Have you ever noticed these fancy adverts at the end of some newspapers? Yes, they are pointing to the oldest profession in the world. Prostitution was here, is here and will be here for years and decades to come as long as men have penises and girls have vaginas. We all know how they use this to their advantage. However, there are ways to avoid their deception. Don’t try to believe girls convincing you that ‘call-girls are dirty’ (and you should stick to them instead, because otherwise your dick will fall off) they are not. That’s why they are so afraid of you using them. There are no “good-quality normal girls”. That’s the point. They are all crazy and female nature remains the same across all professions. 

It changes the dynamics. By the way, Internet made the whole process of looking for a prostitute much easier and fun. Forget dating-sites like OK Cupid or Tinder. They are almost always worthless. Go directly to the place you’re looking for- her ass. 

Today I would not be speaking about advantages of not dating anyone / sleeping with women in general, but something opposite- as some of us still need sex to remain healthy. Just as you need the right balance between your sugar and salt intake.

Besides, they really like to get paid for this. Don’t forget the famous saying- “every woman is a whore, it’s just about finding the right price”.


Advantages of Escorts:

  • You save cash. Details: You need to pay for sex this way or another. Whether it’s 200 EUR between 3 weeks of dating a girl, or 200 EUR spent on a call girl- it’s up to you. This is really a freedom of choice for men. 
  • You don’t risk anything. Details: If you stick with good quality girls (not dirty whores who sell themselves for 50 EUR) you don’t risk anything. They are normal people just like you. They don’t want to get infected by any kind of STDs and are usually meeting with good quality clients too. For a girl to have bad reputation in this business it’s like game over. Oh, and did I mentioned that you don’t need to deal with any kind of relationship bullshit like arguments, cold-days, period craziness, stupid friends, shit-tests and other nonsense? Also, remember that call-girls aren’t whores standing on the streets. So don’t be afraid to save some normal cash. If you want to spend less, you will get less (quality service). As in life, normal business rules apply here too. 
  • You can have almost anything you want. Details: Think about that dream about having a threesome with a Japanese and black French girl at the same time, mixed with anal, BDSM elements and ended with facials and creampies (hehe). What are odds of this thing becoming true through “normal” dating process? Let’s be realistic- almost none. Unless you are Silvio Berlusconi. You can pay for such thing through escort networks. Your imagination is the limit here, however I’d advice being on the scene for some time as you will need to gain enough experience to feel confident. Freedom of choice is a huge advantage. You can pick any age, nationality or body shape you want. Life is short. Help yourself to create those memories for the old age. If you’re the kind of guy who gets more excited telling others that his boy just used loo for the first time instead of diapers, rather than how you shagged juicy Spanish 23yo- please stop reading. This is not for you. 
  • It can help you remain on your path. Details: Sometimes we all need a bit of relief. For some of us it means to get some pussy. It is nothing wrong by going with our biological needs. After all, women do this all the time. It is not a shame and if you remain self-conscious, it would not undermine yourself being an MGTOW. Of course, you can use masturbation, pornography or even get a fuck-buddy. But I’d prefer to experience more than just my right hand and some moving pixels on the screen during my life. Fuck-buddies are okay, however it always cost you time and effort. And what if it turns out that after dating a girl for several weeks she tells you that she don’t swallow? Or don’t like it rough? Well tell me, who got time for this? 

Disadvantages of Escorts:

  • You can catch STD. Details: This is a risk, yes. Yet, you need to remember that it isn’t significantly higher than getting a disease from your beloved LTR girlfriend. Actually, I’ve never had any problems with call girls. Only with my LTR girls. Ironic, huh? Why this is true? I’d say that call girls are very picky and aware of any clients that might cause problems. They would not go through their work-week by having untreated STD either. Most of them can be spotted too. Think about that. It’s like having a flu with persistent cough. You don’t go to work like that- you treat it. Scare of STD was created mostly by wives frightened that their husbands can go get some pussy outside of their sacred BS marriage. And btw, you can catch STD by using dirty corporate toilet, too. Besides, you are lying to yourself if you think that your girl slept with the amount of guys she tells you she did. 
  • You lack emotional content. Details: That is true. If you stick to visiting one girl at a time, emotional content will be almost every time closer to none. It’s a business, not a date. Albeit, you can request for “GFE” which means “girl-friend experience”. This usually includes more hugging, talking, kissing and sometimes unprotected oral. Most escorts are very good at it. Guess what, females are masters of deception. Maybe you already noticed that. 😉 Whether she is a call-girl or your LTR-girl it doesn’t matter.

  • There is no love involved. Details: Wait a second, is that really a disadvantage? Love does not exist. Get over it, pal. 
  • Escorts are victims of human-trafficking. Details: I agree, there are some cases of this. That is why you need to spend some time discovering your local call-girl scene. Do you want me to provide statistics of home abuse by “innocent” wives or crazy husbands? Shit happens everywhere. It’s up to you to filter it out. 
  • You don’t get to sleep with the girl and hug her for the rest of the night. Details: Sure, but you can pay for this if you really REALLY really want it, you big boy.

  • You must use condoms. Details: Bear in mind that after visiting same escort several times, she might agree for oral without condom, and so on. Some of them got that on their favorites lists too. The key to this is to get to know the girl and vice versa. She has to see that you’re not just some casual fucker but a client that has good reputation. As in life, use your instinct and intuition. It goes both ways. And well I’d rather use a condom than experience “pregnancy-trap” every time girl is on pills. Other solution is to get a vasectomy.

  • You can’t be on drugs or alcohol. Details: Well yeah, if you’re not sober you will be escorted to the exit (pun intended!). It is true that often you can fuck your LTR-girlfriend when being under influence of alcohol, weed or other drugs. However, if you need to be on drugs to be aroused (so that you can fuck your girl) something is wrong, might be with you, her or both of you.

  • You can’t be a pussy. Details: Going to visit a call-girl, finding her place, looking through the available offers, paying up-front, visiting places that you don’t know anything about and so on. You need a pair of balls to do this, of course. And remember that it’s almost always sub-legal or illegal in any given country. It’s the same specific feeling as when you are going to meet with the dealer to get some substances. Brain rush. Adrenaline. Excitement. This can scare off some people- Blue Pillers need not apply. Ok, there are some places where this kind of service is legal. Like the famous Red Light District in the very center of Amsterdam. So you can go there, just make sure that your wife will get a good excuse. 


Have fun and remember to stay MGTOW!


9 thoughts on “Escorts

  1. Excellent article, Datson! Some guys need to understand that escorts are normal women and there’s nothing wrong with using them. AWALT. This gives a guy leverage over other women by avoiding being thirsty and a lot of high caliber alpha guys use them because they’re not ashamed for it.
    I like that you post your stuff on r/mgtow btw, it lightens up this oftentimes dark sub a little. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Exactly. Most men start relationships to get access to regular sex, which of course dries up every time after initial period of fascination. Then, somehow they stick with the same girl, gets attached to her presence and the usual drama (and her trying to change them) starts then. Maybe it’s chemical or just being weak. Escorts relieve men from going into pointless relationships.

    Thanks for your kind words, mostly appreciated!


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