Naivety (Benefits of Healthy Living)

  1. 1. lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement. “his appalling naivety in going to the press”

    synonyms: lack of sophistication, lack of experience,  ingenuousness,guilelessness, lack of guile, unworldliness, childlikeness, innocence

    Case number four: Female colleague from work


    I recently started to work with a new girl. She is already past her wall. She must be really pretty in the past. Tall, dark hair and dark eyes. But now? I could sense a very real uncertainty in her voice and behavior. Like she wasn’t sure whether I could accept her. Even as a work colleague. I did. I am a kind human being. And besides, I don’t hate women. I however don’t agree with and never trust them. They are not rational or logical even to the slightest point.

    What was disturbing me though was her almost constant cough. As it is rather rainy where I live right now, I did not wanted to gain any extra germs. This was hard to avoid especially as I work 12 hour shifts right now. I asked her if that was some sort of a common cold or just her smoking. Because she is a smoker. Oh yes. For the past 20 years.
    Her cough sounds like she has some sort of tuberculosis.

    She said- ‘Oh don’t worry. It’s my smoking. It’s so weird, because when I go for a smoke it stops!’. I nodded and said ‘oh then it’s fine, I am safe’. And preached a bit about dangers of smoking. Or how I was addicted to this shit myself but quit long time ago and don’t plan to get back. How come? I would not be able to ride my bike 33.00 km every day. It takes exactly that long for me to get to my work. I decided to save money on a commute and further improve my health and what is more interesting- it works. I could not ride leisurely as the road is very uphill at times, and I am short on time so I need to drive really fast and rough. Like during a marathon. My legs already started to look like I was participating in Tour de France. Or maybe something shorter than TdF. 😉 However, rush of endorphins during such trips is often better than from sex.


    My point is that I can’t stop living healthy right now. Fruits, veggies. Yoga, weightlifting. And serious bike riding. Recently I even phased out alcohol and caffeine. Completely. I am close to 60 days now. And counting. I don’t smoke weed. In the past I did it only for sex music and creativity. I don’t take drugs. I got bored of them. I can say that I am completely sober now. And it feels great. My perception improved dramatically. My intuition is sky-high. I can feel and sense people much better. This was the most surprising fact. After all, look around. In our current society to live being 100% sober from any kind of drugs like caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, medicines, and other illegal drugs is almost like being a monk. Almost everybody is addicted to some substance, usually alcohol- and they all deny it. They are calling it ‘drinking socially’ which basically means drinking to death every weekend.

    It does not matter what do you do to stay healthy. Just do it. Whatever works for you. And of course, I am not preaching living as a monk. Moderation is the key and you need to find the right one for yourself. Even staying sober for one month in our crazy society is viewed as being one. Then, you can realize who is your true friend and who is in your life just to get fucked up during weekends.

    This girl is either plain stupid (which I refuse to believe as she sounds pretty “normal” – as for a woman) or just can’t tie up obvious facts. I could say to her something like “Girl, your cough is caused by lungs being so black from inhaling smoke that they can’t handle it anymore and send impulses to the brain that causes it. They are trying to cough back the poison you’re putting in them for so long. Why you feel better after smoking? Because it constricts blood vessels in your lungs and for 30-40 minutes they can’t even do that.” I believe this girl has a cancer on it’s way. Or already got one. It’s really sad.

    She said she tried to quit and even managed to do it for several months but every time somebody asked her to smoke, or offered one – so she accepted. Wow. What a seriously strong will. Master Yoda, you could learn from her!

    Everything is fake. Nothing is real. There is no beginning or end. No right or wrong. No love or hate. No afterlife. No creator. No me. No you. It is all just energy and matter being re-arranged in infinite combinations over an infinite period of time. You can as well go marry up such girl and then experience the consequences. But why suffer? That would be illogical and irrational.


    You decide whether you want to live healthy and be healthy. Or just suffer the consequences of being stupid. Stay MGTOW and take care of yourself and your body. It’s the only true ally you have.


    PS. I forgot to mention- her teeth are looking exactly as the one from the girl on the photo above. Yummy!


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