1. 1.
    the feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one’s consideration or respect.Case number one: Disabled friend.

    He does not have a very serious disability, just a misplaced hip during birth- but it makes him need a little bit of help from time to time, when he is moving through stairs or going in and out from his car. Guess what? He is 36yo now and he never ever was in a relationship. No single girl wants to be with him, albeit he is goodhearted and intelligent. He is also rather good looking. How unfair that is? What does it tell about true female nature, you opportunistic liars? What does it tell about the whole fucked-up ‘find your love that will accept you no matter what’ myth? Looks like it doesn’t apply if you aren’t 100% fit. And it wasn’t even his fault. How fucked up is that?!

    My respect goes to him that he is still holding on in a good fashion.

    What he thinks about women at this point? “Fuck them! This is the only thing they are useful for.” And I agree.PS. When he was a bit younger, he still had hope and believed that his good job, charisma, intelligence and wit will be more important than some minor disability. It turned out it wasn’t true.


3 thoughts on “Disdain!

  1. I feel his pain.
    A suggestion for case no. 2: skinny men.
    Should read: invisible men.
    Based on my personal experience as an average looking man, though average in height for men and certainly taller then most women, I get no respect because of my thin frame. Some women even had the courtesy to inform me about their disdain.
    Although I’m fit relative to my slim build, women will prefer someone larger in structure: never mind if he’s not in shape, have a big belly, or just plain fat.
    My thesis is that women are attracted to men bigger in size than they are, like a big teddy bear which they could hug and feel protected and safe. Also, obviously, the difference in size makes them feel more feminine and more slim than they really are.
    I understand that. It’s the biology in play. It’s a fact of life.
    Bottom line: it’s major disadvantage to have a thin build, better be fat. Size matters.
    What a thin man can do about it?
    He’s in the same category as other men who are physically unattractive to women. He can’t rely on his looks to attract women. Instead he should use Game or take advantage of money, power, fame, and other women magnets.
    Know your “weaknesses”, focus on your streagnths.
    All is fair in the war of sexes.

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  2. Well, I’d rather suggest exercising (a combination of yoga, cardio and weightlifting can help anyone) as me myself fall into the smallest ‘frame’ category of men, too. I can’t jump over the teddy bears you mentioned, but I improved my look severely during my workouts (more than two years on going from now on). Of course it requires patience, effort and dedication. Even though I started long time ago, back then I had improve my attractiveness to women as one of the factors that motivated me. Now I do it only for myself as it boosts my health and confidence. Doing all this for women makes no sense, as they are not worth it on the long run.

    I agree that they prefer fat teddy bears, it’s very weird as it is a well known fact that kind of body shape isn’t the healthiest one. But again – one would not expect any logic in terms of women thinking.


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