Online Dating Experience: Part Two – False Fallacy

You remember how girls are always saying ‘don’t just start conversation by ‘hello’ or ‘hi‘ ? It is another proof that they are saying one thing and doing (thinking/expecting) the other. They want a mystery! They want a challenge. When you’re throwing your life story to them, there’s nothing left. And you simply remain a boring Beta male whining for pussy.

After realising how futile my attempts to date a girl as a ‘typical good guy’ on OK Cupid! were, I changed them completely. First of all, I removed all that nonsensical ‘honest good guy’ profile. Instead, I wrote something that would work on almost every kind of personality. I listed favourite movies- from horrors, comedies and drama. Same with music- you could find a hip-hop, metal, techno and commercial pop artists in my list.

Same with books. Why? It was a very simple psychology trick- if you’re listening to Rolling Stones, and somebody will say ‘I love Justin Bieber, Jay-Z and Rolling Stones’ you’ll concentrate only on the Rolling Stones. Because that speaks to you, right? You will ignore the other artists. At least, if you’re a woman. 😉

Of course, I wasn’t being honest but who cares?

Second thing – in my profile description I blatantly stated that I am looking just for sex. I wasn’t saying that directly, though. I used a simple metaphor. Something like ‘I just want to have a long romantic walk through the vintage part of the city and we’ll take it from there’. Seems they don’t want to hear that they just want to fuck around, they want it to be kept under false names. After all, nobody want to be named a slut just like that. 😉 It’s not that girls want to fuck like rabbits- they want romance, allright? Or at least let everyone involved pretend it’s a romance. 😉

Finally, I uploaded pics without my face being shown but instead showing my body. Chest and all. This was probably biggest surprise. I thought they won’t want to meet a guy who isn’t showing his face. I could be a murderer, right? How stupid and irresponsible to go and date somebody with a profile like that.

But guess what? After several days my inbox was filled with girls wanting to know me more. They wanted to date me. Number of ‘likes’ also increased exponentially. Wow! This was surprising. Women are saying they don’t want to date overconfident assholes, but that’s exactly what they want. They want to participate in something dangerous, exciting. They want to feel they can’t have their own way with you. I even secured dates purely for sex with few of them. It was just an experiment and I learned few important things.


Whether some of you might consider this a typical ‘Red Pill’ advice and not ‘MGTOW’ remember, that this isn’t just about one or the other. As a man, you need to learn and grow. Whatever it takes for you – if it helps to rise as a human being, it is worth it. And such knowledge is only worth something when tested practically, not theoretically.

So what is the conclusion? Women aren’t honest with us. They are saying one thing and doing another- acting rather irrationally. But the only way to have our way with them is to learn how to understand that hidden language. How silly, how stupid and how weird it might be- this is how it works. As Rolo Tomassi says – ‘Alpha is a mindset’. Whether you like it or not, that’s how our current society works. You can deny it, you can accept it- as for me, the best solution is to learn how to play this game accordingly to my own needs.


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