White Knight

white knight
  1. 1. a person or thing that comes to someone’s aid.
    • a person or company making an acceptable counter-offer for a company facing a hostile takeover bid.
      “the company was sold off to a white knight to fend off a hostile raider”

Case number five: White Knight

Did you noticed? Our democratic society is going on auto-pilot. Every 5-10 years we can see how fashion and music industry slightly changes, influencing new commercial patterns. Pop music goes around in circles, feeding masses with same songs, similar tunes being sung by “artists” (without any free will regarding their “creative content”) created by mass-media moguls. It all keeps complacent sheeple without being too much of a burden to the ruler class. It is not a conspiracy. It is just a fact. In such arrangement, it is very easy to believe in false gods – like god itself, love or women. It is true that we are living in society that slowly degrades. But I don’t want to go too much into this now.

Older women currently will do anything to grab younger men into some sort of relationship. Cougars. If you have to, do it. But don’t give older ones satisfaction- fuck younger ones.

I’ve heard a story when almost 50 year old woman seduced 21 year old boy. She was hungry of a man’s body and he was naive and inexperienced. He believed in love. First big mistake. She convinced him that she was his “second-half”. We all heard about such bullshit. Most of us even believed in it, too!


It all worked out perfectly for the female. He was all over her. This reveals the importance of being raised properly, the need of a decent father and that you should always increase your personal level of knowledge. You know what happened? One day, he meet a girl that was exactly his age. It turned out that they were studying together. Of course, she immediately noticed how shy, inexperienced and weak he was. And how other girls were laughing at him from being such a pussy.

She knew that he was a perfect Mangina-Blue Pill material. She worked on him for few months and with time even convinced him that the older lady is not entirely honest and that it does not make any sense for them to be together. He believed. You can call it- from one shit to another.

Two years after that, he already married her. Few years later- she got pregnant. What about him? He got sucked into boring corporate job, 30 year mortgage to pay for the house so she and her kid can live with him. He became a perfect White Knight.

With at least one difference from the real knights- his armor wasn’t shiny. On the front of it you could read “hello, how are you?” with a false smile. On the back you could read “I am afraid. She is just like my mum. I cannot oppose her. She is my mistress.”

You know what are his deep sexual fantasies? He want a woman to beat and intimidate him. He would love to go to a dominatrix, but he is afraid what would happen if his wife found out.

PS. On the picture above- a perfect White Knight riding on a Unicorn with his paper sword.


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