Cold showers!

As spring is finally here (I am from Europe) I can finally turn the knob from ‘cold’ to ‘ice cold’. I want to share with you one of the biggest treats a man can give himself for free everyday – and I don’t mean pornography. 😉 This one actually gives you more energy rather than depleting it.


You can easily find plenty of useful resources over the internet why cold showers are beneficial. I will list what I noticed myself.

1. Higher energy levels – whether you start or finish your day with it, doesn’t matter. It gives your body immense boost. Every time.

2. Saves you money – not only on water heating bills but also on warmer clothes during the colder months. It’s a win-win.

3. Works great on skin and hair – cold water closes the pores and it definetely works for the benefit of looking younger.

4. Boosts immune system – long before I introduced them into my daily life, I was catching colds on regular basis. Since I started doing them – not even a single one for last two years!

5. Boosts circulation – as the external parts of the body are getting colder, heart pumps more blood from the inside. Also, that is what makes the most funny part of it – when you’re out, you’re actually feeling more hot than when you get in. Remember the awkward feeling every time when you left a warm bath? With cold showers it is gone, it actually works opposite!

6. Stimulates weight loss – this one is connected with the one mentioned above. Cold water increases metabolisms and helps to burn fat, if you got any. 😉

5. Helps after excercising with muscle recovery – this is my favourite. There’s nothing like a cold shower after a good workout. Whether you do yoga, weightlifting or cardio doesn’t matter. When you combine the two it gives you an immensely pleasant mix.

6. Has anti-depression potential and eases stress – This is because cold showers increase GABA in the brain, which relieves nervous tension.

7. Overall, it is just a high for free– after few minutes under cold shower you feel like brand new person, and this state holds up to an hour.


Of course, I started to introduce this gradually. I remember first days when it was still a huge shock to the body, so I started with 15 seconds, then 30, then 1 minute… I go as far to going into bath full of ice-cold water for couple of minutes. Now I am doing only showers for 7-8 minutes, as they are quicker and more economically suitable.

I am doing it even during winter- then the only change is that I just move from ice-cold water to just cold. And, there are also scientific proofs that taking cold showers increases testosterone and sex drive. So that would be my 8th reason. 9th would be the looks of others when I state that I don’t use hot water. 🙂

Try it for yourself!


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