Another interesting read!

The Multi-Orgasmic Man

Hello fellow MGTOWs. This time just a short post, as I am busy as hell.

After my usual weekly Reddit reading, I stumbled upon another “hot” discussion about whether you should or should not use pornography to somehow “secure” yourself from chasing women instead. People were discussing whether “no fap” is a cult, if there are any real benefits of not using porn or how crucial is to preserve your semen and limit ejaculations.

Although I don’t advocate cutting out pornography entirely if it isn’t affecting you negatively (however how you could know if you never stopped doing it? Maybe your life and mood will get better in some way after quitting it? I believe it’s simply worth checking it for yourself in order to decide.) Personally, I must say that limiting numbers of ejaculations and learning how to sense your body with time leads to bigger orgasms. It is worth mentioning that bigger orgasms are not connected to shooting out your sperm. How this is possible? Maybe our Western conditioning again played a trick on us? Let’s have a look what ancient Eastern masters already know from a very long time.

I recommend reading a book by Mantak Chia, Taoist master. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into spiritual side of life or just looking for some practical tips – it is a good read and a must have for any MGTOW aspiring to controlling every aspects of their life. And sexuality is one of the most important factors in the life of modern men.

I must say that this book isn’t like other “sexual guides” you probably know already. It really isn’t. Otherwise, I wouldn’t post it in here. My opinion is this: if there is any additional knowledge covering our intimacy or sexual issues that can lead us to grow and become better men, bring it up! And that is the approach I recommend when checking out this piece. And yes, these exercises really work and some of them probably saved me from having unwanted pregnancy due to not being able to control my urges.

The book can be bought from the link below:

And of course I know I shouldn’t post it in here, but anyway 😉 Here you go – full version of the book.



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