Escorts II

Escorts II

I’ve recently meet one girl who was a masseuse (in a real saloon in the city center). Great location, however there was only one person providing the services- and that was her. She was young (I’d gave her 24 years old) and had a stunning body. Really. It was a girl next door you’re always dreaming to meet (well not after you went MGTOW 😉 ) literally 8/10.

So, in the past I’ve had a LTR with a girl who was a masseuse too -albeit she never did anything sexual to her clients, at least that’s what she said to me back then when I was 21 years old. In the past I thought this was improbable, but now when I’m older I need to reconsider this. She really enjoyed giving massages. And just think about pricing. You can easily earn tons of money. Blowjobs – in condoms – are relatively safe to do and it’s not sex, right? So you’re not selling yourself completely. Rrrrrrrrrrrright? 😉

If a man wants to become a massage therapist then he has to join a recognizable network. Did you ever heard of a single male massage therapist? Well, they tend to happen. That’s true. However, it is always men who are viewed as the predators. You could never know.

From the other side, that girl was alone in her saloon. I could be a murderer. I could rape her. I am sure there had to be some security measures in place. Maybe it was a dude from a pizza shop that was next to the parlor, looking at me when I was coming in? Maybe he was her colleague and she asked him to pay attention for every new client? She didn’t had to tell him what she does there, right? Maybe there was a CCTV camera installed somewhere? Or maybe there was a second person somewhere, hiding. Who knows.

Usually there is someone else in the flat/apartment. This time it was different. Personally I don’t like when there’s someone else, so this was a plus.

Men are scared so easily. The “other person” is always a girl. Just imagine, if you went to relax by fucking a nice call-girl and then there was a big dude waiting in her house just to keep her safe. Would that make you more relaxed?

After providing me with a fantastic massage and a nice oral sex which felt unrushed and passionate (it’s not always like that, trust me) -she gave me a leaflet of her saloon (with her full name on it) and then I could easily find her on Facebook.

I don’t know whether she is aware (she must be, right?) that this is dangerous in a way. Or well, she just trusts her clients as it is a mutual agreement. But again, you never know. And clients are far more anonymous than her. Yet, you need a slightly bigger pair of balls to go out, do the search, arrange a visit and finalize it* than to stay home and watch pornography.

*with your cock staying hard because yeah some guys have problems with fucking a call-girl due to shame or feelings of guilt. Again, this shows how emotional creatures we are. And women use that against us all the time.

Few things-

  1. 4 years earlier she was definitely more fat than now. You couldn’t tell she was the girl with petite gorgeous body that I’ve meet. It’s funny how a woman can morph into different personas both mentally as well as physically just by stopping eating that much.

2. Second thing: does her family knows that she’s doing blowjobs to her clients on a regular basis? Maybe only a close group of friends.
3. And finally- on her FB page she had a poem (or something like that!) – I’ve found it on the “about” page. It was in her language (she was Slovakian), but I used google translate to get some meaning out of it. I couldn’t believed my own eyes as the poem was about… women… that dominate men in our world. No, seriously! Here’s a part of that text:

“the woman is stronger than you, no matter what are the rights of freedom; stronger than you, because she is more beautiful and more demanding. Stronger than you, because you are weaker than her. Because if you hit, you hurt; if you punish, you suffer; If you leave, you will be abandoned; if it makes you happy, you will be happy and unhappy if you do, you’ll be unhappy.”

That’s curious, huh? I guess there’s always a part of your personality who want to be exhibitionist. Like, you know… something was “leaking” from her mind, so she felt the need to put this out there. I’ve never saw a public FB page to look like that.

Now, when I look at this whole “prostitution” thing from a different point of view I realize that – let’s face it- both genders need emotional content. Both in life and in sex. Men might need this even more. And this make us vulnerable. 

I don’t like the fact that even between clients of escorts there are Blue Pilled men. Yes, that’s right. On the community forums (dedicated to escort reviews) they openly brag how the girl was fabulous, wishing she was their wife (really you’d love to marry a prostitute? Or you think that she would marry a guy who cheats on his wife with her?!) or telling how sad they are that they can’t have her for themselves (but we need to share, right? 😉 ) or calling them by names like “my angel“. Or even written reviews half-page long for how pretty they are. It’s sad if you think that they come to visit them because they have dominating wives that never sleep with them. It’s a vicious circle.

Men. They are so easily fooled by the beauty of women. Or even fake beauty because, just like with the girl that I’ve meet, they can fake their appearance. Which side of her was true? The fat and not-so-pretty one or the version that was gorgeous & slim? Females are like chameleons.

By the way, during the whole encounter I looked deeply into her eyes (this is also not so common with call-girls, only the most open and honest do that) and I saw an amazing mix of fear, curiousness, lust, and few other things about I won’t write here. After all, everyone needs to have secrets. Who was more open or vulnerable- me, to notice these human emotions, or her- unable to cover everything behind a professional facade? After all, she was sucking me dry.

How I felt afterwards? I didn’t thought that “oh I just wasted XXX amount of money, how could I’ve done this? My cock is so stupid, my sexual urges are so silly! Shame on me! I should better stay home and wank to pornography!” That wasn’t true. I felt great. I felt satisfied. And more importantly – I felt that I don’t need to chase women to get access to their vaginas. If you know how to do it – escorts are cool and they serve you well. Period.


I am a man, and I want sexual, intimate contact with the opposite sex. I like it. I need it from time to time. It is good and adequate to feel that I am not missing on any kind of experience this life can offer me. (still, I stay away from those that would make me weak- like drugs) The look of her naked body, smell, touch, warmness and exchange of energy is worth far more than masturbating to something that you see on screen. Pornography is fake. Period.

Look, it is not my fault (nor anyone of us!) that we can’t have what we want and women are the way they are. This will not cause me to stop liking sex or pretending that I don’t need it. I loved it back in my Blue Pill years (we’ve all been BP on some point of our lives, if someone is saying otherwise he is lying but I’d be happy to be corrected on this) There is no gain from abstaining from it (maybe if your’re a real monk!) and unless you are an old pal who can’t get healthy erection any longer, you can help yourself and have a good time. You don’t risk much- escorts are people just like everyone else. Era of the Internet made hookers obsolete. You no longer need to meet dirty, old whores standing outside with a collection of STDs. That era is over for a long time, guys.

You can meet truly beautiful, genuine women. Any age or nationality. Then make them to fulfill your deepest sexual fantasies before you’d be dead. And pay them to leave. Yes, you need to pay. But you will pay to women this way or the other, anyway. We all know that. And earning money usually is hard. I know that, too. Just deal with it. We all need to play according to the rules of this game called life.


I tend to look at this whole thing from the male point of view. You know, that women can have it all -money, sex, love (ours). But the fact is that they need us for all of this. They need our money, they need our cocks and they yearn for our love. They don’t exist without us. Even if the basis of the whole arrangement is that they are “queens” and we are their “slaves”.

Queen does not exist without her slave. Slave does not exist without her Queen. If it is so, both roles can be exchanged. Everything is fluid, interchangeable and not set in stone. Just like life.

Even if what they provide is more or less fake or temporary. They need us just like we need them (and probably much more)

Both genders go together, like light and darkness. Up and down. Or black and white. It’s an eternal struggle, but – just for the brief period of time when we are alive on this planet – you can also call it a dance.

Sounds much better to me.

I prefer and consciously choose my life to be filled with joy and ecstasy, rather than anger and hatred. I develop and create my life to be the endless source of personal fulfillment and happiness, rather than remain in my comfort zone and struggle with it by swimming against the tide. I live for myself and I answer to nobody. I don’t fucking care whether you can call it MGTOW or not, whether you agree or whether you even read these words now. This is my life, I live it according to my rules and it’s nobody else business. If you’re reading this, I wish you the same from the bottom of my heart. 

There’s no point in hating women. I stumbled upon few YT channels that outwardly promote content filled with hate and anger towards them. Can someone explain to me how that’s gonna help MGTOW? You need to go beyond hate, beyond anger and beyond all negativity. Personally I say “no” to hate. It doesn’t help us personally or as a MGTOW community.

There is a way out. We can’t live with women, we can’t live completely without them. However, all the fine details of this arrangement between us and them can be nicely trimmed by the very existence of escorts. Just stop reading and book some.

Have fun – and good luck.

Just be careful – sex for money is addicting – not only for women. 😉

Datson out. 


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