Emotional Emasculation!

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Mirror is the girl’s best friend (and enemy). They spend a lot of time practicing emotions in the front of that glassy surface. Faking them! Every woman has a separate face expression for being angry, being stubborn or acting kind. You don’t believe me? You need to be watchful every time you meet a new girl. As she will test you.

You might check this especially during first phases of knowing her. When she doesn’t suspect amount of your real knowledge about women and men. Ask her to do a ‘please do it for me’ face. And every other. You gonna see- directly -what I am talking about. Theoretically it’s just a play, but practically they are using it on a daily basis. They know how to do that. They know when. They know men always fall for this.

Crying is one behavior from the same group. With a good deal of practice, it can be done whenever wanted. She just must think (feel!) for a minute or two about something really sad, usually making her cry. Like that we all die someday. Or a death of her beloved father. Or a pet. Or whatever! Actors learn how to fake emotions. Women do it on a daily basis, when they hit pre-teen years. Women are actors. This is necessary for them to be good social and emotional manipulators.

You need to learn and know that women will try and play these tricks on you. To test you, to make you subject to her own will. You must not do that. You must remain in your masculine center, like a rock. And the rest depends on how good or bad hearten she might be.

Because there are bigger and lesser bitches out there, but… all of them are bitches. To some extent. That’s their nature. You can’t change female nature. Deal with it or become another beta mangina white fucking knight.

The choice is yours.


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