Online Dating Experience: Part One – Search for Unicorns

Few months after my mind was released from the Blue Pill prison and my brain mutated into the correct version of itself, I registered myself with famous online dating portal, Ok Cupid! in order to carry out an experiment.

I wanted to test the waters and really see how everything looks for myself. After all, I was happy single and dating scene was always vibrant, right? My initial plan was to see what kind of women are really there, without listening to the whole media speculation. I vowed to remain open minded.

During first attempt I was trying to nudge my personality into a classic, Blue Pill Beta direction. I wanted to give impression that I was just an ordinary, nice guy. I created a pleasant profile with good pics and honest description. It was me – good looking guy, with a cool sense of humour and definitely not a weirdo. Or an asshole. Or a Bad Boy looking just for sex. Hell no. 😉 I added several ‘normal’ pictures. Alone, with friends of both genders and so on. Casual stuff.

Then I started testing.

After initial two months, I received marginal number of female visitors. It was between 40-50 hits range. No-single-female ever sent me a message! From few hundreds of females I’ve messaged (I tried to keep up the pace, so at least dozen every day) with my nice and interesting posts, approximately 30 replied. I tried to tailor my letters so my approach would not feel cold or distant. Or generic. You can say- well, that’s still not that bad, right? Wrong!

Only few ‘long’ conversations erupted from those 40-50 replies. They were in fact still short and blatant, you could get more out of a casual conversation in a library or grocery store. No mythical romance in them. Not even a single drop. Most conversations ended after one or two e-mails. I could feel there was no real interest. They weren’t into me or curious who I was, or what is my story. Well of course, why there should be any interest if 99,99% of females registered there just to boost their own ego?!

concepts of online dating, with message on enter key of keyboard.

What was also obvious is that every female I corresponded with was daily flooded with dozens (if not hundreds) of messages with probably every possible existing way of flirting invented by a man so far inside of them. Abundance is a mother of pickiness, it seems.

Another funny conclusion (it was apparent): most girls out there seemed wicked or twisted, clearly showing strong signs of personality disorders. Or just being bitchy. Some best example of a ‘sudden surprise’ for me- one girl who was working in a self-made charity helping animals, listening to techno and having a collection of ethereal angelic pics which showed her long, golden hair and prospective divines mixed with set of gentle looking face shots. You could say- wow, great girl with such a warm heart. Someone helping homeless dogs can’t be mean, right?

Well it turned out that after exchanging three or four emails she started to shout and calling me names. Turned out that she hated men and her boyfriend hanged himself up. Wow. That was a sour cherry, to tell your life story even before meeting someone in person. Nice. It instantly increased my interest in her, such a healthy girl she was! 🙂 Maybe after a month if I survived that long it would appear that she has more respect for animals than for men. 😉 Who knows. With all respect to the animals, I felt this wasn’t something for me. 🙂

If a girl had picture slightly more sexual than usual – she usually got so many messages in her mailbox that it was even impossible to send her a new mail. Also I constantly felt the pressure that in order to get attention of girls on Ok Cupid! I need to ‘perform’ – like Roosh V mentioned in one of his articles – to entertain them, try to be better than others (ah, the competition for the pussy is always tough!) and to offer my best performance, like a king’s clown.

At first I picked only the girls I really liked. Then of course I realised it had no sense, because nobody is answering anyway. I started to ‘like’ almost every profile that Ok Cupid! system displayed on my screen. It didn’t maked a big difference, though. Well, girls out there were so used to Blue Pill Beta men that with the slightest thought of annoyance they simply click ‘next!’. I remember one even saying to me ‘ok, I think were done here!’. That was after I wrote something that she wasn’t agreeing with. A favourite book or something of a similar life & death importance.

Overall, it was a disaster. I feel immense pity for all those ‘good men’ trying to find someone decent through internet dating. Believing that female equals divine. Haha!


My experiment with Ok Cupid! was halfway done. Yet, I had another ace in my sleeve…
Soon: Dating Experience: Part Two- What they really want?


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