Taming of the Male

Taming of the Male

Women do this. Not unlike you train a dog. How would you feel if you were receiving compliments on a regular daily basis? You would’ve been spoiled! And if you knew everybody want to touch you and you have power over them through your sexuality? How would that feel? You would
feel like the king (queen) of the world. Because only extremely small minority would force themselves on you (that is- use rape or molest) because if they do anything like that it is unlawdul and it’s a crime. Therefore, you (as a woman) with your sexuality and controlling power would be safe. And women are very safe. They can abuse their power. And they are doing it daily and on a regular basis.

First to leave the ship

It is funny that women tend to be monogamous. They are going after commitment but- at the same time- are the first to leave and be unfaithful instead of communicating properly and resolving problems (when they arise) in relationships. They just get next guy in the line because it’s easier. And men who deep down are polygamous are more commited and faithful long-term. Average woman has sex with higher (than a male) number of partners because of its abundance for her. There are plenty of men willing to sleep with her at any place, anytime. She doesn’t need to chase after it. She can pick the best fruit, not unlike in the grocery store.

I’ve already stated this, but lying and deceiving is one of the female traits. That’s their way of checking what you are made of. They test you. They need to secure their own wellbeing. It might be biological. Anyway, if lying is considered normal for the female and yet she is after a male who is honest how does that add up? When you have an honest person with a liar then the latter will exploit the former. Because liar lies and a honest guy is just… being honest. Society also considers females as pure and mostly good. If lying is considered good, then the whole talk about “being moral” and having your own codex of behaviors (like keeping up to your word, being chivalrous, helping the poor etc.) doesn’t make any sense. Women lie and it’s in their core. They are considered good nevertheless. Men think that they will be appreciated for being overly honest (with women). It’s not true. Stop being a pussy. Don’t tell anything personal to women. It isn’t worth it.


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