Every Woman Becomes Mad

“Every woman becomes their mother. That’s their tragedy. And no man becomes his. That’s his tragedy.”

Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest 

I would add one thing: it is not a tragedy if one becomes much better than his father ever was.

You ever wanted to have kids? Think again.

-James, when you will but new toy for our boy?

-But Lucy, I bought him a new train just a week ago!

He is just a kid James! Don’t be silly! He needs new toys to play with so he can grow!

-Okay darling I will buy it.

-James, why you ordered wrong train? And the parts are missing! This crap is useless! Can’t you do even one thing properly?!

-Well, the girl on eBay told me it was complete… I am sure she forgot to send all parts…

-Did you checked her selling history?

-It was a brand new account, I used it because it was a promotion!

Are you dumb or what? Now you will need to contact her back and send a return!

-No, she probably didn’t know. Why are you angry, this can still be used. He can play with it.

-What are you talking about?

-I told you I don’t have money for new toys! Why are you screaming at me again?

-He is just 6 years old he doesn’t know that we can’t afford this toy! James, you are useless!
And stories like this go on and on. They never stops. First it’s  ‘James, he is just a newborn! He has to scream all the time!’. Then it’s like ‘James, he is 4 years old, it is normal to be noisy and angry at that age!’ and finally ‘James, he is just 21 years old, we need to support him ,he is still my kid!’.

Every woman after certain age goes mad. More or less. This depends on her social status, income, past experiences, childhood, and so on. So called mileage. But it hits every single one of them. Most often, they just become even bigger and “better” version of themselves when they were younger. This means more bitchy, more grumpy, more depressed, more nasty and more evil. Like a king, who knows that his Kingdom is falling apart and that he can’t save it. So he gradually starts acting more and more crazy towards his own people.

Why this happens? Well, think about it. It is pretty simple. If you ever had a total control over other gender that could help you to get whatever you want, everything you ever imagined? Do you think you would not use such power? Ever?

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

You got sex for free, you could choose with whom you go to bed. Even if someone would refuse, you could either easily convince that person to do it anyway, or pick even better partner. People will stand in line just to date with you, if you aren’t horribly ugly. Even if you have rather average body, you still get to feel what it is to have many, many males chasing you for sex and company. Now think how this would boost your self-esteem. They will all tell you nice compliments, be kind, buy you gifts. Take you on a journeys. Dine and wine you. Adore, like you were a goddess. Because in your head, you must be one! Right?


Then there is the power of creating new humans– either males or females. Every human, including the most powerful ones that ever walked on this earth were born through the same vagina as the one that you have between your legs. How much ego-boosting stuff is that?

Then you have the mighty society. Skills that you learned to deceive and manipulate other gender. Men will not only help you, listen to you as the one who has the most deciding voice in any argument or discussion but also seek your approval. And of course the media and feminist movements. You will be portrayed as a divine being and a fragile victim at the same time. Imagine how easy you can abuse all these gifts. And at the end, don’t forget about the judge system that will bring you endless flow of money from the males that you abused in the past. You have it all. 

And then, suddenly something bad happens. Slowly, all of the power you previously had is starting to disappear. Male attention is still there, but somehow you notice that it slowly vanishes. It indeed is a torture for your used to glorification egoistic mind. You aren’t looking as good as before, your body is unable to handle pregnancy anymore. Your voice does not have such influence as when you were 20 or 30. Nobody cares about what you think. You can’t seduce with ease.

You are getting old. And that is when the anger slips in, because you probably just fucked up your entire life by swimming the easy wave of male attention. Now it is over and they are turning into younger girls. How come maturity doesn’t affect males negatively, but it has an opposite effect on them? They are enjoying getting older, it gives them more power! How unfair that is?!

Now you realize that the days of your rule are over. What is left for you is to slowly degrade and degenerate further mentally. You can’t allow this. You can only become even more mad and hold to every possible branch that brings hope of extending your longevity. Plastic surgeons, more make up, or maybe becoming a cougar dating young, naive guys. Who knows.


You won’t give up. However, inside in you feel like an empty shell and you know you already lost this war. You know what comes and that only what is left for you is an ever-increasing misery. You could wish you were a better woman back in the days. Maybe then you could earn respect from the very same gender that you lied to, used and ridiculed your entire life.

Now it’s too late. You know that somebody else will rule the world. Your vagina is worthless.

They had it all and lost it. At the end, victory is ours my friends. Several lost battles doesn’t mean that the war is lost.

Long live male dominance over this planet forever. Long live MGTOW!


10 thoughts on “Every Woman Becomes Mad

  1. Even before this piece I have been grateful to be born male. Women have it easy and some even more, but in the long run we win this race. Think about economic hardship for example, men are built to survive even the toughest times. Cheers

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