What is Love?


Well my friends, basically love is this: “my brain produces some fancy drug which makes me feel reeeeeeeeeeally good, but only when I am in close physical proximity to you my dear, so please be around for a while because I want to get high”.

“Hopefully it’s not a case of “unfulfilled love” and your brain started to work in the same way with me being in a close proximity to you. Let’s just pretend it’s something else than just being high on powerful drugs and call it “love”, so we can add some silly meaning to our brains getting drugged, shall we? After all, we need to deal with each other now. I don’t mind really, as long as these magical molecules are working on me!”

“Don’t forget that I don’t give you anything, your brain already has every ingredient needed to produce the state you call “being in love”. Somehow I just triggered that release in you. It’s all in your head. Love is an empty word.”


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