Testo + Marriage

I read recently that ‘testosterone doesn’t make you more intelligent, but it gives you more drive. It makes men apply their intelligence, strength, and other attributes to tough challenges.’ And I agree. It is a mix of several factors. Your diet. Your workplace. Your relationships. Your environment.

If you spend your life by going to corporate work, sit on your ass in the office for 8 hours, then come back home and again sit on your butt for the remaining time, constantly remain under pressure from your fat, lazy and all the time bragging wife who always got something for you to do – not mentioning screaming kid (and the fact that you need to play with the kid- after doing it for 1 year you becoming a kid yourself in a way. And that’s not necessarily good thing) then your testosterone level will be almost dead.


It goes to the point when you becoming a couch potato, seeing no point in taking care of your body and your mind. You don’t even got time for it and even if- your complaining wife will surely put it out from your head. ‘Silly ideas! Me and the kid (‘2nd me’) are more important!’

Without hope. One day you realise there is no way back, and you give up. You accept your role as a mangina. You go to the closet and open a jar with every Blue Pill your friends missed. You swallow it all at once. Suddenly your new way of life is obvious – you’re a White Knight. Proper one.

Don’t be that guy.

Women can work long and hard to subdue men independence. To catch us and put into a jail. Marriage became a prison for us. Don’t do it. There’s nothing there for you, just misery.


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