I want YOU to contribute!


Welcome, traveler.

Red Male Hummingbird needs your feedback.

We are closing with our first year and it was hell of a journey. What started as a cozy personal blog describing my personal issues with women turned into full-blown front page speaking loudly about what it means to be a Man in nowadays society and what games women are playing. Before the end of the year I will publish my personal statistics describing how many visitors have been here and what articles were the most popular ones. But just for now, I want you to take part in a short questionnaire that will help me shape this place even better.

You can post answers in the comment section below, through my personal email – d.horrenbrand@gmail.com or on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MGTOW-Red-Male-Hummingbird-by-Datson-Horrenbrand or finally on the Reddit itself.

Question 1: Should I delete comments (from Manginas/White Knights/Feminists) that are not in line with my world view to avoid trash on the site or just leave it here for them to be a great example of a failure?

Question 2: Should I still regularly post weekly updates from R.M.H. on Reddit or stop doing this believing that “the one who is thirsty will find a well on his own”?

Question 3: Should I start adding audio posts or just keep the page as it is now- mostly as text?


If the response will be adequate, I am going to randomly pick one person and do an interview with him that will be published on Red Male Hummingbird.


Thank you for being here- you are the other side of the coin, the force that motivates me to create even more valuable content.


8 thoughts on “I want YOU to contribute!

  1. 1. No, leave them. It’s better to have the debate and let the audience choose where their opinion lies. This is not to say that you shouldn’t delete crap troll comments. Its almost worth building a database of topics, finding the common trad-con/feminist responses and then demonstrating why they’re wrong as it provides a quick reference for others.

    2. I’ll be honest, i know of this site because of reddit and general googling, your google ranking for MGTOW is pretty decent. On the other hand, there are certain subs on reddit where your intended audience coalesces so it wont hurt to post there. The only thought i would add is that setting a specific frequency of posting is going to cause trouble. Post to reddit when you have a new article etc that you want feedback on.

    3. The issue with using audio is that it limits your content to a certain market. Most people wont bother to listen to audio, especially when there are videos on youtube.

    P.S damn fine work, keep it up 🙂

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  2. I agree. I wouldn’t exclusively put audio content on here. I enjoy reading and some people voices annoy me (not all).

    I also agree to have sjw/white night comments on here and then dispute them. People that come here regularly have already made up there minds and the sjw comments won’t dissway their opinions.

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  3. 1. Leave them so we can all wonder how they managed to tie their shoelaces this morning
    2. Carry on posting in other places. I found you through someone else’s Links list.
    3. Personally I hate audio content. I can read a LOT faster than people can speak. And it’s easier to re-read than it is to re-listen.

    I like the observations from your life, and I like the way you don’t sugar-coat this stuff. Keep going…

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  4. 1) Delete comments, possibly save them for a monthly/yearly post of “stupid comments I received”.

    2) Please, Reddit is helpful for a community to provide feedback and a voting system along with opposing view points (reasonable of course) which less popular areas (this website) may not be able to up hold to as high of degree

    3) I find most audio podcasts tend to repeat themselves. Since we can be dealing with complex ideas, rereading is helpful, but having someone else restate things which I already understand is annoying. Hard to do right IMHO

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