Endless Praise

Endless praise

I see it everywhere… men serving women. Praising them. This is a woman’s world. You need examples? My female colleague was looking for work. She is skilled -but far below myself. Yet, she landed a nice interview just after sending several CVs, while I was looking literally for months. I did sent over 600 (I keep record of this) applications, went to several interviews and got nothing out of it. That was some months before I was able to find something (and this was possible also not without help of my male colleague) This is how it is now in Europe. Economically, we are almost dead. Yet, it’s always easier to get a job if you’re a female- whether it’s a cleaner position, office whore or a waitress. It’s called a pussy-pass.

You remember that girl showing toxic traits interested in dating me? I wrote about it some time ago. Well, women aren’t developing themselves relationship-wise. She was just waiting for her next prey… completely unaware that I was not interested, she was showing more and more red flags waiting for another White Knight that would save her from herself. Or in fact just be a nice slave material. It was so obvious.

Female friendship does not exist

My other female colleague which I knew for over 10 years is another good example of our so-called equality. She was calling me her “friend” yet, during the last five years, we talked only through social media as I moved to a different country. I kept her as my only “female friend” in a way, so that she was reminding me why I don’t believe in male-female friendships. They are using you as their emotional tampon and never give good advice on anything, therefore they are useless. If you’re not fucking them, they are a waste of your time. That’s why I kept only one like this, and only through social media channels so it wasn’t too demanding in regards of my time or effort. Recently I got bored of it so I wrote her that I want to end this “friendship” because it didn’t served me anymore and I wasn’t getting anything out of it. I didn’t care how she would react, but it was also a mini-test to see how much worthy this friendship really was for her. Remember – I was one of her dearest friends, she told me how she was tempted to betray her long-term boyfriend with one of her ex-lovers and so on. She trusted me. Her reaction was obviously in accordance to our beloved female nature- she mentioned that it’s okay, she understands and that was it. I’ve never heard anything back from her since then. Of course, she has a lot of admirers. To lose just one of them is nothing for her. Still, imagine such situation between two males. You could expect that one would at least ask some questions, right? Well, not if it’s a female “friend”. So don’t waste your time on that. I like to have sex with them, laugh and have fun but that’s it. I treat them like a nice rollercoaster in a amusement park. You ride it good, have fun but then you get off and go home. You don’t fucking take the whole rollercoaster ride to your home with you, right?


Manginas are all around the City

Few days ago I was coming back from work by bus. Weather got really harsh and windy here where I live so I’ve had to put my bicycle to the shed and wait for warmer months. I saw a couple, he was approx. 40 years old and she was even older. They were obviously long time with each other. You could see how he was attached to her. At one bus stop near the city center, he was getting off so he gave her a childish smooch on the cheek (it looked like he was her son, not a partner), she said “bye honey, I love you” (almost automatically) and then after 30 seconds, you could tell that he was gone from her head and thoughts, almost immediately. And he? He looked like a small kid without his mother. Completely scared to go out somewhere alone, without his “mummy“.

Another example. When I was waiting for the tram, on the stop I saw a young dude. Maybe 23 years old? He was dressed in those tight jeans, skinny legs (certainly he spends most of his time sitting in front of a computer, no sport or physical activity at all), skinny body and what’s more shocking he was standing with both of his legs glued together and his feet were pointed outwards. He looked like a fucking teenage girl waiting to be slapped in the ass. I was going to shout at him “hey dude, are you pretending to be a girl?” but I’ve decided not to. He might spin into a depression afterwards and then kill himself. Who knows. That’s how weak men became. It’s fucking depressing.

Female Manipulation at its finest

Yet another example. My old female colleague was looking for a flat. She could not find anything so she booked a viewing with a landlord (which happened to be a male!) and started to cry during the meeting with him, saying that “her boyfriend threw her out of his home and she don’t have any place to go and that he has to help her!“. Obviously, the landlord had a good heart and she got the flat. It was not only cheaper due to this, but also two days before other people could view it. She knew what she was doing. Women are masters of manipulation, indeed. They can only be like that because they don’t feel the same spectrum of emotions like men do. If they were, they would not be able to play on them like they do.

Yet, a woman is more concerned what other females will think of her rather than males.

You don’t believe me? Few days ago I was unfortunate enough to be accompanied with two females from my work to the bus stop. Fucking 15 minutes walk. Felt almost like eternity. 😉 Third one was already waiting there. She was the oldest and the ugliest, the two going with me were younger. I consciously left the two and walked towards the older one. As she knew that younger girls didn’t like her, she did a good job to laugh very loud when talking with me so that they would know she had a good time with me and that I’ve chosen her instead of them. You can try and test this for yourself. It’s universal behavior between them. Funny games they play with each other, huh? But remember, it’s all about themselves and we are just a tool to help them achieve their goals. Just like an appliance. A fridge, or a dishwasher. It does its job and when you got bored of it, you change it for a better/different model.

They don’t care about our opinions. Why would they? They just want our resources. And after all a female can nod her head or pretend that she is listening. That’s what we need. Female validation (or just something that looks like it) is what most men look for. Like your achievements (if you have any!) would not exist without females noticing them. Thats is not true.

As Alex on Life recently pointed on his YT channel – (about females) “You are NOT there for Love and a Man does not validate you as a Woman. What exactly are you with him for then? Conversely a Man is validated by a woman’s love alone and a Man does not want or need anything more”. I agree with this. And I think that therefore the problem lies with men… if it’s biological then… what validates women? This is something that I need to think about.
What is important for now is that we don’t go over the limit and hate women. I tend to repeat that often but it is true. That won’t help us.


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