Gays – because men love each other in the same way?

Hello fellow MGTOWers.

A short one today, and definetely something to think about. Now, I know this at first might sound a bit controversial.

Several years ago, before I became MGTOW, I was living in a different country where I went from my homeland in order to pursue better life. I remember having a bunch of odd jobs, one was for the man who was governing quite large neighbourhood of flats- it was a part-time job just to top up my wallet a bit and not a rocket science. It covered things like painting, minor repairs and keeping the whole thing nice and clean. It was an upbeat area with residents earning much more than an average salary back in the days.

I remember that one flat belong to pair of gays. Now, I don’t want to get into discussion about ‘rights’ or ‘wrongs’ here. My opinion is that what one is doing in his bedroom with his (or her) partner is no one’s else business. As long as nobody gets hurt (maybe excluding masochists πŸ˜‰ ) – it’s private and personal. Also, I don’t want to brag about possible genesis of homosexuality. Whether it’s hidden somewhere in genes, or in traumatic childhood or it is a deviation (remember that it was present in ancient times, too) or maybe a conscious choice (or alien influence πŸ˜‰ ) – it doesn’t matter. It might be all of that, might be none.


But- I want to concentrate on the “conscious choice” bracket. I remember talking with them back in the days, and they told me that it’s much, much better for them to be gays because then their love is really reciprocated on the same level.

They told me that they understand each other very well on the emotional basis and of course that makes feelings much more healthy.

That is because women love in a different way. One of the guys was a heterosexual and went into homosexuality out of curiosity and being tired of women. He had enough of the disappointments in relationships with females. Being with women brought into his life only bitterness and he lost hope in love. We all know that men love is predictable, stable, truly romantic and deep. It is real, and often total. It does not fluctuate when you become sick, or lose your job. Or when you simply don’t feel 100% perfect on any given day. It is a complete opposite of female love which is opportunistic and when you dig deep enough – not real.


Now, I don’t suggest we all ought to become gays and be happy -that isn’t a solution and it’s again personal choice of every single person. But, if you look at it from that particular side- it certainly has some point to it. Now I am pretty sure that certain amount of % in the whole gay community picked exactly that path because they wanted to concentrate on loving other human being, without the constant drama & miserable outcome which is always present in the relationships with females.

Curious world we live in.


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