Review of Esther Vilar’s “The Manipulated Man” – Part Three (Final).

Okay, let’s continue. You ever wondered why women can cry almost at request? Well there it is. It’s a pre-learned trick!


I must admit that the next one is nothing new. They are using sex as a reward. 


That was obvious. Now, why women tend to ignore existence of sex brothels? Again, it’s our own stupidity. We tend to rationalize that sex bought so easily is cheap and therefore not worth much! This is like another pack of dynamite. Just think for a moment about the consequences of believing this!


Well, there is more. Men are not only slaves of their own bodies (hence sexual instincts and libido) but also the biggest Alpha male somehow is the most complacent- because he needs women to be recognized as Alpha!


This is already enough for me. But let’s take a closer look at female libido. It turns out they are using us during intercourse, too! And yes, by inventing female contraceptives we gave away our last conscious power- to decide who should give birth to our kids. We basically put ourselves in the cage and threw the keys out! Guess who picked them up! I hope that VasalGel will be here ASAP! We need this thing, and we need it fast!


More on how women can control men by using sex and our libido:


I already feel depressed. And angry. Again! But maybe we really want this? Maybe we don’t want to be free after all? 

Maybe we deliberately put ourselves in that cage? Maybe it’s supposed to be this way (from the very beginning?) Personally, I refuse to believe this.


I don’t really know what to think about this. Albeit it is true that nobody can be really sure how men can grow without a mother figure. From one side it should be natural, and everyone needs a mother. From the other- well, mother tends to be a female. And we know how they are.

Let’s check who is really being exploited in mass media. Men, who salivate when seeing a glimpse of female breasts on a billboard or maybe women, who are getting everything there is to get just by having a pussy!


This has the power of an atom bomb. I was telling you… What about kids? Are they being played like pawns in a game of chess?


Well, if one of you guys still thinks that having a kid might be worth it… please reconsider it now! Also, women don’t love kids. Well, not really! If they were, why they don’t adopt them more often? Female love is a fucking joke!


What an ugly, evil species. And we tend to cherish them! They know how bad they really are. They must have a good laugh from our silly attempts to impress them. We don’t have any self respect in that regard. What about birth? The ultimate female struggle? Well, it seems not to be the case! Let’s call bullshit on that, shall we?


Ok. But why women are so vile, manipulative and yet stupid at the same time?


They are seeing us only as useful “appliances”. 


What makes woman a woman? Maybe being feminine and beautiful is just a mask? A grand manipulation played on men? Maybe we even encourage them to do it?


So, is there any place free from female manipulation? How about our workplaces?


Final words. What is love? Does it exist? Is there a hope for us?

Woman is incapable of living without a man. Like a queen bee, she cannot survive on her own.

To a woman love means power, to a man enslavement. 


Only woman can break the vicious circle. That is true. I was afraid she will say that. But this was before MGTOW age. There is hope!

But I also believe that we, brave men, who choose solitude and loneliness instead of being their personal slaves, deserve the better. I also believe that we don’t need to participate in their disgusting games. By removing the male factor from their lives, by not agreeing to relationships, marriages and having kids we are limiting their influence and power. 

I will leave you all with these words for now. Thank you for your time – and for being here.

We will prevail. We will survive. We will win this war. Never surrender!

MGTOW for life!



4 thoughts on “Review of Esther Vilar’s “The Manipulated Man” – Part Three (Final).

  1. If someone of either sex is so weak that they have to hide from the opposite sex out of fear of being “manipulated” then they need serious psychiatric help – there’s also no such thing as “female” manipulation or “male” manipulation – manipulation is a psychological tactic used by people regardless of sex – there is plenty of credible psychological literature on the subject about how to detect manipulators and deal with them, your blog however is a joke.

    This sounds like it was written by either a 7 year old, or an emotionally-stunted adult who never psychologically developed beyond the “girls have cooties” phase.

    You guys really should just join up with Andrea Dworkin and the radical feminists because you both have more in common than you do differently – kind of like how Christian fundamentalists and Islamists both hate each other with a passion but are nearly identical to one another.


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