Women rule the world!

They simply can’t live without lies and deception. It’s their second skin. You don’t believe me? Then you either never gained enough experience in this field, or you still have some Blue Pills hidden in your pockets.

One of my friends told me that he can’t virtually believe his wife is capable of lying at all! Not mentioning that she is lying to him. How surprised he was when I revealed some of her tricks that she played regularly on him. The longer a woman knows you, the better ways of deceiving you she can find. Because men tend to lower their shield after several months of being in a relationship. They start to talk about their weaknesses, their weak points. One girl I was once in a LTR (she was one of my four long term relationships that I had in my life so far) betrayed me and for quite a long time pretended she did not. Only when I confronted her and pushed to the wall she admitted everything. Just because she could not escape it anymore. I removed her from my life, yet after few months she started to pursue me saying that she can’t stand lacking my presence in her life. I ignored her completely. After almost two years, we’ve accidentally meet (as her mother died) and started talking again. At that point I didn’t cared as I was already going MGTOW. Turned out she was still with her boyfriend (the one she betrayed/lied to me about in order to start being together with him) but obviously she wasn’t happy. Also, she was already meeting another guy behind his back.

Now, I want to be honest with you – I strongly believe they all do it. I saw just too many examples, including women from such a different points in life, various families, poor, rich, varied upbringings and morals/values, different jobs and paths. It would be crazy to assume there’s somewhere a group of women who don’t use these skills.

By skills I mean – to lie, to deceive, to opportunistically pursue what’s “best” for them at any given moment (even if it makes no sense from our stand point of view), try to secure their own backs by dating more than one male at a time etc.


If you look at what women is capable of (giving a birth to new human beings) it might even sound reasonable to you. Current society of interconnected flow of information, ease of access to human knowledge and sharing mutual experiences within ourselves allowed us- probably for the first time ever* – to realize that women indeed rule the world. Whether it is from a back seat (like it was in the 70s,80s and first half of 90s with a bit better morals) or front seat (end of 90s, early 2000 up till now). And their hunger is growing. If we won’t do anything, they will take the drivers seat and start going somewhere we, as men, might not really wish to go. But then it will be too late.

First, it will be good to educate as many people as we can, I still think that keeping your mouth shut about MGTOW/TRP isn’t the best way (at least not every time). Maybe it’s not possible to educate close friends or work colleagues- but you can spread the word between people not closely related to you. Or over the internet.The sooner our whole gender realizes that women screw us big time for centuries- this way or another- and stop being in shock that ‘oh well love doesn’t exist’, the faster we will mature and grow as men- for the better for our entire species.

PS. I recommend putting ‘women rule the world’ into Google and read on. Very curious stuff.

PS2. Some manginas/white knights believe that women will save our world if only they could be on top of every political chair available etc. If you think like that, go on and close several women in one space/room etc. They go mad at each other veeery quickly. Besides, I wonder how quickly global thermonuclear war would start taking into consideration that every girl has her very own menstruation period once per month.

PS3. I recommend you check few links below:

http://www.marketwatch.com/story/7-reasons-women-will-lead-the-new-world-order-2014-08-29 – If that isn’t chilling for you, then I don’t know what is…

http://elitedaily.com/life/culture/women-have-the-power/ – we can’t stop using vagina as a currency because this is against
our biological drives and personally I don’t think messing with that is a reasonable solution. However vasectomy can be the right choice.

http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/feb/13/women-rule-world-oppressed-majority – waaaait a minute.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4UWxlVvT1A – this video to which above article is referring to does not depict some twisted future state of humankind and society – it shows how it is RIGHT NOW! 


Why fight? Maybe it would be better to let them take the steering wheel saying “ok, we’ll mind your babies and stay home. Now you deal with it! You go to wars and die to protect us! Your turn!” Somehow thinking about it in that way makes me depressed.

* If we never before reached such high technological level as a civilization. I believe otherwise, but this is the topic not for this blog, though. 😉


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