1. 2. the action of betraying one’s country, a group, or a person; treachery.
    Case number two: Sick father.

    He has a daughter- now she is 30 years old. She is already a grown up. She can make her own decisions. Last time he saw her happened when she was seven or eight years old. His wife took her away from him, because he has a permanent illness- epilepsy. He doesn’t have any tremors when seizures hit, his brain is just turning out partially. Every time for few minutes. During that time, he isn’t aware about his surroundings, he is vulnerable just like he was dreaming. After he wakes up, he does not remember anything.

    His wife used his illness in order to gain full control over his daughter. Not only in court – she battled there for a divorce, stating that he is not able to ‘provide’ for the family, and also worked on winning his daughter love against him. Nobody in the court-room mentioned that she has toxic personality. That she was screaming all the time at him, even when he was working and ‘providing‘. Or that she was throwing things at him (like plates or glass cups) during those arguments. His only fault in his own words: ‘he was too obedient and just wanted to be with his daughter’.

    He did not choose his illness. It was an accident- when he was a young man, a brick fall down from the second floor of the building site he was working on during summer. He was lucky to be alive however he never fully recovered.

    His daughter became completely controlled by his wife. Not only she took her away from him. She was poisoning the brain of that little kid for years, teaching her how ‘your daddy is a bad person’. Year after year his kid was slowly moving away from him mentally, being more and more distant and even aggressive. After all- she was just reciprocating mummy’s actions. Outcome after twenty three years: his daughter never ever contacted him, visited him or even send a postcard. Nothing.

    He needs to be on medicines. Since he recovered from that accident and his epilepsy was discovered months later, nothing really changed. This illness is still not treatable, just manageable. When that happened people weren’t even accustomed much with diseases like it. They were judgmental and afraid of epileptics (like they are sometimes afraid of schizophrenics- even right now, in 2015) as if they were unpredictable maniacs or murderers.

    He was trying to get in touch with her, without luck. Her mother refuses to tell her that he called. She says that he should not annoy them. From time to time he wanders around her current neighborhood with hope he might bump into her. He is afraid that she might not even want to talk with him. Or call the police.

    It is beyond my belief that a mother can do something like that to her own child. And that grown-up 30 year old woman is not able to think for herself and figure out what was the real story behind the divorce. Can she be brainwashed that bad? Can’t she think for herself?! I refuse to believe that.


    He is a good person, albeit medicines took it’s own toll on him. His only fault was that he went to a wrong place, at a bad time. Trying to provide for his family.

    This is the true nature of women. They believe we are subjugated. That every time they can bring men under domination or control, especially by law. 

    They don’t respect us, because they are human-gods. They believe this as they carry the ‘miracle of birth’ inside their wombs. To them it means that they can create new humans. Either new women, who can create even more with time- o new men. Who can become new presidents, Einsteins or great artists. It does not matter how great or famous you are or can be. They can always provide more, to beat us up.

    This is a story which is based on facts and still going. It’s not some tabloid article written to gain more readers by selling drama. I can somehow relate to it.

    For me this story is the one of the best proofs that you should not have kids nor marry a woman. It is a story of my own uncle.


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