“Holding Frame”

I am a Survivor

Love is just like Unicorns- it doesn’t exist. Most of us were raised believing in this metaphysical force. It was just a story! Like unicorns, Santa Claus or tooth fairies. Deal with it. You can either recognize the truth or not. If you would not – you will eventually suffer the consequences of ignoring the truth.

I was reading post on Reddit written by duckyhunter. He says:

“All this pickup artist bullshit about “holding frame” is a marketing gimmick. What it really means is self destruction: destroying who you are and becoming a caricature of what women want in a man.”

I don’t agree with it. Holding frame for me means being strong enough so you won’t allow to be a mere pushover for a woman. Either you will learn how to be (truly) strong which will allow you to “hold frame” naturally without any conscious effort (it will become your natural state) or you will always be vulnerable in some way to women.

Holding frame means being strong and confident. And you don’t become strong and confident so that you can attract more pussy. You are doing this for yourself. If you will be weak and fearful then even other brothers will use you, laugh at you and so on. Not all of them. But some- yeah. Because not all of them are true brothers. Yeah I know- that’s fucked up. But this is the reality we all live in. That is why you can only trust yourself. Like me. I am a survivor. I will never give up. To myself, or anyone else.

So would you need to limit female appearance in your life? Because why a men would want to do that? Maybe only when he is afraid of them? This is an important point!


You must not erase women from your life just because you might be afraid of them, or not be confident enough in your own skin. Only when you will gain enough power and become a strong male you will be able to fully and consciously decide that you will not have anything in common with them.

This must come from a healthy based decision. Not a fearful one. I need you to understand the difference between these two states.

In both of them you might show some traits of MGTOW, but only the latter guarantees you full 100% success. Good role model here will be Askluimarco. The guy has everything. He is strong, confident bad-ass. Yet he choose not to deal with women unless necessary.

Think about it. What you fear, grows. So don’t be afraid of women. Never.

You need to treat every women in the same way. Whether she is a monster incarnated in human skin, your average chick from work, chubby colleague or a sexy 9/10 – doesn’t matter. They all have pussies. They are all the same. Their outer-layer of skin can’t make you think they are different from each other. Remember that every single one (better than 5/10) is used to receive male attention beyond measure. They think they are goddesses (with power stronger than everything) because hundreds of men try to get into their pants. Think about it and do not become one of them.

Brothers, the tide is finally really turning now and we can choose what we want. King is already naked. When we were in search of the promised land for decades, females were growing behind our backs. We missed that point.

They will never be faithful to us. To betray is in their very interest. Why a female should be faithful? Every male will provide her with the same service as others. He will care and protect her. And every single one of them will want her to be faithful- just as the previous one did.

Younger girls say they want to be faithful because that’s what they’ve heard its “good to say” but then- usual stuff happens. Most of them learn that they don’t need to be faithful because nothing bad happens to them. There are no consequences. Just another cock.

Of course some of them are genuinely monogamist but then some Chad Thundercook appears and steals them because that’s how male and female energies work. You can either become Chad or just stop worrying about faithfulness and relationships. Because to be the third party Beta is the worst position of all.

The Girl I didn’t Fucked

You think you can get a nice girl so she will be helping you to take care of your house. Cook and clean for you. You just need to provide and be a good guy. Really?


What they exactly do around the house? Women are useless. You really think they dream of deep cleaning the house when you are working your ass off? No! They dream of a cock deep inside of them. Either you get a girl who is having some sort of toxic behaviors, like ADHD or obsessive-compulsive disorder (which might show off as cleaning everything 10 x per day- this might be actually useful, but in practice will drive you mad once she start screaming when you accidentally move the bathroom carpet 2 inches outside of her comfort zone). Cooking? Seriously, do you know any famous female-chef?

They want it easy. They want it all. Money, power, cock. Great body. Great dick. Nice sense of humor. Dedicated, faithful husband/boyfriend. Great lover. A servant. A friend. Also a brother. And of course, they want respect and value. Oh, and add a father figure just on top of it.

They live in the dream land most of the time.

The irony is that a brutal awakening is coming. Stay MGTOW.


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