Review of Esther Vilar’s “The Manipulated Man” – Part Two.

Okay. This is it.

I believe there is no point in my bragging about various ideas from this book. I think I could not use language so graceful and straight to the point as the author anyway! I must admit, this is probably one of the most important books that I have read in my entire life. Yes, we were right with everything. Everything that we were suspecting about women is unfortunately true. I am not even sure if there is a certain way for our own salvation.

Also I feel that I should be somehow grateful that at least one woman was brave enough to speak the truth. If you consider how she was accused of spreading vile lies after publication (and how it negatively influenced her personal life) all of us should be indeed grateful. Long live the messenger!

And now, let’s look at the most interesting parts from the book itself (with my short, boring commentary 😉 )

First, Esther provides us with a whole world view. How males are creating almost everything for and around women – from lipsticks to dishwashers. Just to make her life easier.


Then, she elaborates why women always tend to “compete” with each other and of course how they are aware that we can choose which one is the most attractive for us! That’s why they are always saying negative things about other women! Makes sense, huh?


Next, she tells us how women are deceiving us into taking care of them by pretending they are childlike. Even their external appearance is tunneled into this vision. And how modern man is afraid to exchange old, fat and ugly wife for a younger version. Yes, it should not be a “mid-life crisis”. It should be a “mid-life celebration”! But guess who invented the term “mid-life crisis”? Women, of course. They constantly use fear mongering in order to scare us out from doing anything that undermines their status quo.


Then, Vilar suggest that men are beautiful. Even more than women. How refreshing is to finally read something like this! And why nobody is talking about this? Men are beautiful, too! 


Well, I must admit- this is probably one of the most crucial points from the book. THE UNIVERSE IS MALE.

Why? Read on:


Yes, finally somebody said that. And this time, it wasn’t a man itself. It was a woman. Now, let’s look more closely why we are wasting our potential because of women. We are serving them instead of ourselves!


However, men are more intelligent than women but intelligence does not help with brutal, primal instincts and the skill for survival of the species. Yet, Esther gladly points out that women have nothing to offer with except of a vagina and some “stereotyped chatter”. Spot on! She even suggest building female robots!


There it is, gentlemen! HER STUPIDITY MAKES WOMAN DIVINE! Vilar entangles religion with how women “just want to go to heaven” (with god being obviously a man who will sort things out for them!) Ever wondered why the number of female mystics is so small? Well, there you are!


It gets even better. Author describes motherhood. The only situation where we, as men, tend to believe really proves capacity for female love. Esther proves how a young male is manipulated from the very early age– as his mother is of course a female and father is mostly non-existing.


We were right about everything. And here’s a handy dictionary. Secret language of women. Of course what we were suspecting is true- women have no feelings. The (supposedly!) most emphatic, divine, vulnerable and “good” gender that should be filled with love HAS NO CAPACITY FOR FEELINGS OF LOVE. THE IRONY OF IT! THIS LITERALLY HAS A POWER OF THERMONUCLEAR BOMB!



…I will continue with this review in the final, 3rd part that will be published on coming Wednesday. Stay tuned, and remain MGTOW!


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