There are no scientific discussions between women

There are no real scientific discussions between women

Have you ever wondered what women talk about between themselves? Mostly about men and other women.

When they are young, they still might be interested a little bit in topics such as “god” or “life and death“, however this is very rare. Sometimes, when they are heavily drunk they might be able to “talk” about such things. There are no scientific discussions between women. Yesterday I was reading an article at portal regarding the topic that our universe could possibly be a “fake” one – a simulation. There were dozens of interesting deep comments in the section below the essay. They were written only by males. There was not even a single comment coming from a female. Women aren’t interested in things like that. They are different. Biologically, mentally and personally they only care about whether they can breed and reproduce in a safe and convenient (for them) environment or not. 

They don’t care that if not male hunger for evolution, development, growth and discoveries supported by logical thinking, humanity would still be living in caves. She don’t care that we’ll soon “conquer Mars” (albeit when checking on social media, she can update her “knowledge” so that she knows that “it is cool we will do that!”). She probably don’t even know the very basics of our scientific facts about life. Ask her whether she knows what our sun is. Or what causes the seasons to change. Or where are the other stars. Or what is our Milky Way galaxy, exactly? And so on. Most females don’t know these things. Males tend to see this as being “cute and adorable” instead of tagging it for what it is- women are just dumb. Stupid. Careless. From a female point of view there is really no need to know these things. Whether she knows them or not doesn’t change her daily life experience at all and even if -there’s always a helpful male somewhere around to clarify things for her.

But no. So many fucking men still want to believe that females are as intelligent as they are, and that we are all equals. We fucking aren’t. You can’t have an equal relationship with a woman. Remember that. If you want to have a relationship with her, you need to be a provider. On every basis possible – emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and often financial. So, what can you do for her?


Kids are the ultimate glorification of women
Think about it. You love her so much that you’ll help her to reproduce herself. I doubt there is any stronger act of worship than that. Maybe except dying for a woman. But let’s say we don’t deal with complete stupidity anymore.

She don’t care that the kid carries “50%” of the genes provided by the male. She carried the fetus that was growing inside her for nine months and that gives her unprecedented leverage over your sperm. From her point of view, the flower was already in her- it just needs to be watered. You did not brought any special magic or power into her, she already had the capabilities (uterus, egg, vagina, hormones) to give birth to a new life.


It is a social construct that was working well into beginning of the year 2000, from which I’d say it deteriorated rapidly. Females have access to so many potential partners that being faithful and monogamist just doesn’t serve them anymore. They don’t even need to pretend it does (it’s called “you go, girl!”). Because they weren’t faithful to us even in the distant past. But at least they respected us more. Now, as almost every male tend to entertain and provide for her, she don’t need to respect any single one of us. If everyone can bring her what she wants, then she can’t respect that single male nor the whole male gender. Abundance creates this outcome. It also creates boredom. Scarcity promotes value and there’s no scarcity of free dicks available for her.

Family” is a myth because what it really is? A male-drone worker who brings in the money and a female-queen, who already cloned herself by giving a birth to 1+n number of children. She’ll do her best to “raise them up” in the way that will be beneficial to her, not to her husband. Is this still not obvious? Of course, if everything goes well then the father also has significant influence over kids behavior, however due to the need to be working harder “for the family” his time for that is rather limited. This leaves her with unquestioned presence during early years of kids upbringing. And after all, female nature is at works all the time so a good husband is a submissive husband. Don’t forget about the pussy-pass.

Therefore, “family” is a myth. It doesn’t exist. There is no metaphysical connection between family members outside the frame of a male being afraid to get divorced/alone/rejected and being addicted to his wife praising him from time to time, so that he can serve her well. In this camp, slavery doesn’t end. Male is hooked on female validation because he doesn’t exist without his wife anymore. Think about it.

Women will often tag you as “being useless” and tell you to “grow up and be a man” which means “start being a provider because it is your only purpose in our eyes, if you can’t or don’t want it then get the hell out of my way“. And this is the truth. They don’t care about you, your love, “love” itself, sex, your mega-collection of Star Wars posters … and so on. They only care about themselves and what you can do for them.

If you don’t want to do this, don’t want to play this stupid role (albeit I know that for some pussy-whipped men, it can look like something they really want – because they have been so brainwashed, and become so weak that being a submissive mangina is their biggest dream) why the hell you still care about female opinions?

Break the vicious circle. Stop giving them your power (time) . Women often exploit men but only if they can somehow trick us into giving them our most valuable resource- our own time. From that, everything we give them spews out- money, sex, knowledge. Or even social leverage. This is an important point and I am going to elaborate on this in future articles.



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