Please tell us, what we should “like”?!

Hello fellow MGTOWs. I needed to post just an extremely short message today which I really want to share with you. I’ve just had a long conversation with one of my female colleagues. Of course- she is married. With one kid. Working as a childminder.

Great excuse. In reality, she just sits on a couch with two kids instead of one. You should hear her phone calls to her family and female friends- she complains all the time about her husband, saying that “she is taking care of not jus tone, but two houses” (ho ho ho and what else!)

She is fat. And lazy. Yes. She even says that she suffers from anxiety. She never leaves the house except three places- shopping, her colleague house (where she is staying for 6 hours as a childminder) and doctors. Of course, she isn’t suffering from anxiety when it comes to spending her husbands money. I tried to explain her benefits of working out and basically living and staying healthy. Going outside of your own comfort zone. And so on. You know, the basics.

She was like “I do not have time to do this. Besides it is wrong, men should accept us as we are. I am against advertising with all those skinny ladies. Real women are like me. Skinny women are unnatural. It should be banned!”

Really? Well. First of all, stop telling us what we ought to view as sexy or not. Secondly, if we decide whether we want to fuck chubby girl or a skinny one is up to us, not to you. If I decide to call you a fat lazy girl (because this is true) it is my choice. And my opinion. Stop trying to control our opinions. Stop telling us what is correct or not. Move your lazy ass and do something if your life does not make you happy enough. But first of all, just stop. 


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