Paradox of Responsibility

What about the past?


Nobody asks about the past! Ever noticed that when you’re dating a new girl she usually either says nothing or brags about her previous boyfriends instead? A huge red flag! It’s always their fault -of course. She’s being a professional victim. Every fucking time? How it is possible that all of them were that bad? Was she that stupid to not be able to notice how they truly were “not worth her time” before anything tragic happened? How this is possible with LTRs that often lasted longer than 2-3 years? She was just trying to find true love, oh yeah. Poor little thing, vulnerable and cute. A true angel! She is so full of love. And now you need to save her from herself, of course. She is a princess! You need to cherish her! She is divine! She is fragile! She belongs to the weaker sex! Wake the fuck up, dear Mangina! Are you still dreaming? *slaps him in the face*

You finally conscious? Ok, now listen! The truth is that she walked over all these previous men. Betrayed them. Lied and deceived. And she was able to do that because they were truly loving her. Her emotional shallowness and feelings lacking any real depth apart from opportunistic bullshit allowed her to become the real bitch who she truly is.

But guess what a typical Blue Pill man will do? He will agree with her every statement, describing all of her previous boyfriends as true assholes – because he is going to get some pussy! And of course, it’s a competition that he has just won! Right? He in some way defeated all of his “opponents” and now he will be able to enjoy her vagina exclusively! Of course, she didn’t mentioned true number of her sexual partners – because if she did the poor dude would probably went to see an escort instead- might be safer, at least call-girls are using condoms every time, haha!

This is a huge problem in our society. Blue Pillers are allowing this sick pattern to continue because nobody calls out these bitches. Somebody has to make them responsible for their previous behaviors! If she was that good, why all of her relationships failed? It’s statistically impossible to have 20 partners and unable to get along well with even single one of them. Usually females say it’s “men fault” but guess what? It’s the opposite. There are good men and bad men, but we can learn, grow and change. Yet, female nature remains unchangeable. This is why their shamming tactic doesn’t work with MGTOW anymore. We know that their words are void, null and empty. Their actions speak louder than words. And how many of us, those who are still dating women, care to check how it really was with her previous partners? Maybe it’s a good way to save ourselves a headache later on? That’s definitely something to think about!

Kids as a Means of Sabotage

Ever wondered how often wives are using kids in order to get something from their husbands or in order to further emotionally manipulate their poor “partners“? I put this word in brackets because a partner is someone who is being treated on equal basis. I should rather use word “servants“. From the very young age, mothers are forcing kids to believe that the very last word in their families belongs to them (and not to their fathers). Even when they are older, they can only hear from their fathers that they should “go and ask their mother” or that they can’t do this or the other because “their mother won’t allow this”. Sad truth. But still truth.

Full Definition of sabotage:

: destruction of an employer’s property (as tools or materials) or the hindering of manufacturing by discontented workers
: destructive or obstructive action carried on by a civilian or enemy agent to hinder a nation’s war effort
a) : an act or process tending to hamper or hurt
b) : deliberate subversion

It goes like this:

“C’mon honey, I am sure that you don’t want that our kid would never go for a holiday with his mummy somewhere!”


“I am sure our kid deserves for a huge gift for Christmas from his daddy (looks at her hubby) …right daddy?”

How you could not want happiness for our little kid? Notice, how mothers always use the word “our” only when they want something from the husband-provider. When she wants to remind who is the proper owner of the creature that was born through her vagina she uses the sentence “my kid” instead (like in: “it is my kid and I want him to go to this school and not that one. I don’t care if it is far away! You will need to drive only for 10 minutes longer!”)

It is a very efficient technique. And absolutely disgusting, too. Just this time not only the husband becomes hurt. Kids are suffering too. Classic example of female nature.


Paradox of Responsibility

Notice that it is more easy to be responsible for your wife and kid when you’re forced to do it. By society, law, conditioning. Why is that? Because you don’t have any other choice, really. The “other choice” means trouble with the whole family, law enforcement and your own morals/feelings of guilt as a “bad father who ran away from his responsibilities instead of facing them as a real man”.

Isn’t that funny that only women call men “real men” when they serve them in a good way? Did you ever heard men who aren’t married (and with kids) call other males “real men”? Of course not. Because they know very well who in fact screwed his own life by being a weak mangina unable to face the truth that love doesn’t exist and swallow the red pill. You believed in NAWALT and wanted to find the unicorn? There it is, now feed it and serve it till your own death! This isn’t love. This is just female nature. Hahaha!

In some way, for some people it is far more easy to do it for others (serve them) than solely for yourself. It’s a paradox, but E. Villar might be right! That’s why those who can secure their own prosperity without the “cozy” companionship of women deserve our respect! One thing is true- we are all getting old. When you’re 40, not really successful and without marriage and kids women start their next exclusion tactic – they force yourself and others around you to believe that there’s something wrong with you. That you’re a failure. Because otherwise you’d be already a classic servant to one of them, right? So fuck them and make sure that you have enough fun in your life. Women aren’t necessary for that- and after all, they aren’t able to participate in most of men great pleasures. They are too stupid for that.

Viva la MGTOW!


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