Gender Equality

Gender Equality?!

Let me think about it for a moment.

You ever saw (or maybe experienced) girl in a pub who was being adored by a man saying to him to get lost? For unknown reasons, there is a fairly widespread belief among them that if she did not like the guy who approached her (or he did not amused her by his “game“) she is entitled to ashame and make fun of him, or at least treat him rude.

And there would be nothing shocking or surprising, if flirting with girls in the clubs was something reprehensible… no, they just are unpleasant for someone who wants to know them. Just because they do not like him physically and therefore feel entitled to ashame him, often with approval of her female colleagues.


Later they go and keep saying how stupid this guy was, or how silly was the cap he was wearing.

It would not be that bad and I’d be okay with such female mentality examples if only they would think that a male posess exactly same right to say similar stuff to them. Like:

-you have ugly legs
-your breasts looks small
-you dress like a slut

But obviously we all know what would happen if a man says something like that to a girl.

Gender equality? Yeah, sure.

Of course another example can be currently “popular” rape culture. If a girl has sex and she is drunk- next day she can claim “rape” and this means she did not gave her consent. Male can be drunk as hell, be raped or whatever else! And when he will claim that he was abused in any way- we all know what will happen. Nothing. Or maybe he will experience being ridiculed even more. Both of them can be drunk but only him is responsible for his actions.


Gender equality? Of course.

In Switzerland, there are special places to park a car- for women only. They are bigger than the normal ones. I don’t even need to comment.

Gender equality all the time!

Now I try to imagine what would happen if we saw series of pics like that were made by men near past out drunk women. Wow. Try to wrap your head over court sentences that would follow it.


Gender equality? Yeeeeah.

Finally, the famous sentence that feminists repeat over and over: “We can do anything a man can and better“. Oh really? Why we never see women applying for work in mines, or as sewer workers or becoming garbage disposal workers or building bridges (and so on)? Comfortable blue collar corporate jobs where they can dress like sluts and gain leverage- sure, bring on more gender equality there! Empower women more! Feminism ends where real physical work starts. And I don’t want to even start talking about suicide rates.

1654089_774592129292462_1733100413227320569_n fem5

It is really happening and it is absolutely wrong. I end up with a quote from Sigmund Freud. I answer him this: “They don’t know what they want” …and if we won’t stop them and tell them what to do, they will devastate our lives even more.




9 thoughts on “Gender Equality

  1. A huge part of the difficulty bridging the difference between genders is the perspective is totally different. Regardless of your personal intentions, a man is a statistically larger threat to a woman, then a woman is to a man.

    Likewise, the fact that a significant number of men do not take rejection well, (and are often the most forward with their approach) or try and approach literally anything with a vagina that gives them the time of day, means most women don’t want approached, complimented by, or hit on by a stranger who wants sex. (Even if ‘getting to know them’ first is the goal) Making friends works. “Going out to get laid” guys almost always go home frustrated and angry because they don’t have the same experiences going out any given day as women do.

    I will agree, there is DEFINITELY a double standard at work when it comes to sexual assault and abuse. Women statistically get lighter prison sentences, and are much less likely to be convicted for a crime. The fact that when men and women are in identical vulnerable positions, the male is assumed to be the aggressor is also a present issue. (Something like 70% of abuse shelters were rated “Very Unhelpful” when contacted by male callers) Likewise, women are much more likely to win custody battles. (Though that is declining slightly in recent years.)

    At the same time, those statistics presented above carry a strong bias. Military casualties and Industrial casualties are, and have historically been, primarily male dominated fields. As for suicide, men are more likely to succeed, while women are more likely to attempt, so lets call that a push. And though homicide victims are much more likely to be men, the killer is also much more likely to be male. Over 90% of homicides are committed by men. (

    There are things women get that men do not. But the issue needs taken with context. If men have 70% of advantages, it is a bit ridiculous to claim there is no imbalance by referring to the 30% they do have. They are still at a fairly significant economic disadvantage coupled with poor assumptions about a woman’s qualifications in primarily male dominated fields. While men do get the same treatment on things like domestic tasks or child rearing, it at least doesn’t (usually) prevent them from getting a decent job.


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