Being a Male is Tough

I’ve had an interesting conversation with yet another girl from work. She is 26, I’d gave her strong 7 out of 10 on a HB scale. Nice, cute face (albeit something tells me she might be suffering from being constantly constipated, lol!) and a fine body. Albeit she could use a better diet.

She told everyone that her boss (46 years old) told her that she resembles him his wife, when she was also 26. So, of course, the rumors are that they have a romance. They don’t. But gossip is still a gossip.

She hates men. She lives with her ex-bf, they were together for 7 years. Split 4 years ago and – ta-dam! – still living together! He cooks for her. He cleans up for her. He is afraid of her tempers. He is 40 years old. 

How she will respect men, if a 40 year old mangina is still living with her? She is using two colleagues (personal entertainers!) at work that always pamper her and make sure she is entertained. She is pathetic. They are pathetic, too. Weak bitches.

There was a situation when one of those Blue Pill supporters came to the office and start talking to her. She walked towards my desk, and the other guy followed her – still talking. I got up and started to go on my break. She said “Datson, you should listen to this, too!”. It was a shit test. I put on a dominant pose and asked other dude if this was true. He was of course confused, as always. It’s a company where women dominate, regrettably. I told him – this time loudly – “is this presentation also for me, or you are talking just to her?”. Then I pat him on the back saying that I already know what he was trying to tell me (work related) and walked away. And our little princess? With an angry look on her face she mumbled “I have a name!” and went back to her desk (!!!). When I came back from my break, I knew that this battle was already won. I jokingly asked “are you alright?” with a James Bond grin on my face. She replied (still like a little, angry girl that she in fact is) “perfect!!!“. Haha. Of course, when the day at work was over, she communicated with a sweet voice “bye Datson, see you tomorrow!“.


By the way, after patting the mangina on the back and leaving for my break- he turned around and I could see how they exchanged smiles. I am also sure that she is setting them up so that they of course prefer her company. And opinions. About me. Fuck them, weak dicks. She’ll use them, but still would fuck with me. If only I’d gave her that honor. I won’t. 🙂

On the day before we had a conversation about relationships. This probably caused her to shit test me. I know, I should not do this. It really doesn’t make any sense to discuss anything with women. They are too stupid, can’t hold up any intellectual conversation (they only repeat what they heard from somebody, and almost never learn anything on their own) and will just gossip and make you look stupid in front of others. They will cherry pick one or two informations about you that will shock her colleagues.

She told me that “she isn’t looking for anyone at the moment” (why would she, if her ex-bf caters for her on every level?) and that she “is very demanding”. Hahaha, oh my god what a farce. I haven’t got a chance to ask what there is for the man who would be with her. What she has to offer. But I guess her divine grace and presence surely must be enough for every man, yes? Haha. And there’s also that crack between her legs but my inner sense tells me that she is very cold in bed. Next, she told me “men are stupid because they are unable to see through women and recognize “the bitches”, and that they just fall in love” also adding that “some people laugh and smile but underneath they are pretending and talking behind your back”. From reading her facial micro-expressions I am 100% sure that she was talking about herself. There was this significant unconscious facial muscle twitch when she was saying that. I know who she is. Little bitch, not raised properly. She had no father presence in her life as far as a friend of her ex-bf told me. Classic scenario.

My point is this: I don’t know what is worse- to say men feel emotions on a different level than women or to say that men are stupid because they are allowing themselves to be manipulated and bitched/used by bitches that are basically playing with their emotions.

My personal belief is that love is about letting go and I don’t think there is a reason to be proud of yourself when you’re using someone else; especially when someone is vulnerable and willing to love you unconditionally. Love is an act of courage. If you’re using this against someone then there’s something wrong with you and not with that person.

You can make thousand of choices, if you don’t want to be with someone. You don’t need to hurt that person on purpose for your own fucked up pleasure.

Some women don’t have any other choices in their catalog of options. Fuck them all. Their bodies are made to breed. And nothing else. Just look at them. If they were not shaving, would you still desire their bodies? Think about it.

Being a male is tough. It is tough in XXI century and it was tough centuries before. Maybe though it was easier back then because you could simply take a spear or a javelin then throw it and kill the annoying bitch!

All the best to fellow brothers out there. Stay MGTOW, remain strong and don’t give any power to the bragging pussy.



4 thoughts on “Being a Male is Tough

  1. The pic you “borrowed from RoK” has been circulating on various forums (like 4chan) for years. RoK didn’t make it. They haven’t ever made anything of use as far as I know.

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