Forget Women, Think for Yourself!

A.K.A. How To Live a Better Life 

Women very well know that the main role of men is not to be loved, but to provide. They either know this, or don’t care at all about asking themselves such questions. Somehow the latter option makes me even more concerned. Our second gender viewed and presented as the most emphatic, delicate and umm… divine turns out to be cold, calculating and selfish. What matters for females is if anyone loves them and whether they can reproduce.

What is left for an ordinary man? To watch her. Average husband can indeed see on his own eyes how mythical female love unfolds. How it looks. But not how it feels. Of course, he can watch as she loves. But she isn’t loving himself. He can only look as she loves her child which is nothing else but a continuation of herself. That is why she truly loves her child, because deep down she loves herself that much. And she knows that she has to protect it as if it was her.

Would it be too much to hypothesize this is the reason why toxic women usually don’t want children because they do not accept themselves (thus they become bad mothers?) I leave this thought with you. Personally, I have never met even single girl that was healthy who didn’t have (or wanted to have) kids. Maybe I wasn’t lucky. Or perhaps this is a pattern.

If you already decided that you won’t be one of the lifelong providers mentioned above, you need to make sure your life will serve you well. You need to be on top of it. To do this, you will need three main points checked up.
1. Take Care of Your Body (it is the only thing you carry on with you for the whole life!)

2. Take Care of Your Environment (if you live in shitty place, change it!)

3. Take Care of Your Companions (if your colleagues are bunch of demotivating assholes- say goodbye to them!)
First two points are relatively easy to maintain (if you’re not a total lazy ass, but to be honest laziness isn’t in my own MGTOW dictionary) and usually one goes with the other. Regrettably, the last one can cause a bit of a pain. But if you’re determined to positively change your life you will make it happen, eventually. Remember that being an MGTOW is not a pass to easy life without responsibilities. I would say that actually it is quite the opposite. As you are taking full responsibility of your own life without blaming anyone for your own choices (for example- that stupid girl getting “accidentally” pregnant. Well, who was stupid enough to put something in her without proper preparation or vasectomy– your dick, you or her? Think about it and possible consequences). This includes being fully responsible for your own failures but also – successes. And they feel great, I can assure you.

Now let’s have a look into each of the points I’ve mentioned.
1. Take Care of Your Body

If you’re tired or even if you feel that you need to get more done give yourself permission to sleep. Don’t indulge in stimulants like coffee or black tea. Even green tea contains huge amounts of caffeine. Yes, it is healthy because it contains antioxidants but also it can easily cause more harm (due to that caffeine content). Be aware of it. Caffeine is a powerful narcotic. The same thing need to be said about nicotine and alcohol. I don’t even mention other drugs. Moderation is the main key here but how many of us can really understand word “moderation” properly?

Did you know that smoking one cigarette undermines two months of your usual endurance exercises? Think about it. Think whether having a temporary head-spin, nausea and short dopamine rush due to lungs being shoveled with tar is really worth it?

Maybe one or two strong teas during the week are okay, but not 3 cups per day. That has nothing to do with moderation but more with addictive habits that are limiting our potential. Look around- how many really successful people spend their weekends drinking their brains out, or inhaling smoke to their lungs 10 times per day or more? Let’s face it- drugs (either legal, or illegal) are mostly for the weak people who cannot control their impulses. So somebody else will. Let it be governments or gangsters. Btw, government is the most successful group of gangsters.

I won’t be bragging here what living completely sober for 2-3 months will do to your health, well-being and perception or inner strength. This will be only one more anonymous story from the internet. If you’re really into improving yourself then take the challenge. You really need to feel it for yourself. I can promise that it is worth the journey. In this life you can only truly invest in yourself.

I don’t know you and I can’t be sure what might be working for you- it’s your job to find out. I can only share what works for me. In terms of healthy exercise I combined three powerful activities- bike, yoga and weightlifting.

I use bike three times per week. I am cycling to and from my work and it is a quite long trip. It totals with 99 km per week, and yeah it’s pretty uphill all the way there. This way I can skip my “legs day” pretty much. 😉 A win-win. Maybe not when it is windy or raining but hey, I am not a couch potato so I won’t complain.

Yoga– at least once per week, to stretch my muscles and tendons, relax the spine and make it more flexible. Flexible spine means long life. Someone said that. And I believe him. I use vinyasa yoga, as it beautifully combines movement with flow. I don’t like static yoga. You can check great vinyasa example done by Dagmar from Costa Rica here. She is my favorite teacher. Yeah, she is a woman. It is okay. I don’t hate women. I still interact with them. You need to, we live in 21st century. I don’t bow to her, she just teaches yoga. This is the difference. Women don’t have any control over my emotions anymore. They are humans too, so no need to hate them. I don’t avoid them but also don’t invite into my life.

Weightlifting– also at least once per week, usually more. It’s nothing serious- just a hobby. I don’t use a gym, you don’t need it really if you’re a self-starter. Some people need a teacher/coach so that someone will motivate them, I don’t. You can get a set of dumbbells and prepare your own workout plans. I recommend checking out Scooby1961 on YT. Don’t mind who this guy is, because his message and bodybuilding knowledge is what is really important for you. Besides, he is quite old- respect goes to him. Gym memberships are just another huge business to help make money for someone else than you. Think about it. Everything on this planet has been patented or sold into some sort of a product. Whether it’s an Pilates class, healthy food, enlightenment method or baby diapers- doesn’t matter.

Eating well means feeding your body what it needs, in the most natural way you can manage and afford. Changing how you eat doesn’t need to be an all-or-nothing thing. Maybe you could add just an extra bit of fruit a day or swap a cup of coffee for a glass of water instead.

Being active makes you happier as well as being good for physical health. It instantly improves your mood and can even lift us out of a depression. Confidence levels rise exponentially. You don’t need to look as Schwarzenegger– just be and remain healthy. It brings out respect and admiration from both genders. Whether you’ll choose to sleep with one of them (or both, whatever goes for you- it’s not my business) it’s up to you!

2. Take Care of Your Environment

This will be a short one. If you’re into bad job- change it. This doesn’t necessary mean “earning less than Mr X”. Sometimes it is better to stay in job which pays less but gives you opportunity to dig your hobbies instead. For example, I currently work for a company that is quite flexible. I spend three long days there (twelve hour shifts) but I get four days off after that. I spend them to follow my passions. I won’t be able to do it with an ordinary “9 to 5” job. Besides, even if you have more free time after working from Monday to Friday, there isn’t much you can do as you need to get up every day anyway! Two days off on weekends won’t be enough to work on my other projects including Red Male Hummingbird.

If you are living in a bad neighborhood- move somewhere else. Don’t be afraid to change your flatmates. Or live alone. Do whatever it takes so that you can be at peace and work on yourself. Whether this means becoming a master at computer gaming, best basketball player or local sculptor- doesn’t matter!

3. Take Care of Your Companions

This is also simple. You can’t grow if you will be surrounded by toxic negative people. Or Blue Pilled betas preaching about importance of the pussy. Yeah. Sometimes you need to say goodbye to old relationships that don’t work anymore.

You can summarize above things into one point: Take Care, and Control (your life)

Don’t let it slip into something that you don’t control. Or that someone else does that instead of you (your “friends“, family or – equally bad – a female). In this life everyone else will have 10000 ideas how to live your own life better than you.
Sometimes, advice from other people will be valuable but most of the time not really. Probably the best one (because they are anonymous and often without any personal interest involved) will come through Internet (and not your workplace colleagues who are striving for new topic to gossip about).

What is the most important thing is to learn how to decide for yourself and be your own best friend/authority. Other people might know a lot, but they don’t know you and don’t posses your own collection of experiences. This collection is who you are and only you can properly relate to it. Of course when you age it grows, so it’s like coming back to a book which is getting increasingly bigger with time.

I guess it is okay to ask for “relationship advice” when you are in your 20s (again, choose your mentors wisely!) but when you’re past 30s- and you’re not really dumb- you should stop asking others what to do, and instead use your own knowledge to make important life decisions.

Also, you don’t want get involved into toxic relationship (and get involved with a chick who carries a nice collection of red flags in her pants) so you can “next” her as well and save yourself a certain amount of troubles.

When I was in my 20s I was often getting involved in some (not very wise) relations with girls just not to allow them go to bed with someone else. How crazy was that? Well, I guess “I was 20-something” crazy, alright. I grew out of it, thankfully.

Think about it. MGTOW means Men Going Their Own Way. By following these three simple steps (albeit they will require patience, perseverance and dedication– but that’s something men can work with!) you’ll become more successful, happier and confident. Good luck.


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