The Wasp Factory

I’ve had a dream…

It wasn’t something like Martin Luther King had, though. In my dream there was an older lady lying on the bed. A cougar. A MILF. Call it whatever you like. She was ready to be pampered. I was watching the whole scene in 3rd person. Then a typical Alpha male arrived. He had a decent body, huge jaw bones and was wearing a black leather jacket with aviator glasses. An epitome of Alpha.

He came closer to the girl and started to undress and massage her. Finally, they did not hooked up. But it was close to it (and she was enjoying the encounter without any effort from her side). At the very end, she was somehow repulsed by him. It was hard to tell why. Now, let’s move to the interesting part. Alpha Male walked away from her and went into some sort of a room. There were dozens of these rooms stacked horizontally when you looked to the left and right. It reminded me of jail. Like those cages from movies. He took what must be his own “place” and sat on the bed. On both sides there were others just like him. Alpha Males with great bodies, black leather jackets and aviator glasses. Dozens of them.

Now, the interpretation seems to be really easy with this one. It turns out that it doesn’t matter whether you’re Alpha or not, ladies can still enjoy abundance of others just like you. 

Nevertheless, I still prefer to be Alpha. Just so that I can quickly deal with other Beta chumps on Blue Pills. Just remember, whether most men are Alpha or Beta does not matter – they’ll still jump around trying to impress “the ladies”. That is why MGTOW is the only rational choice left for us.


Wasp Factory

By the way, I recommend a book from Iain Banks with the same title as above. It isn’t related in any way to MGTOW, it’s just a good read.

Spring has finally sprung and the weather is warming up nicely but I haven’t spotted a wasp yet which begs the question – where do wasps go in winter? Are they still in their nests, keeping warm and cosy like honey bees in a hive or have they migrated south with birds in search of food, sunshine, sandy beaches and sticky, sweet cocktails? And even more importantly, when will the wasps be back?

What do wasps do in Spring?

From now onwards you may spot larger than normal wasps. These are queen wasps emerging from their overwintering place which could be as diverse as the warm folds of a curtain, a cosy crevice in a shed or a loft. The queen wasps will be on the scout for a new place to build a nest and lay their eggs. You’ll certainly know it’s a queen if it stings you because only the female wasps have the distinctive stinger, which they can use repeatedly unlike bees.

At the end of the summer season, worker wasps return to the nest and die. Only the queen survives. The queen will never use the old nest (probably because it’s full of dead wasps) and build a new wasp nest, creating a single cell at the end of a petiole. Six more cells are then added to create the hexagonal shape.

The queen then lays eggs which grows into small larva. The larvae grows to full size then it pupates into an adult worker wasps.

This is a very curious point. The whole society revolves around Queen of Wasps, with male workers serving her through all their life. Does this remind you of something?


Illusion of Responsibility

What is even more interesting: how females shape our view of world. And that of course includes themselves. They like to be portrayed as clean, beautiful and almost divine. Yet, you might already know that they often don’t shave themselves when they don’t have a boyfriend or during winter when “nobody sees, nobody knows“. Let’s face it- without make up, without false boosts to their “beauty” they are often more ugly than men which at least aren’t faking their external appearance.

They like us to think that they will be responsible for… well, at least for something! Maybe they will “take care of the house” (ever heard of a female doing plumbing, or fixing something?), cook (“5 minute microwave dinner”) or clean (“honey, I don’t have time to do it, I need to mind my child! Maybe you finally consider renting a cleaner?“). Or maybe that they will create the mythical “feeling of home”. Nope. They won’t. They aren’t responsible for anything. They can’t be – because they simply just don’t care about anything else than themselves.

This is the world we live in. And they can always convince the next line of Blue Pillers that it isn’t like that. And that love exist, indeed. Yeah, sure. 




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