Stupid men!

Stupid men always try to impress women by default. I could observe this clearly in my workplace last week when our team from the office went to join other group in the warehouse. Of course, they are working for basic wages, doing jobs like operating forklifts or carrying heavy boxes. Some of them were unable to speak fluent English. On two occasions (one was an immigrant from Lithuania, second one came from Poland) they weren’t able to speak English at all (I wonder what they would do in case of a fire). On top of that, both were looking like they would steal your bike as soon as you left the parking lot.

When a female (working in yet another part of the company) was added to our mixed group, most guys from the warehouse started correcting their postures, straightening up their backs and stopping looking slouchy. Like they suddenly started to care how they look, so that they can look more attractive to these females. And, obviously when a girl notices that you care if she likes you – you are being served as a main meal to her. It’s never the other way around. You could see a slight nervousness on their face expressions. Funny. You would expect strong men like that to remain unaffected, right? But something quite opposite happened instead.

Stupid men like that get caught up by women in pregnancy traps because they can be controlled and are too stupid to be MGTOW. Or too simple. They are probably conditioned just like every other Blue Pill male to believe that women are ought to be respected and served but they think that “it is as it is” and you shouldn’t think about it too much. Because your brain might hurt afterwards. I guess, you shouldn’t read books either, because they can hurt your head.

The main problem with guys like I’ve just described above is that they aren’t very intelligent, yet they pretend to be. They might be physically strong, cocky and “alpha-male’ish” but in fact these traits are nothing without the significant advantage of pure intelligence (and you don’t need to be an Einstein to be considered intelligent). If you’re just dumb, then nobody will help you.


Stupid men from the warehouse were supporting other Lithuanian girls from the office in their struggle against Polish girls. I’ve been told that in this department of my current company there are two female “camps”. Members of both camps don’t talk to each other. It started two or three years ago when some of them started to wear very tight, sexually provoking clothes in order to get the attention of Mr Cocky Cock.  Who is he? Well, he is an area manager. He decides who earns how much, when you can get holidays and basically everything important. He is in his 40s, married and mildly handsome. He isn’t Brad Pitt, if you know what I mean, but he has the power in this department. Female hypergamy, anyone?

It turned out that other girls noticed that fact and they started to wear even more tight clothes (sad I wasn’t with that company back then, lol). The “battle” continued for several weeks. Finally, there was some sort of an integration party coming up, so the Lithuanian girls went to the management and said that they are all invited to join a Jacuzzi party with them. Yeah. What I’ve heard is that “this is a common custom in Lithuania” (it fucking isn’t?! At least I never heard about it, but I am not from Lithuania so correct me if I am wrong). It turned out that management didn’t joined (that would be weird, as it is more or less normal company that needs to be lawful and this thing rather crosses that thin line between being professional and personal). Anyway, from that moment forward both groups stopped talking to each other completely. They are using canteen during different hours, never say “hello” to each other and so on. You can tell that the air is thick when they pass each other on the corridors. Mr Cocky Cock is aware of this but it isn’t a huge corporation and he don’t care that much either. Besides, how he could enforce people to being mutually kind to each other? After all, it is not a coincidence that in this part of the company that he is responsible of there are only three males (beta blue pilled / married males, just for you to be sure). The rest 20-something employees are women. Think about it. Think about the leverage. 😉

I think because of the nationality, girls from that part of the office quickly convinced stupid men from the warehouse (also Lithuanian) to join in their struggle against Polish girls. Recently they also stopped talking with other females (Polish ones). And I could maybe understand that. National solidarity and so on. But, they also stopped talking to the other guys. How stupid is that?!

If you ask me– if I am going to choose between a male or female companion, it’s going to be male. We understand each other, we can trust each other and really listen – and support. And everything else. I would never let myself involved in any sort of female games like that.

I must admit that never in my life I have been feeling such deep connection to my fellow male brothers. But it is not going to help anyone if the male on the other side is just a typical dumb fella (or an asshole). That is why we must be vigilant even between our own gender, before we can be sure that our goals in life are matching each other.

Women can be silly, but they aren’t that stupid. They are clever and will always use a male who is lower in intelligence or social status without remorse. What is even more funny, I’ve heard about this story from four people. Two males, and two females. Only females presented it with vile language and without leaving any space for my personal interpretation (I believe that every coin has two sides – because it fucking does!). I just had to believe that what they were telling me was true and that they are right.

I didn’t want to believe that a group of seemingly mature men would not think for themselves but just listen to their female masters. What’s that going to prove? Shame on them, stupid men. They don’t even know that they are being played like pawns in this game. Don’t be one of them.



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