, really small number of girls who didn’t wanted children- and their reasons were more or less ‘healthy’. Thankfully, not all cases are tragic and sad as the ones I’ve mentioned above.


Remember to watch out who are you dating. Sometimes they hide their true faces very well.

Women are like paintings in the museum. You can watch and enjoy them (sometimes maybe even touch and lick, however I didn’t heard about such museums yet) – but you can’t repaint the drawings nor take them to home with you. And men? Men are the brushes. ;D


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