What do we really want?

Datson is back online guys. Thank you for your patience. 🙂

What do we really want? We complain about girls going for sex with strangers with ease.

..but we really want to be that stranger.

We want women to be highly educated ladies with culture and that they should be deserved for this yet we complain they don’t want to have sex all the time (or after one date)

..so what the fuck we want? That’s a very good question.


Why we are still thinking about that and playing their games? Are we?!

Some people say that we are wired that way. Maybe it’s because of that. Or something else. Does it matter?

The only thing that can come to my mind is whether we can find a solution to this everlasting problem.

We can’t do anything to our genetic heritage. However, we can change our environment and our societal conditioning. The main problem is that we want to have cake and eat the cake at the same time. And it is understandable. Women act like that all the time. And they usually get it. 

However when going MGTOW, one must decide- whether you’ll ditch your relationships with women completely or maybe leave some kind of space for experiencing their energy from time to time. Does that makes you somebody, but definitely not MGTOW? I don’t know to be honest and who I am to judge? At my current state in life, I would say that yeah I am still having those moments when I am enjoying company of women. Feeling guilty about it would be as crazy as being Blue Pill.
I might be as well in one of the states described when one starts going MGTOW. After all I am pretty fresh ‘on the scene’ (and also for myself).

I don’t mind that. I understand this is a journey. I already moved past anger state and currently I am shifting in a mixture of emotions varying from sadness, joy, relief then again morphing into a frustration.

I do not hate women. There is no logic in hating them. It’s like hating a seagull for wanting to eat your burger when you walk past the seafront during a sunny, warm day somewhere out on the British coast.

It’s like hating monkey for wanting bananas.

And so on. You got my point. So hate is off the roof, completely.

Sadness still kicks in from time to time. It’s not because they are the way they are (sic!) but rather that I was (and we all are/were lied to on the first place, during our childhood, teenage and even adult lives). Every time I go out with a girl- whether it’s a date or just a casual meeting (albeit this even more doesn’t make any sense- but I will dig this later on) I clearly see the same patterns. And it’s frustrating at the same point that at no point in my life I’d meet other human being (opposite sex) that will be able to have an equal and fair relationship with me. So it’s not about women anymore. It’s about relationships with human beings. And sorry, somehow I can’t start being gay and resolve this problem, lol. That’s the biggest problem. You can’t have an equal relationship with a woman. For some twisted sort of fate, this is just not possible.

And we all need to work with that. The only thing we can actually do is to work on ourselves.

I wish you all the best, brothers in arms. There is no guilt in asking questions or being in doubt for a while. We all have moments like that. The truth is that we can’t have anyone else to share our feelings, emotions and opinions but just ourselves – males. Women don’t even have that, as they compete and hate each other with much greater fierceness.

Remember that you are on the journey. And whatever road you’ll take – you’ll coming back home.


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