We don’t want to become bitter, lonely grumpy people angry at women and Blue Pill men. We often tend to be sad that women are riding the Cock Carousel when young, and putting ‘good boys’ aside. Instead of being responsible and all. But just stop and think for a moment- if you were presented with endless string of hot, young sexy girls – would you don’t take advantage of the favourable situation? Would you
instead choose some average, good-hearted girl that rather of being hot in bed is maybe hot with math? Very, very little percentage of men would choose the average good girl. And probably only because we know that hot girls aren’t ‘good’ in the sense of being mature.

No women is mature per se. They are all like children, emotionally and all. How on earth we allowed kids to take control over our lives? This is a mystery to me.

My friend recently told me that he finally found a ‘new girl’. And that ‘He hopes it will become serious’. I was almost going to scream to the phone ‘Don’t try to become serious with her! That’s exactly the very thing you don’t want to do!!!’

It will work like in a clockwork. It always does. He still don’t get the whole picture. Why the previous girl left him for another guy (they always do, doesn’t matter how good or how bad yo you treat them), that it wasn’t entirely his fault and more over that he don’t need to be with a woman to be happy. I sent him books, forums and links. To raise his knowledge. He got a few moments of enlightenment… but soon after he went back into his usual Blue Pill world. Some people aren’t ready for truth. They want to believe in love.


I still hope that this specific friend will finally realise his own mistakes. But it might be a classical 2-3 years later, when the current ‘serious relationship’ he is going into will end. And that it will force him to become Red Pill. He will be older already. And his precious time – lost forever.

And- there’s always the risk- that she’ll become pregnant. Women got inner radar that tells them if a male is weak, and desperate for being in a relationship. Like it was some sort of a.. magic pill. ‘You’re not like any other guy I’ve meet before! You’re different!’ – means ‘you’re just like everyone else, and I am telling you this so you can work harder to please me, my servant’.

But the guy is blind, he is wearing Blue Glasses and he doesn’t realise the pun that’s being played on him. How the fuck he can be different from every other male she meet, if he is behaving just like everyone else she used & dumped in the past?

Some men are just bad material for being a proper male.


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