Review of Esther Vilar’s “The Manipulated Man” – Part One.

The Manipulated Man


I was planning to write about this book for a long time. I suck at writing book reviews, I know. So don’t expect fabulous writing style. But please, go on with reading as this book is crucial. First, I need to include description from Wikipedia.

“The Manipulated Man (German: Der Dressierte Mann) is a 1971 book by author Esther Vilar. The main idea behind the book is that women are not oppressed by men but rather control men to their advantage. A third edition of the book was released in January 2009.

The book argues that, contrary to common feminist and women’s rights rhetoric, women in industrialized cultures are not oppressed, but rather exploit a well-established system of manipulating men.

Vilar writes, “Men have been trained and conditioned by women, not unlike the way Pavlov conditioned his dogs, into becoming their slaves. As compensation for their labours men are given periodic use of a woman’s vagina.” The book contends that young boys are encouraged to associate their masculinity with their ability to be sexually intimate with a woman, and that a woman can control a man by socially empowering herself to be the gate-keeper to his sense of masculinity. In addition, Vilar states that this has happened and has been going on for some time.

The author says that social definitions and norms, such as the idea that women are weak, are constructed by women with their needs in mind. Vilar explains how it works; if women are viewed as weak, less is expected of them therefore they are given more leeway in society than men. The concept of “gold-diggers” is referenced, with Vilar stating that is a fundamental trait of women as a whole. Furthermore, that to help control men praise is only given to a man when a woman’s needs are met in some way.

Vilar claims that women can control their emotional reactions whereas men cannot, and that women create overly-dramatized emotional reactions to attempt to control men and get their way. She says that women “blackmail” men, with emotion blackmail being their most common tactic, and use sex as a tool.

The book argues that women use traditions and concepts of love and romance, which are seen more positively than sex, to control men’s sexual lives. Vilar writes that men gain nothing from marriage and that women, who are out to get men’s money, coerce them into marriage under the pretense that it is romantic.

The book closes with Vilar stating that it would be difficult to change the situation, as women are unsympathetic to the plight of men along with not wanting to give up their comfortable position in society and that men need to see past the deception and emotional blackmail and call it out before any meaningful changes can occur.”

Does it made you sick and disgusted yet? If not, be prepared to vomit from depression after watching this little gem: Alice Schwarzer vs. Esther Vilar [1975]
This is a TV-duell which took place in 1975 between Germany’s spearhead feminist Alice Schwarzer and author Esther Vilar. By the way, she doesn’t even have a German version of the Wikipedia page. Funny, especially if you think that she is a German writer.

Esther_Vilar_(1977)Is there something wrong with Esther Villar? Why would a female want to write book like this? Maybe for fame and money? According to the Amazon book description, she even received death threats after its first publication. This is how our sick modern society treats those who dear to speak the truth. We, as humans, don’t deserve anything more it seems. We are created as universal beings in this marvelous world and yet we choose to act like sheeple. It all makes sense. Matrix is real. Only that the main enemy in our reality is not a powerful A.I. but… women!
Is there any hope for a change? 

“Esther Vilar’s classic polemic about the relationship between the sexes caused a sensation on its first publication. Her perceptive, thought-provoking and often very funny look at the battle between the sexes has earned her severe criticism and even death threats.But Vilar’s intention is not misogynous: she maintains that only if women and men look at their place in society with honesty, will there be any hope for change.”

Personally, my dear brothers I don’t believe it. I don’t think any big change is going to happen. Not anytime soon. I can only hope for my own salvation. And work towards my own goals, my own survival. Male contraceptive methods such as VasalGel might help to turn the tide a bit, but with such a long experience with deception techniques I am sure that women will have ten more ways to get what they want before VasalGel will hit the pharmacies all around the US/Europe.

In a way, we live in a jail. At least Neo could unplug from the Matrix and leave the System. Can we do the same? It’s not looking nice, huh? One of the reviewers on the Amazon website says this: “It’s also a plain fact that Esther Vilar has been the victim of censorship (however “unofficial” censorship it may be): in the most important Western country, the U.S., The Manipulated Man has been removed from many libraries, most of her other work is not even sold in English. TV stations, magazines and papers in most Western countries constantly ignore everything Esther Vilar writes and says. Coincidence?”

Just think about it for a second! We really live in a Matrix and I must admit that when I read this book for the first time it made me severely depressed. Even now, when writing this review, I somehow feel anger mixed with sadness. It’s like being a worker bee that suddenly realizes it exist only to please his queen and that’s all about it!

1. So many men don’t know anything about the current state of affairs, they just don’t know this! They don’t have the knowledge. They live being completely unaware – yet exploited – on a daily basis.

2. Even if you present them with truth, they refuse to believe it – this is the worst case scenario. They want to keep dreaming. Personally, I will never fully understand it. Why someone would say “oh just leave it, there’s nothing that can be done… love exists, NAWALT!” 

3. Women are everywhere, they know all of this. It’s like living under one roof with your enemy. And there’s nothing much you can do. Just think how much struggle is needed so that you can finally live alone. In the country where I live now it is almost impossible. Our society still prefers “couples”.


Just after a short introduction, Esther (she is a crunchy 80 year old grandma by now!) drops us an atomic bomb. In fact, the whole book is like witnessing a nuclear explosion!


This book is an eye-opener. A book for MGTOW, truly deciphering what’s going on and if you look at its original publication date (1971) – time when seemingly women “were better” you can clearly see that they weren’t. Never. What a bunch of ugly bitches!

I don’t want to brag and sound too negative here but maybe our biggest enemy is not going to be an alien attack from space but our “beloved” other gender instead.

Only way out is to refuse being treated like this.

It all makes you to think about basic concepts of good and evil. Morality. Meaning of life. If women know all about this and are doing it consciously , aren’t they being immoral? Yes, they are. If they are immoral and using deception only to get what they want from us knowing that they are lying to men- aren’t this make them evil beings? In some twisted sort of way- it does. 

What is left for an ordinary man when he decide that he can’t be a father, a husband or a long-term partner? When he refuses to act as a slave? Does he need to remain a social outcast, on the mercy of current economy? Because I know many colleagues who can’t sustain living on their own, and they are forced to rent a flat with females. It is truly a bad era for manhood.

MGTOW looks like a dim light at the end of the tunnel. And I can only run faster towards the light.

exe123Maybe it was a huge mistake to give women right to vote after all!

This book is full of gems like this. I will write my summary in the second part of this review- next week. Stay tuned.


PS. Here you can find the whole book. Download, save and spread it – before it gets banned again. You never know!

I wish all of us good luck, from the bottom of my heart. And to all dishonest women- you can go to hell!


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