Dream List

Some time ago I wrote a list of qualities that I’d like to find in a woman. Two lists. Separate for positive and negative. Ya’know. I wanted her to be feminine, warm, open, caring, sharing my sense of humor, emphatic, healthy and so on and so forth.

Other list contained things that I didn’t want- like being addicted to drugs & alcohol, smoking heavily, selfish, complaining, not willing to resolve issues, bad looking, cold in bed etc.

Then I realized (albeit it helped me to hone my “inner radar”, as on the streets I was noticing more girls fitting my list – at least from the first look) that it is not possible to find a girl possessing these traits.

And when you go on dating profiles created by women what you gonna see? Well… endless list of ‘I want’ and ‘I don’t want’. To be a guy and have my own list was already bad looking to them. Like we should appreciate them for what they are.

Of course your own list might be a bit different but that doesn’t make it any more realistic. If woman got her list, men tend to be elastic and try to adapt.

From the opposite side it simply doesn’t work that way.

And MGTOW movement must finally change that. They need to learn that we know they are fucking us over and we won’t allow this anymore. It’s the only way.
And it often goes into this direction. I wanted to write a nice, cool post about having a good list of qualities you want to look for in ‘your dream woman’ (The Red Pill side) but then after doing all this – once more I realized this does not make any sense.

Are the girls doing stuff like that for us? Except putting on make up, so they can compete between each other? Because they are even too lazy to shave their legs during winter, if nobody is looking. Ask them. Does that mean they are pretending to be pretty all the time? Just to catch up some nice cookie (man)? Think about it.

Therefore, my dear brothers, this post goes to MGTOW and not TRP.


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