Primal Competitor

This week I recommend book by Eric Berne called:

This one. It describes not only patterns (‘scripts’) of pre learned human behaviors but also how our parents shape the way we see the world when we grow up. A must read for anyone interested in human psychology and inter-gender relations.
Most women do not actively participate in society, they don’t have any useful skills for that. They are lacking good morals and rarely posses integrity combined with patience and perseverance that men do. It’s even not very easy to find a girl who has some serious passions nowadays! Most of them just want to get pregnant and stay home, without the need to get up every morning. All this with obvious bragging about how hard is to be a wife or a mother. Yeah, sure. Finding new recipes for her baby- oh yeah, extremely tough compared to dealing with corporate boss and angry customers from your husband job! Of course, I am generalizing here. But not much. I’ve lived close with young couples with kids before and every time the husband wasn’t complaining at all (even though he had every reason to do it due to stressful work plus more tasks at home) and his wife instead of helping him- was pretending to be doing much harder job that she actually was.

So the hubby clenched his teeth and did his job whilst his wife lied about having ‘such a hard time at home’. While surfing the internet. Or cooking dinner. Yeah, sure. And he believed her, because a) he was convinced his wife never lies to him b) he wasn’t able to check it anyway c) it was too late for him – he was completely manginated. This is why wives aren’t happy when someone like me (happy single/MGTOW) visits their house- as it is like a healthy person visiting mental hospital ward, reminding everyone that there’s a normal world outside. You don’t want this if you want to keep your patients immersed in their own worlds, right? But the husband thoughts are never going to such places. After all- his wife never lies to him. Why would she do this? He is so good to her. He brings money. And gifts. Flowers. Newest smartphone, because she asked for it. Wait, whaaat? “Love must exist! I refuse to think it through, I don’t want to believe that all this… all my efforts were pointless! That women could be just creatures that use us and nothing more. That there’s no divinity in it. No female mystique. It has to be true! It has to be! My own little hermetic world is real! This other guy is wrong, he is just jealous or sick or wants to separate me from my lovely wife!” This is how it goes. It looks like mental illness in some cases. Mangina brains are taken by complete over-control by their female rulers.

As you can see, my writing touches a lot of topics. Sometimes easy and often more complex. That is because most men are complex. Most of us experienced various levels of encounters with women. On different fields. Our mothers, sisters, schoolteachers, girlfriends, colleagues, work-mates, whores, friends, lovers and so on.

It’s useless to concentrate just on one topic, as my experience with women is as broad as the human experience can be.


What’s sad is that it always points to the same direction. It’s like having a circle and going from any point on the outer border towards the center- it does not matter from which point you’ll start your journey, eventually you will arrive at the very same place- women suck. Theoretically and practically. They aren’t capable of becoming equal partners for us. The very belief they can gives them immense handicap because when we think that way we lower our emotional shields. They learned how to abuse this. Yes. It’s not that they just “use” us. They abuse us.

And they very well know about it. They play games between each one of us, especially when there are two guys fighting over one women. They know there’s that primal competitor living in each of us that wants to get there. Like spermatozoa wants to impregnate the egg- one of millions.

Don’t give them that. Keep the satisfaction. Rise above all of that. Just for yourself.

Use women as they use us, without remorse.

You don’t need them to be happy. Remember that. Stay MGTOW.


5 thoughts on “Primal Competitor

  1. Hear, hear, straight real talk. I always enjoy your insightful posts very much, keep it up!
    I’m just a beginner to explore the female universe, a late bloomer if you will, but I’m already sick of it…

    Liked by 1 person

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