Trust is a Lie

What it means to trust somebody?

Well, to trust someone is to pretend they would not cheat on us. To trust other human being means we assume that he or she would not cheat. We basically lie to ourselves, because we know how human nature works.

We all know that everybody else lies, and that we do it too.

Knowing this fact you are not able to be with anybody, because of course why be with a cheater and call it something decent? But we all want it so badly. We want the illusion of closeness, intimacy, ‘special bond’, ‘second half’ and so on, and so forth. So instead, we lie to ourselves. We try to cheat our brain and inner wisdom by pretending that this other person is somehow special and would never, ever cheat on us. Ever.

Of course, every single one from our past did. But this new, fresh, current one? Nah. Never. This one is special. Unlike the others. A true unicorn. 😉

The fact is that we don’t know, whether it will lie to us or not. But we ‘trust’ that this person would not do this. ‘Would she lie to me?’ nooo of course no, I TRUST HER’.

We could as well say ‘Would she lie to me? Probably yes, because you can’t cheat female nature. And I am just trying to calm my brain down, so I can remain at peace knowing that I am out of control’.


To trust is to make an illogical assumption that the other person would not lie to us, even (especially!) knowing that we trust her!

How easy is to lie to someone when you know that this person trust you? Well, when you cut off some sort of ‘moral’ dilemma it’s actually much easier than do it to person who don’t trust you. Why? Because the guy who don’t trust you will have his defense up, and he will remain vigilant.

Women know how this paradox works. And they use it against men. They try it on us without remorse. Doesn’t matter if you’re Blue Piller ball-less poor-sheep dude or Red Pill Alpha. Because you can’t cheat female nature.

What’s the solution?

It’s very simple.

Don’t trust her.

Use her, play with her, but don’t trust her.


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